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You have to check out this site I found called Clixsense, I am linking it to my business site right now, I really am starting to think that small businesses all over should look into affilliate marketing, and residuals– Tell them that Evelyn Kish sent you … or better yet, my username is Wreathconnections I think upon referral you get some kind of promotional ad space for your business as well, and its all free– Remember: what do we have to lose?

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Start Spreadin the News!!

I have safely arrived in New York, to the 59 degree temps, and cloudy, rainy weather. Perfect for the kind of day we were looking for. While trucking this morning on a mere 2 1/2 hours of sleep, Eddie and I fell into the crisp temperatures by warm blankets and a solid nap. Waking up to a great action movie, complemented with some fantastic Chinese food. I am still in those blankets, maintaining comfort while reaching out to the followers and checking status on the business.  While there may be action with me not out the shipment center, I have someone at home in Florida, awaiting order confirmations to be able to still send those precious wreaths that are every ones favorite to enjoy. We miss our dog already though, as she will probably be more spoiled than ever while we are away. Not sure if it is the food, or the thin mountain air, but I didn’t realize that I was so tired! I have been devoting every waking moment of time that I am awake to making the business better, more convenient to use for our clients. The wreaths more potent with more diagnosis, stronger potency, and specific attention to detail. All while managing the blog, the website, press releases, Emails, Orders, Invoices… and not to mention, wedding events, holidays and other get togethers… I can’t wait to get an assistant to take care of some of the workload, I just have to get over the perfectionist attitude so that it doesn’t burn me out. I Love every minute of it all though– that’s another part of the issue I guess. LOL. I spend at night thinking of how I can make things better as soon as I wake up in the morning, and I don’t dare go to sleep without something essential that I might forget not being recognized. Crazy, huh? At any rate, after this day of relaxation, We are off to Toys R Us to pick up a gift for Baby Angelina- Im pretty excited– I Love shopping for the lil tots!! My precious nieces and nephews remind me of how blessed I am, its a real naturalistic joy to be able to spent any time with them ever!

Actively Searching For Online Advertising Jobs In New York City

Dear Mr/Ms.



        Please find attached my resume and cover letter. I have agency experience on the media side as well as numerous years of customer service experience both locally and agency driven. I started my career on the agency side of our business and would like to get back into Media, preferably in Media Sales. I’ve gained valuable experience on all sides of the desk.  I understand how important “number crunching” is and I also realize that customer service and relationship building is a major part of success within this and any industry. Most recently, as Dining Room Supervisor/Event Coordinator at Buca Di Beppo Restaurant Group, I was the leader in new business promotion sales while increasing awareness and revenue.

 I have extensive experience with Nielsen Ratings, Donavan Data Systems, MS Office and Excels well as other various windows and DOS based programs.  I also worked with qualitative and quantitative Scarborough research on a daily basis.  My real strength however, is in my ability to educate, establish relationships and increase revenue.My enclosed resume provides strengths and achievements.  I look forward to hearing from you. I’m easily reached at the following number 724-541-8477.  Thank you for your time and consideration. 



Evelyn M. Kish




To contribute to the growth and profitability of your company. I’ll accomplish this by utilizing my expertise in sales, innovative marketing, online development experience, team leadership, and development, negotiation and customer relations.



Buca Di Beppo, Naples, Fl                                                                                                    

2005 –present

Dining Room Supervisor/Event Coordinator

SUMMARY: Responsible for providing superior service and new business development.

The past 3 years have been spent honing my skills as a multi-talented service provider and special events coordinator in the hospitality industry, coordinating individual corporate, leisure and group functions and meetings. Whether it is a convention or a 5 & 10k race, I’ve enjoyed the challenge and success of coordinating many types and sizes of events. I’m dedicated to provide exceptional service and leadership to reach the common goal of new business sales.


Carat USA , Atlanta , GA                                                                                                                

 2004 – 2005

Assistant Buyer/Media Coordinator                                                                                                                 

·         Maintain all spot times logs

·         Notifies Buyer of any issues that arise daily with any account

·         Establishes and maintains goodwill and working relationships with the media community

·         Participates in meetings with media representatives when requested by the Media Buyer

·         Requests and reviews pre and post logs from cable, broadcast and local networks ; contacts media representatives for resolution when necessary

·         Monitors sigma reports

·         Monitors media dollars and impressions weekly

·         Accurately tracks discrepancies and make goods along with buyer

·         Audits media post-logs and invoices

·         Insures a fair and equitable distribution of spots according to day part, day of week, and program.

·         Sends spot log reports and summaries to the Client or Buyer as requested

·         Obtains and sends client their broadcast and syndication airtimes

·         Create reports in Excel for the Buyer and/or the Account Executive as requested

·         Verifies contracts and post analysis letters from each network

·         Follows all company health and safety procedures

·         Performs other related duties as required or assigned

·         Accounts included but were not limited to: Churches Chicken, Rent-A-Center,Kia Automotive


Indiana University of Pennsylvania 1999-2004  Communication Media

Atlanta Ad Club

Certificate of Excellence-Buca


Run my own side business called The Wreath Connection

Playing Piano, Crafting, Online  research, Social Media


Please Contact Me, Evelyn Kish, if you are in The New York City Area and are searching for a creative, exciting, goal driven employee to work for you and your company. As you can witness here in the pages of my personal blog for my business The Wreath Connection, I am End Result driven, While Consistently committed to the projects at hand. I am passionate about CPA, (ROIS), CPC, and Tier One Search Engine Optimization. I Look very forward to reading your comments and various responses and suggestions in the Comment Boxes Below. In the meantime, Please Visit Http:// to check out my homeade masterpieces!

The Tease….


These and many more at

Two New Products for the line…

Yesterday in all nerves from pre- surgery, I created two new fantastic wreaths taht are awaiting post on the store-site for the unveiling of the entire new line… I decided to share with you all their outcome so that you can join me in the anticipation of their vision on line.
The first one is called “Apple- ation” and it was created from fresh dark green eucalyptus, silk fern, a beautiful 6 looped green bow, and several scented Apple potpourri fruits along with nice sized wooden apple scented chunks!! The Circular grapevine shape is shimmered with green bark tear- shaped scented bright green leaves to add flavor and feeling to the vibe of its appeal. The best news is that the shipment came in today for an aromatheraputic Apple refresher oil that was special ordered for out of country at an oil farm specializing in the fresh and effective scents of Wild apple trees on the hills and cliffs of the beautiful Appalation Mountains!

The other one that I finished left me shining with pride, and returning to get a 2nd,3rd, and 4th glance after its completion. Its name is “Falling for Foliage”. By request a month or so ago, I was contacted by a lovely follower who said that she had a beautiful idea in mind, and that she had noticed it had not been featured on the store-site. Being that it was the end of December, early January fall was the last thing I was thinking about… it was all about spring, Easter, Valentines Day, Ect. Touched by her response and beautiful ideas, I put them into motion with this masterpiece, Using Eucalyptus of dark brown shades, deep green, some deep purple- woven through the shiny silk fern, I layered the top of the base with amazing colors in silf fall foloage… Maple leaves, Walnuts, and Harvest spice potpourri were used to create Comfort scents of fall, while touching on the things that make a northern fall so very beautiful. On the side of the wreath I created a 6 Looped bow, overtop od magnificent North-Asian Autumn fern scented of nutmeg… and a touch of coffee, and the perfect finishing touches of bunched Sunflower heads with burgundy tips…. This wreath should go really fast… Although, I promised the follower that if she liked the creation, she would have first dibs, if for some reason she is to change her mind… it will be on the store site for all of you to see!! Come visit me at and check out whats at the store right now! Tell your friends… I am the next innovative small business phenomena!!! Add me as a friend on your myspace at WreathConnection last name connection, on your twitter at WreathCo , Facebook at Lovewreaths, or Linked in under The Wreath Connection!!!

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Cabin Fever

The Wreath Connection Notices...16 Inches of Snow and Still Counting....

The Wreath Connection Notices...16 Inches of Snow and Still Counting....

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While I am so excited about The Wreath Connections 25% off Sale- I am sitting here tonight so proud of my accomplishments this month for the business. I was able to pick, select, name, and coordinate themes, colors, and aromas for a beautiful line of timeless wonders! Tonight, as the last week will prove, we are getting about 5 more inches of snow… and the cold is throwing me into the business, head first! The more I get done, the better I feel about this incredible entrepeneural journey. As I mentioned in previous posts, the amazing compliments that you all have given my work have given me tremendous motivations for my upcoming line, and are helping my to tweek the website everynight, as well as play tag with you all a little as I read the posts on all of your beautiful posts. Wheeew, if your up in the Northeast where I am, you know about how frigid these temperatures are, my Floridian blood sometimes needs a scarf! The internet has become a tool for me to get my message out there about what The Wreath Connection has to offer, and all of your kind words have me simply INVIGORATED this evening! Make sure to check out my blogs at or add me as a friend on your myspace: TheWreathConnection Last name Kish

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