A New Time… an Old place

Back in January, I had decided to write a “2011 Bucketlist” … it served as kind of an ongoing New Years resolution to help me to get to know myself better. It included things that were somewhat rare, somewhat normal, all the way to doing things I had been afraid to do previous and finding the confidence. Ultimately, it was about setting specific goals and reaching them– and here we are, 6 months in. Right on point, I have accomplished Half… yes, I put Blonde in my hair- i dolphin dived in the Atlantic and the Gulf in one day, I survived in the male workforce as a car salesman/woman… and finally, I find myself back at home, where my heart is, Naples, Florida.

I always knew deep down that I would end up coming back here. Atlanta although beautiful and bustling I found it  hard to leave some things in my past behind there. If I could make the trip back to the ocean, where I felt whole again I knew it would put me back in the shadow that I had been trying to chase and be a fit to move forward. So far, here, its been a lonely couple of days…. but exciting. I moved into a beautiful home- Palm trees hitting my window, waking me up every morning. I wake up, press the red button on my coffee pot, and to the drawing board I go on this spacious lanai overlooking a yard that accentuates the greenest grass I have ever seen- serving home to fruit trees of all kinds, at which point of course- I throw out a stick for my dog to fetch.  It took me (is taking me) a couple days to settle in. My car was completely full, and I have yet to reach the trunk yet.  Using my time wisely, I am designing Wreath graphs, scents, menus, color schemes and ideas for when I open a shop in the fall, and of course, lesson plans for Adgirlguru, which some of you know, is my advertising and consultation database. When those ideas die down slowly throughout the day, in between settling in, I have been writing chapters for my new book in which the title remains unknown and scripts for educational dvd release in the fall as well. When everything crumbled in my life a year and a half ago, everyone would take me to the side at different points, and they would ask me… ” What you need is to get to know yourself within”– True advice ranging from the sources of true friends all the way down to people in the restaurant business I hardly even knew. I was physically in need of some kind of advice/guidance strictly amongst my appearance alone. I would sit back often times and wonder to myself  ” How does one get to know oneself better?” I figured, I am with myself everyday… how could I ever know the answer to anything unless life put me in a situation to have to answer immediately to my own concerns?

Last week around this time, I set out on the very first vacation ever by myself, one that i knew I was never to return from- one to enlighten me and put me so much closer to accomplishing those other 50 things on that list of fears I was willing to take on. I went to Tallahassee- and spent time with the only daughter I have ever known thus far, and her beautiful son, and boyfriend, I went to Orlando from there, and was blessed enough to, after 30 years experience 4 parks that make up the most magical place on earth… Disney World- I took the Journey to Ft. Lauderdale where I swam with the dolphins, the manatees, and then- my final destination- Back home to Naples- a lush, somewhat tropical land, full of great friends and beauty- a land where my ideas run freely and wild, well beyond some of my greatest expectations!

I am anticipating what the fall is to bring for me. I am entering into this chapter of my life as a single, independent woman that is looking to find the answers to lifes untapped successes. People tell me that the thirties will be the best years of my life… I have decided that getting to know myself is in knowing exactly how to make my own luck, and to making that happen.

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So Much has changed….

Evelyn Kish The AdgirlGuru

125 lbs free

I sit here in Atlanta, a year and a half from the chaos that rocked my whole world in ways I could have never imagined. The Wreath Business is still active, on the back burner and I, Evelyn Kish am preparing to launch an online Advertising firm soon called Adgirlguru Consultations, a business designed to help the older demographic become more knowledgable of Social Media Spectrums and Advertisng their businesses for little to no cost through online Media. I am one now… fighting to become a name for myself, and growing the ventures I utilize everyday. Refusing to back down, I am pushing forth with a new book entitled ” The Ladder is never too High” and marketing Press releases all over the internet. Still Dabling in the Spiritual aspect of my products from The WreathConnection.Com… I am and have been bettering myself with new adventures for the longevity of my successes. A Social Tornado touched upon the surface since my last blog post, and I wanted to ensure all my readers that I have not Disappeared… I am diligently trying to modernize my breaking the mold system… emotionally, physically, and productively. This is my year to think outside of every box imaginable, allow myself to dream, and make myself a safe home base for anyone else who would like to do the same for themselves. Warm weather is upon us shortly here in Atlanta, and I take advantage of this by bettering myself through business management classes at Georgia State, excersize, and lessons on how to build up mental strength… I have lost 125 lbs through the time that has lapst since my last posting, and am the best person/ businesswoman I can be right now. Designing a new dream board, as re- configuring dreams for the businesses and my own well being. Now… I make dreams my reality, and taking every necessary step to do so. Thank You Followers for standing by…

Calling All Floridians from

I will be hosting a seminar in December on vamping up your sales for your businesses over the internet! Please join me by submitting an interest at wreathconnections@gmail.com! I will be covering- Twitter, WordPress, social networking groups, Picnik,Picasa, Microsoft Works (all apps), Internet vocab, lingo, Myspace, facebook, Digg.com, Linked in, Blogger, clixsense, and so much more! Drinks and food will be provided, and any inquiries will be answered promptly once we retain the dtails of the event! Hope to see you there!

You know you want one

Right now- free centerpiece with order please visit http://www.wreathconnection.com

Tips from TheWreathConnection to Add Traffic to your Blog or Website

Meet our Newest Team Member

Babara is celebrating a birthday today, along with making some of her first calls on new leads for The Wreath Connection! She took her first set with her yesterday, and we are very excited to introduce you to her, and her beautiful daughter, Hannah. She is so creative, with many ideas on how to get the Wreaths from our hands to yours!


Halloween Wreaths this year-

Deep Dark Chocolate Potpourri DreamAs much as for fall in which we absolutely love, we made some space in the collection from our favorite holiday, Halloween, by throwing some unique oranges and yellows into the mix. None are kiddie however, as this is a trial run to see how they go over, but, the pristine quality, texture, fragrance, and aesthetics of these pieces are just absolutely breathtaking.

Its time everyone! The Fall Line Unveiled!

I am so excited, and after countless hours of hard work and dedication, we are finally able to unveil the end of summer/fall line. These turned out better and more beautiful than ever, with photography so delicate you can capture almost every detail from their slides sponsored by Flickr and Picasa! I know this is one of the moments that most of my followers have been waiting for, as the colors that were made available to us this summer were so amazing!! The Beautiful, soft colors are a delight to have placed here in our home, and it will be sad to see them go, but the whole idea is creating an enjoyable experience for the buyer! With Christmas soon approaching, we even managed to sneak some Christmas items into this line, along with one or two wedding wreaths as well, tricky, because, wedding season is primarily in the summer from what I understand. Make sure you all check out my videos at Evelynsopenmind at youtube.com. It has some interesting information about the wreaths, their origin, some of the secrets to making the potpourri aromatheraputic, and even some tutorials on how to make the lowest overhead with tons of possibilities over the internet like I have- if you are a small business owner. So, go check out the goods, I am sure to it that you will have one that you just fall in love with!
You just have to visit WWW.WreathConnection.Com…… Its time you rewarded yourself!

You gotta check this out

You have to check out this site I found called Clixsense, I am linking it to my business site right now, I really am starting to think that small businesses all over should look into affilliate marketing, and residuals– Tell them that Evelyn Kish sent you … or better yet, my username is Wreathconnections I think upon referral you get some kind of promotional ad space for your business as well, and its all free– Remember: Clixsense.com what do we have to lose?

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So does this site really pay?

I was watching famed money expert Clark Howard the other day and I heard a guest call in and ask about all of these online, work from home scams they have been throwing around since the economy crashed… I was listening when he said they were all just a get rich quick scheme and not to listen. As you know I am the owner of The Wreath Connection.Com and am always looking for new, fun and innovative ways to promote my site. I started watching editorials on youtube about affiliate programs and got connected to a site involving “residual income” from the sites you click on. Now I had been down this road before with a different company and I am not going to lie when I say it was tedious, and time consuming, and for this particular one ( which I wont mention their name) didnt really show me any proof of any help thrown my way at all. After all the time wasted, I had decided to let the “get rich quick” idea go on the back burner. During todays webinar on Youtube I was fascinated by this wonderful woman who has been making residuals off of her website for years and she gave some reccomendations. The one I decided to try was called “ClixSense.Com.” Now, a skeptic from the get go, I made sure the website said it was a secure site, and I knew from previous experience that I was going to be twiddling my thumbs through a course of tedious websites. However, although the tenacity proves itself to be true- I was shocked to see I was in fact earning 1 cent for each site viewed! As I sit there , I think to myself …ok, big deal 60 cents an hour, I really am amking internet history over here…lol… then, I read on about the reccomendations graph on one of the tabs nearby, and you really do get paid upon residuals, free to sign up- so- if your a small business owner like myself, and your looking to get seen, or your looking to make a couple bucks in your downtime… check out clixSense.Com and tell them Evelyn Kish sent you … Username WreathConnections… I want to see how fruitful this idea can be for all of us.. at least get a pack of gum out of it, right??? (:

A Fantastic Week In Social Networking

Hello Everyone, This week has been explosive in information reguarding the world and its current events, also of great importance to us, the small business owners of the World. First, with our baby, our business, we have had an exceptional week in design and sales. New information turning around for us around every corner, promotional and marketing venues for us are on the rise! While we are pleased to present an eventual launch of a sister site for the creation of websites at A Womans Touch @ yolasite.com we have just finished designing a site called  Your Spiritual Pathways. Com for a Lovely ladie up North! As for as New additions to the wreath collection, I have been mentioning for several weeks now that we are creating new lines for the fall rollout. Up in coming, we are looking to have a gallery opening around the beginning to middle of October, with that, of course, the photography will be updated and the wreaths will be out there for al of our nations to see! Furthermore, we are announcing a video collage of commercials that we have put together for you conducted through several of the interviews done by previous clients, very interesting, and of course, brought to you in part by, Youtube- the greatest internet outlet out there! We have been negotiating with Home Depot and Michaels in giving us the oppurtunity to conduct a once a week class on business marketing and wreath making… I think I may need to add a notorieter to the staff eventually as well with all of these legal papers and signatures floating around!!  Of course I am still looking for an assistant, the ad that I may go and edit after this post as a matter of fact, I just do not think people trust Craigs list as   much as they used to, I can see why the terms “personal assistant” would seen a little threatening. I met an incredible business woman the other day who lives just down the street here in my own private Wisteria Lane, who was able to enlighten me on the benefits of going through small business’s to display my products locally, I feel that if that venture plays out accordingly, then I should be able to rent or lease out some office space here soon… I think that Naples, doesnt even see me comming… I am really hoping that this idea in Aromatheraputic aesthetics will change the ways, styles, trends, and benefits that they recieve from their home, expecially in an economy still loicking its wounds from an outlandish previous year. Delving into a personal area of the blog, this week, Eddie and I went on to mourn the passing of a young boy whom is a friend of the family that used to work for us ( some currently do ) at the restaurant. He was 18 and lost his life last week in a tragic car accident, so viewers, please pray for their family, as it was a very sad evening here in the household. On a brighter note, my stepdaghter has her appointment this week to  find out exactly what she is having, and I will be posting the pictures from Eddie and I ‘s Anniversary getaway last weekend to Key West, so stay tuned for those!!  In sperate Personal news, in my free time, I have been enjoying the fruits of Author Stephanie Meyers handywork while taking in some great reading with the Twilight book set. I have just finished the first and am on to the New Moon- This book and the previous are so well written and hard to put down that they take my mind completely away from the scorching heat as it kisses my face in the dog dead heat of summer, and the view from my balcony makes any breaks I take with the chapters even more fruitful- I am very anxious to get to Eclipse, the third in the series, however, I find it bittersweet as I do not want it all to end! Watching the Twilight movie after reading the book was nice, but didnt do the book justive in my opinion.. I even got a Twilight Bookmark!! Up until then I was grabbing anything I could salvage to save my page, my creativity in this matter was quite amusing!! I don’t know if I had mentioned in a previous posting, but my work computer is on the fritz these day, so I will not be able to update the actual website until later next week- but have no fear, the interactive information that I will have for you will make it very much worth the wait and anticipation, therefore, if it seems at all that my grammer and or punctuation is posting oddly, trust, I am familiar with my grammer and spellcheck, my laptop is dated from 1932 and will be the spoken one until sometime next week— I apologize ahead for that.. beggars canot be choosers though, and I was very vlessed that my old computer was working enough at all! So make sure to check out The Wreath Connection. Com, Moms site- YourSpiritualPathways.Com, and then a new site I am branching off of the ol’ career tree AWomanstouch@yolasite.Com!! I hope to see comments from all of you sending me your thoughts, wishes, interest and opinions- Chao
PS…. The Newsletter will not be coming out this month according to plan- all of the information for the log in to that account unfortunately went with the hard-drive ): Working on resolving that issue as well… as we speak!
The Wreath Connection

Calling Alpha Inventions… My good Friend!!

Hello there, I realize I am posting this in blog form as I am hoping others may be able to help me with this given the fact that you have so many other blogs to read that you may overlook this one tiny favor.

I have a friend in Arizona Named Dava, who has this amazing Website called  SilverliningSentiments.Com. She has been useing blogging for the last couple of days and I referred her to you as a way of getting her foot in the door. So what my favor is relly, to all of my readers and to you… Mr. Alpha inventions, is please help to welcome Ms. Dava in her journies into the blogging world. Look her up and contact her blog, let her know she is amazing, and give pointers on what blogging, traffic, and all of its secrets are really all about…


I appreciate all of you….

Evelyn Kish

The Wreath Connection on Social Networking

We, here at The WreathConnection are consistently looking for new and different ways to get our information out there. To lend an ear or any conversation is always invited, adored, admired, and welcome.  Sometimes we tap dance around other world issues to remind our readers how much we are humans too, and how our opinions are sometimes given the position to be heard. In digressing, or pondering the different facilities to utilize, we are often times faced with different decisions as to how they connect with our business, and at the end of the day, what really matters to us, is how we can help you. Social networking is like second nature to all of us bloggers, but fact of the matter is, it is actually very new and sometimes unheard to many business owners. This is a presentaion of hinder for all business owners “Ahead of the times” so to speak. It is only a matter of time before others are catching up and we must prepare ourselves by going steps further to enhance quality, precision, and accuracy of timely posts and deliveries with our outgoing posts.

I have a couple meetings set up next week in which I will be discussing different ways to get noticed on the internet, I am anxious to share with fellow  business owners the gifts in which took me sooo very long to utilize here on the internet. I had come to realize over time, that the number of free ways to really reap the benefits in an astounding way was really at the tips of my fingertips, and also at everyone elses.

Welcome to Wappinger Falls, NY

Continuing our family visiting, we are spending our very last night in Wappinger Falls New York. As the Countryside is beautiful, and mountains shine fresh green amonsgst the sunshine, I finished my presentation finally for the wedding expo last month, and it turned out wonderful. The baptism was wonderful as little Angelina is now officially Baptized Catholic. I was able to spend some quality time with my boyfriends family, and extended- Tomorrow, its back to Brooklyn for the official last day of our trip- Its all gone by so quickly here. We didnt get to see Central Park this trip, but he promises that next time will be our oppurtunity to have our picnic!! Little Alex is as cute as ever earning his promotion on his Karate team, and building an an amazing Rollercoaster with Connex. I think thats how its spelled.   At any rate, back to the city tomorrow, then back off to Naples, for the excitement of my step daughters arrival Tuesday!!  Summer is always soo crazy!!!

Little Angelina Rose Had Her Baptism Sunday

Little Angelina Rose Had Her Baptism Sunday

A Fantastic Ambiance at Il Bariaotto

A Fantastic Ambiance at Il Bariaotto

An evening in New York City

After some relaxation and heavy downpours, I sip my third glass of sparkling raspberry wine- getting ready to show off the newest you tube commercial to the Brooklyn fam, and lay out my outfits for the weekend. I must say, I keep going back and editing the photos for the new line, and brainstorming ideas for upcoming creations while leisurely watching A Day in The White House on NBC with Brian Williams. I Enjoy New York City. Just this morning on my JetBlue flight, I was welcomed into the city by a digital broadcast of The Today show, in which one of my personal FAVORITES  Dave Matthews performed. The other night while I was in the office tying up some loose ends and invoicing wrap ups before the trip… I was listening to AOL radio while listening to him in the back-round, so, it proved to be ironic that he was in concert on Today this morning. Last year, when here, we were lucky enough to catch David Archeleta and David Cook right after the winning Finale of American Idol. I think while featured the size of an ant on international morning news, I fealt closer to fame than ever, as it was my birthday to boot, and my favorite took the crown just mere days previous. I think I called every family member that early New York morning, to see if they could catch an even “glimmer” of my excited, childlike, Beatles outlook on the occasion.

I have also been contemplating an offer that comes in July for a table at a convention, in coordination with the planning of weddings to feature the centerpieces of course, and then the wreaths themselves which we feel would be perfect at the end of Pugh’sin churches and chapels across the country, I am going to present a portfolio in which I will show examples of how beautiful each wreath can look on each location. Different aromas will reflect the persons intentions for the events as well. I just found a great lilac oil, and I love it because it smells like my grandmother used to smell before she passed in 1992. Whenever I use it now, I feel as if she is creating right beside me, a piece of her with me that tells me… “hey… this is looking great, good for you” or “Someone is  going to cherish this piece so much.”  The Press releases have not returned any replies of questions from the media, i was expecting a larger response, however, with consideration of the newest surge in Gas prices, I cannot be surprised at people who are even negligent for a second that by responding, they may be getting themselves into scam mail replies, or bogus mailing lists. We have a shipment coming in a couple weeks,  at this point, I am planning on donating some of the wreaths to different charities and magazines. People are mesmerized by how they look, its hard to trigger the sense of smell from all the descriptive words in the world.  I am continuing  the submissions to Vacation rentals, time shares, contests, company functions, ect. I feel that being involved with the community is going to play an important part of this up in coming  journey. An exciting thing about donation is that someone, somewhere is going to benefit from it greatly- and there are times where that’s what it is about, giving back. I am going to write a list this evening of some new recipes in essential oils, and then I will probably add a list of new wreaths for creation in the next month or so, and (YES) I know, its my first day of vacation, My other completely tuckered out on me and is snoozing with the sheep, and so, I have some focus time in which to think through the creations and diagnosis will benefit others the most, Present Research is the answer to all Societies past questions……

Start Spreadin the News!!

I have safely arrived in New York, to the 59 degree temps, and cloudy, rainy weather. Perfect for the kind of day we were looking for. While trucking this morning on a mere 2 1/2 hours of sleep, Eddie and I fell into the crisp temperatures by warm blankets and a solid nap. Waking up to a great action movie, complemented with some fantastic Chinese food. I am still in those blankets, maintaining comfort while reaching out to the followers and checking status on the business.  While there may be action with me not out the shipment center, I have someone at home in Florida, awaiting order confirmations to be able to still send those precious wreaths that are every ones favorite to enjoy. We miss our dog already though, as she will probably be more spoiled than ever while we are away. Not sure if it is the food, or the thin mountain air, but I didn’t realize that I was so tired! I have been devoting every waking moment of time that I am awake to making the business better, more convenient to use for our clients. The wreaths more potent with more diagnosis, stronger potency, and specific attention to detail. All while managing the blog, the website, press releases, Emails, Orders, Invoices… and not to mention, wedding events, holidays and other get togethers… I can’t wait to get an assistant to take care of some of the workload, I just have to get over the perfectionist attitude so that it doesn’t burn me out. I Love every minute of it all though– that’s another part of the issue I guess. LOL. I spend at night thinking of how I can make things better as soon as I wake up in the morning, and I don’t dare go to sleep without something essential that I might forget not being recognized. Crazy, huh? At any rate, after this day of relaxation, We are off to Toys R Us to pick up a gift for Baby Angelina- Im pretty excited– I Love shopping for the lil tots!! My precious nieces and nephews remind me of how blessed I am, its a real naturalistic joy to be able to spent any time with them ever!

Book about a Blog?

Recently, I have been approached of my research and postings about a possible book, as most of you know, we are a blog that is over 200 pages of excellent factual information mixed with opinion- While a great concept, I am taking this time to focus on the business, and eventually, do plan on printing it all out and turning it into a book one day. Autobiographies are great, inspirational- self help is sometimes better. Excellent content paired with the thoughts ( and sometimes dreams of the author).  Of course, I would need an advanced editor to review my work, and make sure that all of my writing is of true, fragment free state as well as the art of spelling the words right the first time, or so , the readers may think. Pictures interest people so much, as if you only buy a magazine for those hard to get- or, once in a lifetime shots.  Interesting concepts as well. Make sure to check out the site at http://www.wreathconnection.com – it will give you lots of refreshing insight and ideas for ehat I do, and why I am so passionate about it-

Home, Home on the Range

Well, its not where the antelope play, but the deer is true enough. Being at home up north this past winter was a reminder of the sounds and feel I miss that I forgot while living in Florida. Now that I am back, sometimes I miss it all over again. The silence of the snow, the crackle of the maple and oak leaves when its about to rain, the crunch of the dead leaves on the mountainside when the blackbear is on the run (early spring). The deer feed in the fall on the grapevine outside our home, and the sunshine brings birds of all colors and sizes, singing the most beautiful of natures songs. Florida has its unque sounds too, you have the soft ocean hitting the white sand, an occasional orange falling from an orchard bush, the rustling of the palmetto plants against each other. All a very different feeling created in really thoroughly grasping how much small things mean so much when you are able to step back, and not take them for granted. I was able to start filing today, finally, and I found a new desk that I have my eye on that is soo nice! I sold a model of The Seashell wreath that I had in stock so, it was a great day. I was able to pass out the flyers to the East section of the neighborhood, and more to come tomorrow. A rainy season shower happened early this afternoon, I took advantage by designing a new seashell specialty, along with Goldie (my dog). She sometimes gets spooked by the thunder…Anyhow, I am so happy that my business is a piece of home that I brought here with me. I am consistently reviewing styles and trends in home decor that had frequented that area from the amish, to dutch, to quakers, in generations scaling all the way back to as old as the 1700’s. I have been able to uncover some family history revealing what products were in ancesters homes from long long ago. They say trends repeat over time. Look at things like Bell Bottoms, Slap Bracelets, The Pocket rocker is now the ipod. It all comes full circle. Just better. Thats where I am about to come in- Its time for Home decor to raise to the next level. Its time that people benefit from their surroundings– something more than just aesthetically.

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We made the News!!

Check out the article we wrote for Wink News here in Southwest Florida…. We are on the bottom right (Harsh Economy)


First Day of Hurricane Season–

A Hurricane here in Florida is kind of like a trainwreck, you hate to see it, but you must look. Mother nature, and all of her mysterious ways, lends us a hearty dose of unusual winds and thunderstorms each year- mixed with flying tree branches, some stray lawn furniture, and possibly the utilization of the heavy aluminum shutters we still have installed from last years season…lol. The plus side to this season is the warm breezes that follow, the unusual clouds, sky colors, and temperatures, and above all the sleep during a tropical storm has never been better. I am looking forward to this years season, for the business, it is going to be a prosperous one- Relaxing raindrops and thunder are going to pave the way for the flourishing of new flowers that succombed to the drought, and open the passages for my creativities to shine through.  The Darkness of the shutters, will help to keep the house cool, and comfortable- this will lower the electric bill, which will in turn provide more money for supplies.  Eddie and I ( My Boyfriend) have thrown around the idea of having  somewhat of a gallery opening  this summer which we are planning, and next week I will be traveling back to the beautiful city of New York in promotion for the site.  I would like to eventually become a possible vendor for home decoration specialists preferring interior designs. A new age upon us,  the generation x is soon to become y and styles are changing. People want to be comforted in their homes at it is the place that they return to every night, it is the place the possibly raise their children, it is the place they sit around the dinner table together in their hectic, busy lives.  Some want modern, some want country- all with one common denominator… They all want class and that is what my wreaths have to offer. While the business specializes in aromatheraputic wreaths, we can also provide unscented ones as well for those who love us but have allergies that rob them of the rights to enjoy their truest beauty.  I had an amazing breakfast, a wonderful morning of news and the days events, and ideas freshly streaming from my caffienated  brain. Wedding planners are in contact recently- the centerpieces are the topics of discussion. While it is a lot of work creating 25 to 30 centerpieces, it proves to all be worth it in the end.  Yesterday in the trials of my research, I was able to learn some new diagnosis oils for different ailments in the body, and the YouTube Video is getting consistent hits, which is a nice feeling.  I will be updating everyone on Twitter today, as usual, to include everyone into the journey, as promised- I hope the start to your day is as good as mine is- and make sure to check out the site at http://www.WreathConnection.Com

And Another youtube video…This is the best…

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My New You Tube Commercial

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Please Visit Http://www.wreathconnection.com

Being excited never fealt so good!!

Everyday I am learning more and more about social media, and how it really is a new wave of the the futre when you can have a friend or friends from all over the world that you talk to more than your next door neighbor!  It has been so fun and interesting to me how a single message can be given to so many people at once, that make a real difference in the world and really care what you think. A number of different times, I have written on this blog in referance to help on things. RFefreshers in the nitty gritty of internet advertising, marketing my business, and some basic questions about life in itself. I decided to venture out and read some of the other blogs instead of the sole focus to just write my own, and I laughed, cried, and found an addict come out deep down, which just wanted to keep following to see what happened next. I wasnt sure if this is all how the world of internet media fell together. If I was doing right by my business or not. I was always keen to writing journals as a child, but never intending for the whole world to read, I write ehat I think, and in most cases, it can be somewhat revealing. When it comes to writing about the business, I would refer anyone to writing a blog, because it gets your message, even if it is guess what happened to me today- Heard. Plus, peoples lives are full of knowledge and experiences that others can benefit from. I have made so many wonderful friends from here that have engineered so much respect from my part over the months, it really is a blessing, thank you readers for giving me the gift of time.


I am so honored that Cheru had come across our site, and decided to feature it on his own interactive wordpress creation called alphainventions. probably one of the coolest developments since the discovery of blogging, and online journals, this guy has created a concept in which in real- time- people are able to see portions and snippets of each blog on a about a 5 second reel. This enables the reader to pick and choose, or fast glance evreryones blog, while at the same time, if the user decides to click at that time they will be directed to the specifics sending bloggers traffic counter through the roof!! Cheru sounds like a completely modest individual, who really did create this product to make it easer to read the web and generate traffic. I had decided to write him this big, long, letter in his comment box, in which because of the real time refresher system updating all the blogs, my reply was deleted before I was able to send a Thank You Note. However, I figured, I would do one better even, and dedicate an entire post to his outstanding services. Dozens and Dozens of people giving praise to Cheru for his unbelievable breakthrough in modern technology, and I, Myself am honored to add myself to that list! Thank You So Much Cheru and Alphainventions!!!

Evelyn Kish


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Say Hello to My Lil Friend…

Our Dog, And Love, Goldie Hawn

Our Dog, And Love, Goldie Hawn

This is My Cocker Spaniel Goldie Hawn. We adopted her the October before last. While I am working she sits beneath me, sometimes chewing on the lil pieces that fall off the desk. She is the most amazing Dog that we have ever had, and has truly become such a huge part of our family. We adopted her from the humane society, and she was the lonely dog in the back that didnt want to socialize with anyone. Now that we have her, she has been an absolute angel. She is very smart, knows every trick there is, and we never have had any problems with her behavior. Since I share mostly everything with all of you, I needed you all to meet my dog, as she is such a huge part of our everyday.  Its been going on two years this year that she has been in our lives, and she travels with us mostly everywhere we go– Say hello everyone to my lil friend…..

What do you think about this?? Your Gonna Wanna Read This-

So I have been thinking about Family and its importance a lot lately. I eventually am looking to incorporate them to the business, but I am waiting for a solid foundation to work. I read an interesting post today about those who are complaining about the economy are not bustin to move forward. I do not necessarily agree with that.  In the last couple months, my business has been recognized by people from all over the world. Basically because, I am not just the face of someone starting their own business from scratch with all of the efforts in toe, I am a person whom I hope can serve for motivation to anyone that is out there following their dreams. My family and friends have been amazingly supportive with my ideas, expecially since I feel that with all this I have tapped into a revolutionary tool that I do not think has been researched or uncovered before. Expecially when it is something that I enjoy so much as spending my time on things that create beauty and charm. Things that make a house a more comfortable place to spend nights in as opposed to spending 20 dollars to go to the movies, or having to fill your tanks with gas that is on the rise gradually. For instance, walking into a home lit with beautiful scented candles creates a feeling of warmth and comfort that I find unexplainable. I, myself found myself habitually buying refills for plug in air fresheners and cheapee sprays to fill the house with comfort for maybe a couple days or with the sprays, even just mere minutes.  This collaboration came to mind when I got sick of paying for all of those things month to month… so I decided to start making the wreaths, then, making them with a message. A Message that reaches out to everyone, who, like me was on a budget- and I imagined for me how much money it has saved… and in the long run- how much it will save them. Although its been a lot of work and dedication, the hard work is paying off. I am so proud of myself and all that I have accomplished with the business. I have lost 48 lbs since October of last year, and still been able to keep striving for my goals for the company in the meantime. This way, I have been able to incorporate all of the skills that I have learned in College- and still do something that I absolutley Love. I worked in a restaurant for a long time. Through college and even before that. You learn a lot from seeing how people react in certain situations, and you defenitely have experiences that you never forget. I remember a customer throwing a menu and silverware at me because I dropped the paper his order was on in the kitchen, in oil, and his meal was late. Screaming profanities at me in front of his family, and a room of an estimated 50+ patrons. I had never fealt more embarrassed. Catering parties of 60+ while the host following us around, shoving things into our hands, yelling at us to go faster as the sweat rolled down our poor cheeks. All for enough money to buy gas and food for the way home, to get up first thing in the morning and face it all again. I realized one day, that after all the studying I had done in school, and all of the hard work and dreaming I had put into previous projects… what about this was making me stay?? Wasnt the money, wasnt the kind patrons, wasnt the sincerity ( I said the same things, and had the same conversations with everyone) What exactly was holding me back from stepping out there and showing the world what I was capable of??

So that is exactly what I did. I enjoyed the quaint silence of putting these pieces together. I reached out to professionals to absorb some tips for a refresher course on the marketing and Advertising aspect, but I enjoy it all so much- it was in the bag.  I left my job at the restaurant and decided to go my own road. I had already been familiarized with social networking, and promotional work from some classes that I had taken for my major, so I had the right skills to make something like this work. I still ask for pointers now and then. I believe that the writers and readers on wordpress, often times are full of the right kind of information, criticism, and tips to help me build that solidity that I have been speaking of.

So I guess the questions here are…. What is your Aha Moment? What do you think? How do you feel about Blogging and Social Networking?  How many people out there are doing what they want/love?  Do you have any tips, advice, or kudos for me? How was YOUR day today? 

Working SOOO Hard to Succeed

Working SOOO Hard to Succeed

How about a site where I can get the most brochures printed for less?

I am opening my horizens here at the business, and it seems as though I cannot find high quality brochures online that I can make for cheap in bulk. I am almost persuaded to print them myself in Flyer form at this point, however, I want to keep it classy as this business is my dream and representation of myself. Any ideas??

Locating good companies is all about the people who use them. Search results are limited to those who had the most money to spend based on pay per click advertising.

Starting Over with My New Business

I cannot stress to everyone enough how difficult this recession has been for my family and I to plow through. it has made us stronger, and more educated about the power of knowledge and how far it can take you in a crunch. As it is all starting to unfold, I have a home in Florida, a new home waiting in New York City, and I am currently in Pa getting medical done because of the expensive healthcare in Florida and fixin to do some serious travel in promotion for The WreathConnection Business and its prospects. Needless to say, each day has been heroing, long and tedious- taking care of all things involved in a move of a home let alone a small business from thousands of miles away through phone correspondence.  You want things to be done right, and thats hard when you cant see what you are looking at. I have decided to leave the wreaths up displayed as of right now as I currently have several in stock and someone here to do their e commerce distribution for any requests that anyone may have. On the loooong drive from Florida to New York, My boyfriend and I are intending on stopping in here to PA to pick up supplies for the New Summer line comming out in June or July. Of course, I will still blog to everyone and let them know how business is, and how the move is going…. keep in touch with me- as I am sure this is to all pan out successfully (hopefully) right before all of your very eyes… Wish me luck!!!

Please Visit HTTP://www.wreathconnection.com

You know you want one....
You know you want one….

Please Visit http://www.wreathconnection.com

Taking Time For you…

An important lesson that i have learned since being here in PA has been the lessons of the relaxation that I cannot remember when the last time, I stopped to listen, and think to myself about my goals and my dreams. I was able to reflect while here in PA on my heritage and my childhood and research the things in life that make me who I am today from the inside out. It has been nice to listen to different stories about the ways that we all grew up in the differences in our growth and others that we had met throughout the courses of our youth. Originally, I was not very enthused, as it is a well known metaphor that Central PA is known as the armpit of the US and that I would have to scrape a windshield for the first time in 5 years and have to face all the people I went to school in the local grocery store. Truth is, there was this amazing peace here, expecially at night, when the sun would fall, and the chill would come out. The crazy weather established whistling winds that made for the greatest nights sleep I had ever had, The mornings were filled of a sun kissed glow that peeked from around the mountains into my bedroom window, a natural alarm clock to let you know that your day was officially about to begin. Although the highway is loud, once used to it again, I would listen to the creek below make all of those sounds that echoe with birds, leaves rustling, and at the same time you often would hear the wood in the deck crack due to the cold, frigid, temperatures of the PA Winters. I realized by being here, that I love the citylife, and love the warmth of the sunshine thats closer to the equator,lol, however, It took time and age to be able to appreciate the luxury of mountain life, and I dont think that after this experience, I am ever going to take my heritage for granted ever again. The business has brought in great inspiration and business from all over the world, I have been very greatful for the time to establish such great contacts in the meantime as well. I would suggest that everyone at some point in time, take some time out of your evening for yourself. It really does go a looooong way. Listen tot he sounds around you, take in the air, life and love of those and the details that surround you. It makes a bigger difference than you will ever know!

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