Power of flute music

For Christmas, I bought a instrumental cd of all different Flute songs from an Indian age…. utterly amazing! As I am still a modern aged woman who loves the persuasion of all types of music, I have found this music to be shockingly motivating! It has some tracks on the cd which give me the urge to want to face the day head on… and others that make me want to relax and practice meditation excersize. Lately, I have been utilizing the cd as I am healing my mouth, and cannot speak. Soul searching has been a very successful outlet for me to thoroughly enjoy and realize what my capabilities in life are. Isn’t that interesting… how music filters into your soul and has a way of filtering thoughts and finding balance better than your mind does sometimes… who knew.. at any rate, for all of you hard- working power people out ther… definately go out and get yourself some instrumental cd’s… while at the end of the day, there might just be one type of music for you….. everyone should have some instrumental for inspiration!!!

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