So Much has changed….

Evelyn Kish The AdgirlGuru

125 lbs free

I sit here in Atlanta, a year and a half from the chaos that rocked my whole world in ways I could have never imagined. The Wreath Business is still active, on the back burner and I, Evelyn Kish am preparing to launch an online Advertising firm soon called Adgirlguru Consultations, a business designed to help the older demographic become more knowledgable of Social Media Spectrums and Advertisng their businesses for little to no cost through online Media. I am one now… fighting to become a name for myself, and growing the ventures I utilize everyday. Refusing to back down, I am pushing forth with a new book entitled ” The Ladder is never too High” and marketing Press releases all over the internet. Still Dabling in the Spiritual aspect of my products from The WreathConnection.Com… I am and have been bettering myself with new adventures for the longevity of my successes. A Social Tornado touched upon the surface since my last blog post, and I wanted to ensure all my readers that I have not Disappeared… I am diligently trying to modernize my breaking the mold system… emotionally, physically, and productively. This is my year to think outside of every box imaginable, allow myself to dream, and make myself a safe home base for anyone else who would like to do the same for themselves. Warm weather is upon us shortly here in Atlanta, and I take advantage of this by bettering myself through business management classes at Georgia State, excersize, and lessons on how to build up mental strength… I have lost 125 lbs through the time that has lapst since my last posting, and am the best person/ businesswoman I can be right now. Designing a new dream board, as re- configuring dreams for the businesses and my own well being. Now… I make dreams my reality, and taking every necessary step to do so. Thank You Followers for standing by…


Meet our Newest Team Member

Babara is celebrating a birthday today, along with making some of her first calls on new leads for The Wreath Connection! She took her first set with her yesterday, and we are very excited to introduce you to her, and her beautiful daughter, Hannah. She is so creative, with many ideas on how to get the Wreaths from our hands to yours!


Halloween Wreaths this year-

Deep Dark Chocolate Potpourri DreamAs much as for fall in which we absolutely love, we made some space in the collection from our favorite holiday, Halloween, by throwing some unique oranges and yellows into the mix. None are kiddie however, as this is a trial run to see how they go over, but, the pristine quality, texture, fragrance, and aesthetics of these pieces are just absolutely breathtaking.

A Fantastic Week In Social Networking

Hello Everyone, This week has been explosive in information reguarding the world and its current events, also of great importance to us, the small business owners of the World. First, with our baby, our business, we have had an exceptional week in design and sales. New information turning around for us around every corner, promotional and marketing venues for us are on the rise! While we are pleased to present an eventual launch of a sister site for the creation of websites at A Womans Touch @ we have just finished designing a site called  Your Spiritual Pathways. Com for a Lovely ladie up North! As for as New additions to the wreath collection, I have been mentioning for several weeks now that we are creating new lines for the fall rollout. Up in coming, we are looking to have a gallery opening around the beginning to middle of October, with that, of course, the photography will be updated and the wreaths will be out there for al of our nations to see! Furthermore, we are announcing a video collage of commercials that we have put together for you conducted through several of the interviews done by previous clients, very interesting, and of course, brought to you in part by, Youtube- the greatest internet outlet out there! We have been negotiating with Home Depot and Michaels in giving us the oppurtunity to conduct a once a week class on business marketing and wreath making… I think I may need to add a notorieter to the staff eventually as well with all of these legal papers and signatures floating around!!  Of course I am still looking for an assistant, the ad that I may go and edit after this post as a matter of fact, I just do not think people trust Craigs list as   much as they used to, I can see why the terms “personal assistant” would seen a little threatening. I met an incredible business woman the other day who lives just down the street here in my own private Wisteria Lane, who was able to enlighten me on the benefits of going through small business’s to display my products locally, I feel that if that venture plays out accordingly, then I should be able to rent or lease out some office space here soon… I think that Naples, doesnt even see me comming… I am really hoping that this idea in Aromatheraputic aesthetics will change the ways, styles, trends, and benefits that they recieve from their home, expecially in an economy still loicking its wounds from an outlandish previous year. Delving into a personal area of the blog, this week, Eddie and I went on to mourn the passing of a young boy whom is a friend of the family that used to work for us ( some currently do ) at the restaurant. He was 18 and lost his life last week in a tragic car accident, so viewers, please pray for their family, as it was a very sad evening here in the household. On a brighter note, my stepdaghter has her appointment this week to  find out exactly what she is having, and I will be posting the pictures from Eddie and I ‘s Anniversary getaway last weekend to Key West, so stay tuned for those!!  In sperate Personal news, in my free time, I have been enjoying the fruits of Author Stephanie Meyers handywork while taking in some great reading with the Twilight book set. I have just finished the first and am on to the New Moon- This book and the previous are so well written and hard to put down that they take my mind completely away from the scorching heat as it kisses my face in the dog dead heat of summer, and the view from my balcony makes any breaks I take with the chapters even more fruitful- I am very anxious to get to Eclipse, the third in the series, however, I find it bittersweet as I do not want it all to end! Watching the Twilight movie after reading the book was nice, but didnt do the book justive in my opinion.. I even got a Twilight Bookmark!! Up until then I was grabbing anything I could salvage to save my page, my creativity in this matter was quite amusing!! I don’t know if I had mentioned in a previous posting, but my work computer is on the fritz these day, so I will not be able to update the actual website until later next week- but have no fear, the interactive information that I will have for you will make it very much worth the wait and anticipation, therefore, if it seems at all that my grammer and or punctuation is posting oddly, trust, I am familiar with my grammer and spellcheck, my laptop is dated from 1932 and will be the spoken one until sometime next week— I apologize ahead for that.. beggars canot be choosers though, and I was very vlessed that my old computer was working enough at all! So make sure to check out The Wreath Connection. Com, Moms site- YourSpiritualPathways.Com, and then a new site I am branching off of the ol’ career tree AWomanstouch@yolasite.Com!! I hope to see comments from all of you sending me your thoughts, wishes, interest and opinions- Chao
PS…. The Newsletter will not be coming out this month according to plan- all of the information for the log in to that account unfortunately went with the hard-drive ): Working on resolving that issue as well… as we speak!
The Wreath Connection

Strong winds here in Pennsylvania….

Crazy enough, 70 mile per hour winds swepth through western Pennsylvania over the last 2 days, blowing off roofs and downing trees… Several homeowners here are without electricity as they unite in efforts to restore electricity, and make the highways safer as fallen rock and debris cover the mountaintops here in these smaller towns. Luckily, here at high elevation, we did not lose any power, nor did we experience any severe damage, as neighbors and friends are scrambling to pick up pieces of old sheds, branches, and misc that was in their yards for the last couple of days. Pennsylvania and all of its history had never seen a  wind storm with this much force, as previously living in Florida we find only wind this fierce are developed in low category hurricanes. As the winds have subsided, many are wondering why the word and warning on these dangerious 48 hour wind gusts weren’t more publicised as the residents of these small towns would have had more time to prepare, we have lucked out, but what about those who werent so fortunate?? Our business and small home survived with very minimal damage, however there are concerns about fighting out the rest of the winter for others.

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In Loving Memory of Flight 3407

The Wreath Connection would like to send out oour condolences to any of the friends and family of this airplane catastrophe that occurred at about 10pm last night. God bless all of you and keep you strong. You all remain in our prayers.

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The way that I look at the atmosphere around me, it speaks as a statement of… “This is who I am”. My Home in Florida, as I have mentioned in previous posts is an procclamation of all of the places in life in which I wish to travel someday. My home here in pennsylvania is covered in country style artifacts collected over many years. My bedroom here is done solely in all of the wreaths that are or were posted that were my favorite. It is a wonderful expression of aomeones pride when you can walk into their home and be able to tell of their pride for their family by being warm, inviting, peaceful, storytelling. I love to hand wall art. I would say that it makes or breaks a motif in someones home, but that is just my humble opinion. You see in homes, old fashioned, and you can see that they love earth, classy tones, they enjoy history and patriotism. Some people have a very modern decorators. They have decor that is very sheik, this tells me they like the cutting edge, risktakers, dealbreakers, and vogue. The packrat… this home tells me that they have always loved everything they have always had and have a deep appreciation for things, everything has a significance… kinda neat… kind of a bad habit at the same Some houses are both modern and country, the architecture in these homes is usually always key, however the smallest of homes can take on this traditional favorite. While there seems to be some old fashioned, it is combined with a balance of equal sheik which makes this family well- rounded, not a single corner to shave down… Innovative yet private… what does your home say about you??

Here is a picture of a kitchen I found off of the internet of a typical country home courtesy of… the only thing it is missing is, a wreath! Enjoy-


A Country Kitchen Check out My Wreaths at HTTP://

“What doesn’t Kill you Makes you Stronger”

I have always found it interesting how life will hand you the most terrible day ever, and then turn around and make you the happiest person in the world. I am human, and like everyone else, I have bad days… The company stays consistently good, and always just feels as if it were all meant to be, but everything else has more strain on some days than others. I believe this is what is putting me in the direction of soul searching and establishing what it means to be independent again. When I have a bad day, I do all of my happiness excersizes, and then I step back to reflect on how far I have come since the last time something happen to make me sad ):

The great thing is that when things are good they are really great, and if life has taught me anything so far, it is that it’s too short to take anything or anyone for granted.  It makes me a bit more analytical of things maybe, but, it helps that next good day come so much faster. Vanna, a friend of the Wreath Connection, once told us to make a list of every good day, and every bad and to step back and compare the ratio. Since her wise practice suggestion we had decided for the last 3 months to test the theory and see if it pans out to try to fix some of the mistakes that may have casued the negative experiences… whether it be adequate preparation, procrastination, woulda, coulda, shoulda’s– Sure enough, first month was bad, second was better, and this month has been the best so far. Turns out, we never pay attention to the reasons we have bad days, and so the mistakes happen over and over until they are redeemed. So that saying is definitely true, we tested it, and statistically speaking… What doesn’t kill you… really does make you stronger!!!

Please visit us at

You have always wondered……

History of the Wreath

The wreath has a long history and many religious associations dating back to the ancient cultures of the Persian Empire. Originally, the circlet was called a “diadem” and took the form of fabric headbands which were sometimes adorned with jewels. Beginning in 776 B.C., wreaths made of laurel leaves were used to crown victors of Olympic Games. Later, when the Games began to move to different cities, each host city would award head garlands made of branches of local trees.
Exactly when the transition from head ornament to wall decoration occurred is unclear. It is likely that celebration attendees simply hung the leafy headbands on their walls as souvenirs. Today, beautifully decorated wreaths are not only an integral part of the December holidays, but they’re popular throughout the year, decorated to fit each season.
Perhaps the loveliest use of this symbol is the Advent wreath. Although its true origin is not know, some believe it was inspired by the Swedish Crown of Lights, a candle-bearing crown worn by young Swedish girls on St. Lucia’s Day. St. Lucia was a young Christian martyr who gave her entire dowry to the poor

The making of wreaths is an ancient and honored art that began about a thousand years before the birth of Christ. The Christmas Wreath symbolizes the strength of life overcoming the forces of winter. In ancient Rome, people used decorative wreaths as a sign of victory and celebration. the custom of hanging a wreath on the front door of your home probably came from this practice. At Christmas, the wreath is symbolic of Christian immortality. the circle and the sphere are symbols of immortality. The use of evergreens and wreaths as symbols of life was also an ancient custom of the Egyptians, Chinese, and Hebrews among other people.

The use of evergreens for Christmas wreaths and other decorations probably arose in northern Europe, Italy and Spain in the early 19th century. The traditional colors of Christmas are green and red. Green represents the continuance of life through the winter and the Christian belief in eternal life through Christ. Red symbolizes the blood that Jesus shed at his crucifixion. but for most of the 20th century, the word “wreath” conjured up visions of rings of evergreens with red ribbons hung on doors at Christmas. The traditional Christmas wreath is hung anytime from right after Thanksgiving to mid-December and left hanging through the winter months.
Did you Know

In the early days in Europe, people would put wreaths on their doors to identify their home in the same manner that house numbers are used today. Each house would have a different wreath made of quite exotic flowers, most likely grown by the home owner right on their own land. Today, wreaths are a common custom in New England, with a different wreath for each season.
While the history of the wreath has been overlooked by many, their symbolism is both educational and spiritual, these wreaths I make are good for balance in ones life, celebration or vistory in any situation of importance or declaration, and have aromatheraputic attributes which contribute to several health benefits! Please check out my wreaths at or add me to your myspace at Wreathconnection last name… connection

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Let’s relax: Please Visit HTTP://

Learn to really relax
The practice of relaxation or meditation is not a mysterious or mystical experience available only to a select few adepts.

The ability to relax, or practise simple meditation, is a natural and valuable ability which we all possess, even though we may not have practised it for many years. It’s an innate skill which most of us have forgotten how to use. As very young children we could relax at will, anywhere: but most adults rely on artificial props to help them relax, such as alcohol, drugs, television, or even comfort-eating.

With just a little persistence, about 15 minutes a day, and maybe some relaxing music you can easily reawaken this natural skill.

Why (re-)learn to relax?
Relaxation enables you to take an break and switch off from the stresses of life whenever you wish.

It provides a few precious moments in which to re-charge your mental and physical batteries.

Relaxation is the bed-rock of effective stress management.

It enables you to stand back and switch off from problems – so that, often, when you return to them you can perceive solutions that had previously escaped you.

If you have intense fears or phobias you will find your relaxation skills essential for using methods such as systematic desensitisation to dissolve your fears.

Relaxation has been scientifically proven to be health enhancing (See Beyond the Relaxation Response, by Herbert Benson & William Proctor).

How to relax – with a relaxation tape
Get a good relaxation tape and spend a few weeks becoming skilled at switching off and deeply relaxing whenever you wish.

at first it may be helpful to use a tape with a spoken commentary since this will take you through a series of steps to help you become deeply relaxed. However once you have learned, in this way, the physical routine for switching off and relaxing you may find it best to use a music-only tape and to use your own imagination to relax deeply and to actively utilise imagery during the session.

How to relax – without a relaxation tape
The following is a simple method of relaxing which you can develop by using mental imagery aided, perhaps, by soft relaxing music:

1. Make yourself physically comfortable. Initially shrug, stretch, and then sit comfortably upright with hands resting on your thighs or lap. Use a few long exhales to help you settle. Keep your eyes open for now.

2. Pay attention to what you can see, hear, and feel.

3. Close your eyes. This gives your brain a break by reducing the amount of incoming data it has to process.

4. Now pay attention to what you can see, hear and feel with your eyes closed.

5. Do five long exhales (see next section below). With each exhale relax, in turn, a different part of your body as follows (1) Your feet and legs, (2) Your hands and arms, (3) Your torso, (4) Your head and neck, (5) Your entire body. Pay attention to the relaxing effect of each of these out-breaths.

6. Now continue to allow yourself to switch off – breathing normally – paying attention to how your body can relax a little more each time you exhale.

The breathing method when relaxing
Breathe in through your nose fully but not deeply

Hold the air for no more than one or two seconds

Allow the air out through your nose – prolong the out of breath so that it is long and slow

Pause… while you wait for your body to naturally and easily inhale once more (again through the nose).

This method of breathing is key to enjoying a wonderful relaxation session. It is meant to be quite slow and completely effortless. No breath holding, no straining, no counting – just discovering the rhythm that is right for you, personally.

In particular pay attention to the pauses — the brief pause at the end of your in-breath and the longer pause at the end of the out-breath.

Why relax in a sitting position?
Because, initially, many people find relaxing to be quite soporific. Having been deprived for so long deprived of the quality of the deep rest which relaxation evokes, your mind-body can relax so deeply that you slip into natural sleep.

There is nothing wrong with this. In fact it’s a great way of getting to sleep at night.

However it is a good idea, in the beginning, to train yourself to relax in a sitting position so that you will be able to relax at will just about anywhere and for just a few minutes e.g. in the dentist chair, while waiting for a train or plane, before an important interview or presentation, etc.

Tips for your Relax Session
Years of `normal’ stressful living undermine our natural ability to switch off and relax anywhere, anytime. You are now simply re-learning this natural ability.

Relaxation is something you allow to happen. You cannot force the issue. It is a gradual process of discovering your personal forms of emotional and physical tension and then discovering the ways of releasing these which work best for you.

At first most people find it much easier to relax the body rather than the mind. This is normal. You can certainly learn to allow your mind to become quieter – it simply takes a little longer.

For the first few weeks relax in a sitting position. It is easier to relax lying down but if you make yourself too comfortable you risk falling asleep or becoming too drowsy and this negates some of the benefits. (See previous section, too).

There is no right way to relax! So rather than attempting to `get it right’ experiment to discover what works best for you.

The quality of your relaxation will vary considerably during any session. One moment you may think you are losing the experience and the next you may be even more relaxed than before. So if you think it is not working decide to calmly stay at ease for another minute or so. Then, if necessary, give up and have another session 30-60 minutes later.

There is no `right’ time to relax. Take a break any time you like – especially when you notice tension or a negative mood beginning to build up. For the first few weeks you may find it more beneficial to take lots of short 3-5 minute breaks. Most people find it useful to have a relaxing session at the beginning of the day.

Initially your tension level may rise again soon after a session and you may wonder what is the point in relaxing. Here remind yourself that had you not taken a break the tension would now be much higher – and that these breaks are conditioning your body/mind to react differently to pressures.

Please visit and leave me comments below!!!

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