Doing whats best for you and your business

In the long run of things, it’s so much easier to let go of a dream or passion due to the recent state of the economy and not succeeding in trying and trying again.  To me, my computer is like an instrument. So my dreams for it are endless. I use it for almost everything, so it makes me more driven everyday to make my dreams a physical collaboration of putting my thoughts into words and putting my words into actions. I am currently taking a class at Georgia State University that is teaching me different techniques on how to stay with the most current trends in online media. I go over all the time the thoughts that people are wanting, what they are needing from devices, their own personal businesses, and what they can make into their brand.  It isn’t easy creating a concept that is useful for the average person as we are all so very different in all aspects of our personalities. All very much reminiscent of playing a very intricate game of connect the dots, trying to make mental lists of “this demographic is attracted to these points ” and others completely different ones.

Appealing as so many worlds in so many lives are, for me, as an individual, as I follow all aspects of current events, I mesh it with my ability to show the shaded areas of others’ minds with the light of other interests they never knew that they had. It’s a great salepoint or point in a business persons life when they can realize that they are capable of such feats as changing someones views on a particular item or service.

On a very personal not, I used this structure plan for my recent diet. I believed as though I was doing nothing wrong with continually eating right and just not exercising, or vice versa. Serious re-programming of my already overflowing brain enabled me to unload the stresses in my life and make room to shed light on that exact shaded area. The answer and what I had known all along was persistence in taking care of my body by using the two simultaneously. It was so hard, everyday I would work out and be so famished afterwords and to eat better, it is a necessity that you cook all of your food from scratch,so I was over the stove for long parts of my days. Setting my stubborn ways aside, I hired a full-time trainer to let go of the feelings of knowing everything to get a leg up on my bodies previous mental state.

I see all clients have a dream for their business, something that they want to accomplish in their specific roles in their life. Often times by the time they have reached my consultation firm, they are already at the point where they are almost ready to throw in the towel.  The Key is finding the part of you inside that is motivated for a better you… this is so hard for some people it can be something that they are not ready to admit that they have happening. Through the last year I have had many days where I thought that there wasnt going to be a chance for me to do certain things I always wanted to achieve. The following days were filled with hopes, dreams, and accomplishments, as I decided to push forward and pull through utilizing every step I could to turn my life into everything it should have been a long time ago, and finally to anticipate what is going to transpire from now until the not so distant future.  So true for others as well. I sit here anticipating the goal of teaching so many others how to make their businesses true success and victory. In life, in accomplishment, and in overall Success.


Breathe in the gifts of Success, a Second Chance at Reinventing the Wheel

Today it is another movement forward into March of 2011, a few warmer days here in Atlanta have sprung ahead, the time change complete, and as always, my mind turns consistently. Its pouring rain here in the city, with the smell of chlorophyll lingering through the air as some daffodils try to show their faces amongst our random strips of yard outside the building. I’m on page 87 of editing pages for the literary council coming up soon, their review will ensure my certification to continue the processes with the Advertising firm. I have figured out through this whole writing block process that I am hopelessly addicted to Reese’s Peanut butter Cups and am now wondering if the taste solves all of life’s stresses with just one brief moment as I take another bite.
Most recently, I have been teaching myself some new collaborating ideas on how to design and manage some new web applications as part of the research I need to update and modernize my files and lessons on consultation. Its been a grueling trial and error process, but I am starting to feel more confident in the patterns all the time. I am also writing a new agenda for my next  freebie tutorial on YouTube. That can be found by simply googling Evelynsopen Mind or.. Evelyn’s WreathConnection YouTube Channel. As I am sitting here, I am saddened by my lack of space to create some new wreaths at the time, I have a feeling the website in time will be getting a serious update with all of the research I am conducting, this is good because the pictures take way way too much time to load. I am fully aware that this aspect causes my viewers to lose interest due to impatience, and I gotta say, I don’t blame them. Throughout the time that has passed since I was full-time blogging, I started working at a Jazz Cafe here in Atlanta known as Sambuca. I was able to listen to beautiful talented artists on a regular basis everyday, unfortunately in January, the owner decided to close his doors, leaving me and a staff of amazing employees Jobless at the donning of the new year. I was saddened, but relieved as I was looking for a fresh start anyway. This has allowed me to take the time out and get back in touch with my followers– home decor agents, Advertisers, Marketers, Promoters, designers… ect.
I have been dabbling in teaching myself how to speak Spanish after pondering a move to Florida and coming to the realization that being bilingual in this industry can take you a long long way. I’m hoping to use this year to travel some as well. As I have mentioned in previous posts I had been somewhat of a leech to my office, only leaving to get a refill on a cup of coffee. With all of the modern technologies available today, I am now able to bring my work with me wherever I go… and its a blessing as it is teaching me to think further outside of the box into a world of travel and adventure. I’m making a “Bucketlist” detailing all of the adventures I want to squeeze in, ones I couldn’t accomplish while being overweight or being in the relationship that I had been in for so long. I am excited, as the weather is turning, I find myself doing crazy things like just for fun… quoting prices on trips to Europe, going to different art festivals around the country, and maybe even throwing myself out there in front of some top executives with some of my world-changing ideas. I hope to one day really be on the tip of something spectacular whether intentional or not. I will be sure to update here daily, as I am as anxious as you are to see where the next path is going to lead me! Evelyn Kish is letting the sun shine in again!! Evelyn Kish

I have several of my PC windows open to keep updating in realtime whats happening in the news, the weather, entertainment, technolgy and publications from all over the world so that I can ensure that the new book will be full of useful information for small business owners, retailers and wholesale shops can benefit greatly from on a more of an encyclopedia scale format. Whats fantastic is that is has been so much fun playing around with all of the advantages of some of these new devices. I recently have discovered the convenience of a Smarphone. Honestly, I am still learning new things about it everyday, all the time. Spending extra time to sink my fingernails into what makes the developers who are making this product grow into such a phenominon tick. Its quite somple at times really, you can tell the lack of compassion when you open an app that simply just doesnt work. The ones that took thought, time, and show a real sense of convenience are the ones of mine that are sticking out thus far. I even found an app that can control the television if  I wanted it to! Im telling ya, there arent any limits to what you can be capable of, no boundaries when coming up with a new business idea, and I dont know if it is just me, but I have tons of ideas on todays convenient modernicities!!

As far as the weather, I am watching it to stay current on the trends in the atmosphere, we just recently got hit by a horrible Earthquake/Psunami in Japan, and possibly an unfortunate Nuclear scare… it helps to stay tunes as it makes a huge difference when you find yourself connected to the spectrum of the world. I am hopelessly addicted to Nancy Grace. My sisters  and I joke that we were all supposed to be some sort of forensic analyst at one point or another, so I guess you can say I believe in Justice, and take great emotion in the investigation of it all. Politics… its tricky… while I stand true in the “One Nation under God” belief system, I wish I could get deeper in without having to pinch myself out of slipping into REM sleep. I care about the world, yes, but I want to make a massive impact- not just be known as “the little voice from the peanut gallery”- In that realm, I have been looking into possibly eventually starting a non profit charity of some kind. Driving through downtown, there are so many people around that are homeless, look cold, hungry, and lost. I figure, when I help one of them, it makes me smile for days, so if I could help a whole bunch of them, I think it would be something that would make me feel as though living life to the fullest was more of a gift than a constant reminder to check another page off of the “todo” list.  I am also an entertainment junkie. As Specializing in demographical research and statistical data for my businesses and my book, it is wise for me to stay current on the promotion of others as it lifts me by enabling me to stay with the happenings of the artists, celebrites ect. that are making the side of the brain in everyones mine go “hmmmmm” – in my business, at the end of the day, if I can have clients thinking about my affect long after consultation.. than, its been a good day!!

So Much has changed….

Evelyn Kish The AdgirlGuru

125 lbs free

I sit here in Atlanta, a year and a half from the chaos that rocked my whole world in ways I could have never imagined. The Wreath Business is still active, on the back burner and I, Evelyn Kish am preparing to launch an online Advertising firm soon called Adgirlguru Consultations, a business designed to help the older demographic become more knowledgable of Social Media Spectrums and Advertisng their businesses for little to no cost through online Media. I am one now… fighting to become a name for myself, and growing the ventures I utilize everyday. Refusing to back down, I am pushing forth with a new book entitled ” The Ladder is never too High” and marketing Press releases all over the internet. Still Dabling in the Spiritual aspect of my products from The WreathConnection.Com… I am and have been bettering myself with new adventures for the longevity of my successes. A Social Tornado touched upon the surface since my last blog post, and I wanted to ensure all my readers that I have not Disappeared… I am diligently trying to modernize my breaking the mold system… emotionally, physically, and productively. This is my year to think outside of every box imaginable, allow myself to dream, and make myself a safe home base for anyone else who would like to do the same for themselves. Warm weather is upon us shortly here in Atlanta, and I take advantage of this by bettering myself through business management classes at Georgia State, excersize, and lessons on how to build up mental strength… I have lost 125 lbs through the time that has lapst since my last posting, and am the best person/ businesswoman I can be right now. Designing a new dream board, as re- configuring dreams for the businesses and my own well being. Now… I make dreams my reality, and taking every necessary step to do so. Thank You Followers for standing by…

Tips for Getting Married on a tight Budget

My friends over at are excellent with planning a wedding on a budget! They have found inexpensive ways to looks like your wedding was worth millions, while only spending a fraction of the price! Some of their illustrations, Narration, and “How to” ideas really knock creativity out of the ballpark, showing examples that turn out even better than they would look while costing you and your mate an absolute fortune!! This money is saved cash that can be used to take you and your honey on the honeymoon of your dreams! I have been following the blog for some time now, and have found ways to decorate the car, saving renting a luxury vehicle… all the way to stamping the date at the bottom of the bridesmaids heels to create a rememberance for them of your special day!
Intricate details in the photographs used help to get you excited about trying the ideas that are illustrated, and different plugs for different local artists are included to use as a referance- this come to be very useful in living your dreams out loud on a day you have waited your whole life for. Again, that is If you are getting Married, or are going to be, this is the blog to keep reading!!

You know you want one

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Meet our Newest Team Member

Babara is celebrating a birthday today, along with making some of her first calls on new leads for The Wreath Connection! She took her first set with her yesterday, and we are very excited to introduce you to her, and her beautiful daughter, Hannah. She is so creative, with many ideas on how to get the Wreaths from our hands to yours!


We are E-lated!

The WreathConnection.Com is proud to Add Barbara Neely to our Sales team! She is a spunky 23 year old from Ft. Myers who I think we will have most fun here at the business selling and creating our secret potpourri specialty wreaths… Welcome Barbara!


A Fantastic Week In Social Networking

Hello Everyone, This week has been explosive in information reguarding the world and its current events, also of great importance to us, the small business owners of the World. First, with our baby, our business, we have had an exceptional week in design and sales. New information turning around for us around every corner, promotional and marketing venues for us are on the rise! While we are pleased to present an eventual launch of a sister site for the creation of websites at A Womans Touch @ we have just finished designing a site called  Your Spiritual Pathways. Com for a Lovely ladie up North! As for as New additions to the wreath collection, I have been mentioning for several weeks now that we are creating new lines for the fall rollout. Up in coming, we are looking to have a gallery opening around the beginning to middle of October, with that, of course, the photography will be updated and the wreaths will be out there for al of our nations to see! Furthermore, we are announcing a video collage of commercials that we have put together for you conducted through several of the interviews done by previous clients, very interesting, and of course, brought to you in part by, Youtube- the greatest internet outlet out there! We have been negotiating with Home Depot and Michaels in giving us the oppurtunity to conduct a once a week class on business marketing and wreath making… I think I may need to add a notorieter to the staff eventually as well with all of these legal papers and signatures floating around!!  Of course I am still looking for an assistant, the ad that I may go and edit after this post as a matter of fact, I just do not think people trust Craigs list as   much as they used to, I can see why the terms “personal assistant” would seen a little threatening. I met an incredible business woman the other day who lives just down the street here in my own private Wisteria Lane, who was able to enlighten me on the benefits of going through small business’s to display my products locally, I feel that if that venture plays out accordingly, then I should be able to rent or lease out some office space here soon… I think that Naples, doesnt even see me comming… I am really hoping that this idea in Aromatheraputic aesthetics will change the ways, styles, trends, and benefits that they recieve from their home, expecially in an economy still loicking its wounds from an outlandish previous year. Delving into a personal area of the blog, this week, Eddie and I went on to mourn the passing of a young boy whom is a friend of the family that used to work for us ( some currently do ) at the restaurant. He was 18 and lost his life last week in a tragic car accident, so viewers, please pray for their family, as it was a very sad evening here in the household. On a brighter note, my stepdaghter has her appointment this week to  find out exactly what she is having, and I will be posting the pictures from Eddie and I ‘s Anniversary getaway last weekend to Key West, so stay tuned for those!!  In sperate Personal news, in my free time, I have been enjoying the fruits of Author Stephanie Meyers handywork while taking in some great reading with the Twilight book set. I have just finished the first and am on to the New Moon- This book and the previous are so well written and hard to put down that they take my mind completely away from the scorching heat as it kisses my face in the dog dead heat of summer, and the view from my balcony makes any breaks I take with the chapters even more fruitful- I am very anxious to get to Eclipse, the third in the series, however, I find it bittersweet as I do not want it all to end! Watching the Twilight movie after reading the book was nice, but didnt do the book justive in my opinion.. I even got a Twilight Bookmark!! Up until then I was grabbing anything I could salvage to save my page, my creativity in this matter was quite amusing!! I don’t know if I had mentioned in a previous posting, but my work computer is on the fritz these day, so I will not be able to update the actual website until later next week- but have no fear, the interactive information that I will have for you will make it very much worth the wait and anticipation, therefore, if it seems at all that my grammer and or punctuation is posting oddly, trust, I am familiar with my grammer and spellcheck, my laptop is dated from 1932 and will be the spoken one until sometime next week— I apologize ahead for that.. beggars canot be choosers though, and I was very vlessed that my old computer was working enough at all! So make sure to check out The Wreath Connection. Com, Moms site- YourSpiritualPathways.Com, and then a new site I am branching off of the ol’ career tree AWomanstouch@yolasite.Com!! I hope to see comments from all of you sending me your thoughts, wishes, interest and opinions- Chao
PS…. The Newsletter will not be coming out this month according to plan- all of the information for the log in to that account unfortunately went with the hard-drive ): Working on resolving that issue as well… as we speak!
The Wreath Connection

Wedding Centerpieces

I attended an interesting forum this evening at the Famous Swanky Naples Hotel here in Florida on the coast. It was very nice, beautifully decorated, and full of people whom are trying to get there name out there, such as I am. The Forum was for Networking and Marketing Techniques. Focusing primarily on Online blogs. A gentleman spoke about WordPress and how it is an effective way of reaching out because the Yellow Pages have become Obselete, and more people are referring to search engine marketing everyday. I was able to add examples of how this all has helped me in the business very very much. I wasnt privy to the knowledge tonight of how many business owners are behind in the Online aspects of Marketing their business. I felt flattered as they complimented me on how advanced I was, and wondered if I could help them. Since I love to write as well as create, I found it an amazing idea to do some affiliated market trading, also known as Site- Linking, in which I help them so they can in turn, help me to get my name out there. Last night, I finished the Portfollio which was excellent for the meeting today as well. The Association was affilliated with The National Association of Wedding Planners.  I talked to very interesting Caterers, Entertainment Specialists, Fellow WordPress Bloggers, and Florists. They all have different creative ideas of course, those in which they provide a service called “Destination Weddings”. This is a fantastic idea dor a convenient One Time Shop!! Brides have a lot on their minds about the best days of their lives, why not make the details precise, unique and easy while putting the trust of your BIG DAY into an experienced persons hands? Genious! I was able to search many tips I was given by my fellow entrepeneurs, and this enabled me to make the business overhead less than ever!! I realized that just as much as Floral, entertainment, and decor, wreaths can be a way of standing out and floral oils creating a unique, noticable aestetically pleasing atmosphere.

I was fortunate enough to display our portfolio to these people who had never seen articles from a “Blog” before in their lifetime, as all these years, most had been using the paper forms and high overhead to reach out to potential patrons. In this day and age, expecially with the invention of such technological tools such as the IPHONE and higher,  a world where 10 years ago the internet being an evolving technical tool sounds almost unimaginable. I was lucky enough to have the time and energy to be able to research methods of utilizing what is out there to help the needs of my buyers. What do they want in my product? What qualities are they looking for? What quantities am I able of supplying over X amount of time? The whole business mentality of doing something so different, unique, and it being what you love has its defenite advantages, you just have to be on top of what your doing technoligically, and keep ahead of what the world is going to throw out at you next. I realize after tonight, that these forums are going on every day all over the world, informing people of these wonderful tools that we are gifted by technology. Pretty soon, they will start charging for these services… and up on the times entrepeneurs will sit  back a linger for the days where we used to have blogs for free, sites for free, download music and videos for free! Social Networking is still in an experimental phase and soon will be behind the next innovation, so we all benefit greatly from utilizing this sign of the times.

I have decided to donate a Wreath to a organization called “Open Arms” I am very excited as it has the name of one of my most famed wreaths. From what I understand, this is a feature given to businesses whom whould like to “give back” to soldiers and families who are fighting yet still for our freedom overseas. I am absolutely open to donation, and I cannot wait to look into this oppurtunity further!

My New You Tube Commercial

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Did you get my email?

I sent around a group newsletter that got sent around for the business. I hope you all got it, however, if you didnt and want to be included, please leave your e mail address below….

The In and Outs of internet Marketing

So this is for sure.. your search optimization techniques are key. If you put in the wrong coded information such as keywords to mark their density, you will  not recieve the desired results. As an E commerce company, we have established the correct information to get our name out there effectively without breaking the bank, This helps a lot in a troubled economy. Establishing a great network is also important because at the end of the day., there isn;t a stronger advertising than word of mouth.  The outs… unfortunately your keyword is the beginning of the end for some. If you choose one that is entirely too common than everything but your site will come up in a search. YOU want to be noticed. YOU want to achieve the highest success as possible with your passions in life.  Another important rule… some people go through internet phases in which they surf every night for a loong time, and when they find other articles that catch their attention, they are off searching other things.  You want your readers to stay connected to you and become as much of your everyday as you are those. Take the time, respond to everyine that is commenting your blog or your website. Become their friend and make refrences to others that can help them as much as possible. Internet marketing is a field in which you want to never forget anyones name or where they come from, because you never know when you will be in contact with them again. It works in a tit for tat scenario an Ill scratch your back if you scratch mine type of deal. It always helps to have notable resources around to be able to seek advice from those who have the best resources to help you and others with their strategies. Good Luck to you all and stay tuned for more tips on how to make your e commerce business a success!!!

The WreathConnection Chills in Southwest Florida

As most of you know, our business has been traveling a lot lately, and we have landed in beautiful, sunny, SouthWest Florida. The interviews went , eh, ok. According to the economic issues they went as good as to be expected, but I am still holding out for that business out there that will take a lifes work and make it a pleasure through technique. Naples has changed since I moved from here in October. Adjusting has been somewhat of an unusual experience.  The business has been put on hold, due to the move and all due to the excess in travel.  The wreaths are still on display over at the site at and are all currently available for anyone who interested, you all know that you can reach me by our e mail at We have been consistently updating others on our twitter as well, for you all groupie followers who love to keep up with us during this journey that takes us through our everyday. We are looking to have the store shipped over to us down here so that we can create some of the ideas that have been lighting a fire under us lately. Ideas that are so amazing matched with the aromatheraputic, tranquil scents matched with charming undeniable beauty. Of course, we love your comments ideas and feedback towards the business, and we are going to start throwing out there the articles that are often times overlooked by those whom are not looking.  Over the course of the move, I had given a couple choice replicas of the display items to some family and friends for housewarming gifts, goodbye gifts, engagement gifts and overall Thank you for being my friend gifts. I was enlightened at the responses that I had recieved from the reactions from them having their first aromatheraputic wreaths, and the affects that the scents have on their psyche and their home atmospheric areas. Our neighbor from Pennsylvania doesnt even want to take hers out of the box due to the way the aroma makes her and the family feel. Another, whom just got engaged in Philadelphia enjoyed the anniversery wreath so much, I look for it to become a keepsake in her family and eventually for her to add charms and misc to it to add to its appearance and sentiment factor. There is a graduation wreath in the works, and some other really cool summery and even some fall that are being thought up right now, with some amazing scents that will get everyone on their computers to get em till they are gone!!

Its Friday…What are you doing??

Thank God its Friday again, as 2009 flies by and Spring is approaching with every weekend that passes.  As we sit here on the laptop, surrounded in hot glue and supply, we are anxiously throwing together some more ideas as income taxes roll on in and people are stocking up on their wreaths proving that they are not just for Christmas anymore, and people everywhere are using our wreaths for Growth, Prosperity, Health, indivividualism, independency, unity, and Love… the beauty of it all is that as the clouds subside, the winds die down, and the sun shines through the trees, happier times are around the corner, and it is the generation for new and motivating changes in life in the home, the surroundings. And what better way to symbolize that you are inviting these changes by taking the first step by purchasing one of our wreaths to show that you are moving forward?? As in previous posts we have explained the history of wreaths, symbolism of their colors, texture,a nd artifacts. Their aromatheraputic qualities make them different from any other wreaths that you have seen in any other store or will ever see from our radar. Its time to celebrate weekends again. Time to broaden our outlooks and get excited about the future again come visit reserve your wreath and take advantage of our free shipping while it lasts. you’ll be happy you did, and… happy weekend to all of you out there!!!

Daydreaming of Florida

As most of you know, our business originated in Florida. We have been living in Pennsylvania for some time know and the cold just gets to us at times. In our town down south, everything is a stonesthrow a way Wal Mart is across the street, 4 gas stations on the block, post office nearby, warm ocean on white sandy beach 5 minutes away, pool across the street open all year long, and balconies overlooking endless palm trees in continually 70 degree weather and that is at the lowest degree at any given time of the year. We miss sittin out on the porch with our coffee in the morning where as here in beautiful PA its a whole different  sort of appreciation for the great outdoors. While this is one of the smallest towns in Western PA, the beauty over the mountaintops at all times of the year our fascinating, the businesses are all about or at least a half an hour away, but its safer here… because of that. Our dog and boyfriend are watching the house down south as it is soon to be empty when we reconviene later this season to unite and move to The Big Apple, another city in which I don;t know what to wxpect, however, realize that I have to learn to appreciate this cold that I had grown up with yet forgotten about, over the last couple decades. The great thing about The NYC move is that no matter which wau you slice it, it is goig to be incredible for business, and that excites us. Come visit the site, let us know what you think… the address is— We are looking forward to being a lil bit of country in the big city-

Valentines Day Wreath– On Sale now– Half price Free shipping!!

There is one Valentines Day Wreath left, it won’t arrive by tomorrow, however, with free shipping and still looking classy through May and June and knowing that you have a scented masterpiece  for next years holiday…. you cant beat this deal!!!! Please visit and grab this one in clearance before it is too late!!!

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The way that I look at the atmosphere around me, it speaks as a statement of… “This is who I am”. My Home in Florida, as I have mentioned in previous posts is an procclamation of all of the places in life in which I wish to travel someday. My home here in pennsylvania is covered in country style artifacts collected over many years. My bedroom here is done solely in all of the wreaths that are or were posted that were my favorite. It is a wonderful expression of aomeones pride when you can walk into their home and be able to tell of their pride for their family by being warm, inviting, peaceful, storytelling. I love to hand wall art. I would say that it makes or breaks a motif in someones home, but that is just my humble opinion. You see in homes, old fashioned, and you can see that they love earth, classy tones, they enjoy history and patriotism. Some people have a very modern decorators. They have decor that is very sheik, this tells me they like the cutting edge, risktakers, dealbreakers, and vogue. The packrat… this home tells me that they have always loved everything they have always had and have a deep appreciation for things, everything has a significance… kinda neat… kind of a bad habit at the same Some houses are both modern and country, the architecture in these homes is usually always key, however the smallest of homes can take on this traditional favorite. While there seems to be some old fashioned, it is combined with a balance of equal sheik which makes this family well- rounded, not a single corner to shave down… Innovative yet private… what does your home say about you??

Here is a picture of a kitchen I found off of the internet of a typical country home courtesy of… the only thing it is missing is, a wreath! Enjoy-


A Country Kitchen Check out My Wreaths at HTTP://

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Happiness?? 10 Tips on everyday happiness

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Happiness is infectious
According to recent findings from the Framingham Heart Study, your happiness is largely dependent on the happiness of those around you. The study, recently published in the British Medical Journal, suggests that happiness is catching and that emotional states – such as happiness – can be transferred from one person to another – directly and indirectly. So not only is finding happiness going to be a healthy boon for you, it is also going to foster happiness in those to whom you are connected.

Happiness tip #1: Cultivate gratitude
Like happiness, being thankful and more positive in your everyday life can be contagious – just as being negative and always complaining can be quite catching. In her article Five ways to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, Susie Michelle Cortright says, “Help your friends develop more positive traits by living those positive traits yourself. Know what kind of friends will help you nurture your soul, and set out to find some.”

Happiness tip #2: Banish your bad moods
According to Handan T. Satiroglu, author of Be Happy: Tips to banish bad moods, finding happiness is taking time to play and including laughter into your every day. She explains, “Laughter is a marvelous medicine with no side effects. It is the great tranquilizer of life. In all stages of laughter, the brain releases endorphins, those feel-good compounds that increase your sense of peace and serenity. Laughter even stops hyperventilation, regulates digestion, blood pressure, and boosts immunity function.”

Happiness tip #3: Don’t think you can buy happiness
A study published in the British Medical Journal suggests money won’t buy you happiness. Research from Mexico, Ghana, Sweden, USA and the UK shows that despite vastly different levels of wealth, citizens of these countries report similar levels of satisfaction. And most advanced nations have seen almost no change to individuals’ happiness levels over the last 50 years, despite a huge hike in income. Researchers suggest focusing on family and personal relationships as key to finding long-term happiness.

Happiness tip #4: Get hitched
A study out of Cornell University suggests that committed relationships increase happiness. Researchers found that married people are the happiest, followed by people who cohabit, those in steady relationships and then those in casual relationships. Unpartnered people report the lowest levels of well-being and happiness.

Happiness tip #5: Stay emotionally connected
It’s not enough to simply be in a relationship, you must also foster a strong emotional connection. A study in the journal Social Forces indicates that emotional engagement is the key to marital happiness. Research suggests that wives are far happier when they feel emotionally connected to their husbands. So instead of just searching for happiness, focus on ways to bring you and your significant closer.

Happiness tip #6: Teach your kids about happiness
In the article Five ways to raise joyful kids, our health and wellness experts recommend finding what in life makes your own spirit sing and revel in it. Your kids learn about life from you – and by prioritizing self-care (aka doing things that make you happy), you are teaching them the importance of self-nurture, which is a key in finding happiness. Happiness is contagious – they will catch it from you and then give it to others, now and into adulthood.

Happiness tip #7: Give in to temptation
With the rat race of life, it is crucial for you to stop and savor something pleasurable or even indulgent – on a regular basis. In the article Seven secrets to happiness, author Meaghan Buchan recommends, “Splurge on a gourmet sandwich one day for lunch instead of brown bagging it. Surf the Web rather than returning that hundredth e-mail. Get the deluxe spa pedicure.” Giving into temptation every once in a while will reaffirm the hope that long-term happiness is possible.

Happiness tip #8: Stress less
Though it is definitely easier said than done, reducing your stress levels can help you in finding happiness. Sarah Wassner Flynn, author of Easy ways to reduce stress and boost your happiness, recommends sweating your stress away. “All you need is about 20 minutes each day to completely clear your head of your worries – even if it is only temporarily. Load up your iPod with high-energy playlists and go for a power walk or a run,” Flynn adds. And if exercise doesn’t do it for you, be sure to check out our top tips to reduce stress for even more ideas to lessen your stress and up your happy factor.

Happiness tip #9: Accept what is
Your perception is reality. If you look around you and everything is wonderful but you remain unhappy and unfulfilled, then the problem lies within you, with how you think or perceive life. In the article Enjoy what is, our health and wellness experts suggest that you learn to accept what is, cultivate a grateful attitude toward everything and give yourself permission to feel good and enjoy your life. Sometimes simply giving yourself permission to be happy is all it takes to eliminate and move beyond your limiting beliefs. You have permission! Be happy.

Happiness tip #10: Put the secrets of happiness into play
In my article The five secrets to happiness, John Izzo PhD, who is the author of The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die, says “It is not enough to know the secrets, we must live them. Someone once told me ‘If you want to live a happy life; ask someone who has lived one’.”

Finding happiness is as easy as putting the secrets of happiness into daily practice – and just think, you’ll be discovering happiness for yourself and fostering it in those around you, too.

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Two New Products for the line…

Yesterday in all nerves from pre- surgery, I created two new fantastic wreaths taht are awaiting post on the store-site for the unveiling of the entire new line… I decided to share with you all their outcome so that you can join me in the anticipation of their vision on line.
The first one is called “Apple- ation” and it was created from fresh dark green eucalyptus, silk fern, a beautiful 6 looped green bow, and several scented Apple potpourri fruits along with nice sized wooden apple scented chunks!! The Circular grapevine shape is shimmered with green bark tear- shaped scented bright green leaves to add flavor and feeling to the vibe of its appeal. The best news is that the shipment came in today for an aromatheraputic Apple refresher oil that was special ordered for out of country at an oil farm specializing in the fresh and effective scents of Wild apple trees on the hills and cliffs of the beautiful Appalation Mountains!

The other one that I finished left me shining with pride, and returning to get a 2nd,3rd, and 4th glance after its completion. Its name is “Falling for Foliage”. By request a month or so ago, I was contacted by a lovely follower who said that she had a beautiful idea in mind, and that she had noticed it had not been featured on the store-site. Being that it was the end of December, early January fall was the last thing I was thinking about… it was all about spring, Easter, Valentines Day, Ect. Touched by her response and beautiful ideas, I put them into motion with this masterpiece, Using Eucalyptus of dark brown shades, deep green, some deep purple- woven through the shiny silk fern, I layered the top of the base with amazing colors in silf fall foloage… Maple leaves, Walnuts, and Harvest spice potpourri were used to create Comfort scents of fall, while touching on the things that make a northern fall so very beautiful. On the side of the wreath I created a 6 Looped bow, overtop od magnificent North-Asian Autumn fern scented of nutmeg… and a touch of coffee, and the perfect finishing touches of bunched Sunflower heads with burgundy tips…. This wreath should go really fast… Although, I promised the follower that if she liked the creation, she would have first dibs, if for some reason she is to change her mind… it will be on the store site for all of you to see!! Come visit me at and check out whats at the store right now! Tell your friends… I am the next innovative small business phenomena!!! Add me as a friend on your myspace at WreathConnection last name connection, on your twitter at WreathCo , Facebook at Lovewreaths, or Linked in under The Wreath Connection!!!

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Splash the Walls

I remember different times growing up, going to different houses… wether it be my friends houses or collecting money for various extra curricular activities, I was given the opportunity to look at many different peoples homes. Most of their homes were decorated with amazing creative beauty. I can remember being a teenager and visualizing how easy it would be to do somethings like the decor they had… only, way back in my head I was thinking of ways to accelerate the vision that they were trying to capture with their motif. Down home, Country-style living was a dutch Pennsylvanians Paradise. It would be very typical to visit my aunt and uncle whom lived in Amish country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and smell these aromas of shoe-fly pie (molasses) and find myself with comforting, old fashioned furnishings, and wall hangings. In the times of our economy, I think that everyone enjoys the comforts of home when the outside seems to be so stressful. I always wanted to get older and be a person who was able to help people. Being a doctor was too strong for me, (blood makes me dizzy) Law was a long time learning rules and regulations, and unfortunately fireman was already taken (: , and lifesavers are hard to come by– These wreaths have enabled me to throw these creative ideas into an aromatheraputic experience for others, to establish warmth and Love in a living space, or an entire home. I feel great inside that I have the ability to share those gifts with the guests as well as consumers who follow me on the road to success!

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