Doing whats best for you and your business

In the long run of things, it’s so much easier to let go of a dream or passion due to the recent state of the economy and not succeeding in trying and trying again.  To me, my computer is like an instrument. So my dreams for it are endless. I use it for almost everything, so it makes me more driven everyday to make my dreams a physical collaboration of putting my thoughts into words and putting my words into actions. I am currently taking a class at Georgia State University that is teaching me different techniques on how to stay with the most current trends in online media. I go over all the time the thoughts that people are wanting, what they are needing from devices, their own personal businesses, and what they can make into their brand.  It isn’t easy creating a concept that is useful for the average person as we are all so very different in all aspects of our personalities. All very much reminiscent of playing a very intricate game of connect the dots, trying to make mental lists of “this demographic is attracted to these points ” and others completely different ones.

Appealing as so many worlds in so many lives are, for me, as an individual, as I follow all aspects of current events, I mesh it with my ability to show the shaded areas of others’ minds with the light of other interests they never knew that they had. It’s a great salepoint or point in a business persons life when they can realize that they are capable of such feats as changing someones views on a particular item or service.

On a very personal not, I used this structure plan for my recent diet. I believed as though I was doing nothing wrong with continually eating right and just not exercising, or vice versa. Serious re-programming of my already overflowing brain enabled me to unload the stresses in my life and make room to shed light on that exact shaded area. The answer and what I had known all along was persistence in taking care of my body by using the two simultaneously. It was so hard, everyday I would work out and be so famished afterwords and to eat better, it is a necessity that you cook all of your food from scratch,so I was over the stove for long parts of my days. Setting my stubborn ways aside, I hired a full-time trainer to let go of the feelings of knowing everything to get a leg up on my bodies previous mental state.

I see all clients have a dream for their business, something that they want to accomplish in their specific roles in their life. Often times by the time they have reached my consultation firm, they are already at the point where they are almost ready to throw in the towel.  The Key is finding the part of you inside that is motivated for a better you… this is so hard for some people it can be something that they are not ready to admit that they have happening. Through the last year I have had many days where I thought that there wasnt going to be a chance for me to do certain things I always wanted to achieve. The following days were filled with hopes, dreams, and accomplishments, as I decided to push forward and pull through utilizing every step I could to turn my life into everything it should have been a long time ago, and finally to anticipate what is going to transpire from now until the not so distant future.  So true for others as well. I sit here anticipating the goal of teaching so many others how to make their businesses true success and victory. In life, in accomplishment, and in overall Success.


Breathe in the gifts of Success, a Second Chance at Reinventing the Wheel

Today it is another movement forward into March of 2011, a few warmer days here in Atlanta have sprung ahead, the time change complete, and as always, my mind turns consistently. Its pouring rain here in the city, with the smell of chlorophyll lingering through the air as some daffodils try to show their faces amongst our random strips of yard outside the building. I’m on page 87 of editing pages for the literary council coming up soon, their review will ensure my certification to continue the processes with the Advertising firm. I have figured out through this whole writing block process that I am hopelessly addicted to Reese’s Peanut butter Cups and am now wondering if the taste solves all of life’s stresses with just one brief moment as I take another bite.
Most recently, I have been teaching myself some new collaborating ideas on how to design and manage some new web applications as part of the research I need to update and modernize my files and lessons on consultation. Its been a grueling trial and error process, but I am starting to feel more confident in the patterns all the time. I am also writing a new agenda for my next  freebie tutorial on YouTube. That can be found by simply googling Evelynsopen Mind or.. Evelyn’s WreathConnection YouTube Channel. As I am sitting here, I am saddened by my lack of space to create some new wreaths at the time, I have a feeling the website in time will be getting a serious update with all of the research I am conducting, this is good because the pictures take way way too much time to load. I am fully aware that this aspect causes my viewers to lose interest due to impatience, and I gotta say, I don’t blame them. Throughout the time that has passed since I was full-time blogging, I started working at a Jazz Cafe here in Atlanta known as Sambuca. I was able to listen to beautiful talented artists on a regular basis everyday, unfortunately in January, the owner decided to close his doors, leaving me and a staff of amazing employees Jobless at the donning of the new year. I was saddened, but relieved as I was looking for a fresh start anyway. This has allowed me to take the time out and get back in touch with my followers– home decor agents, Advertisers, Marketers, Promoters, designers… ect.
I have been dabbling in teaching myself how to speak Spanish after pondering a move to Florida and coming to the realization that being bilingual in this industry can take you a long long way. I’m hoping to use this year to travel some as well. As I have mentioned in previous posts I had been somewhat of a leech to my office, only leaving to get a refill on a cup of coffee. With all of the modern technologies available today, I am now able to bring my work with me wherever I go… and its a blessing as it is teaching me to think further outside of the box into a world of travel and adventure. I’m making a “Bucketlist” detailing all of the adventures I want to squeeze in, ones I couldn’t accomplish while being overweight or being in the relationship that I had been in for so long. I am excited, as the weather is turning, I find myself doing crazy things like just for fun… quoting prices on trips to Europe, going to different art festivals around the country, and maybe even throwing myself out there in front of some top executives with some of my world-changing ideas. I hope to one day really be on the tip of something spectacular whether intentional or not. I will be sure to update here daily, as I am as anxious as you are to see where the next path is going to lead me! Evelyn Kish is letting the sun shine in again!! Evelyn Kish

I have several of my PC windows open to keep updating in realtime whats happening in the news, the weather, entertainment, technolgy and publications from all over the world so that I can ensure that the new book will be full of useful information for small business owners, retailers and wholesale shops can benefit greatly from on a more of an encyclopedia scale format. Whats fantastic is that is has been so much fun playing around with all of the advantages of some of these new devices. I recently have discovered the convenience of a Smarphone. Honestly, I am still learning new things about it everyday, all the time. Spending extra time to sink my fingernails into what makes the developers who are making this product grow into such a phenominon tick. Its quite somple at times really, you can tell the lack of compassion when you open an app that simply just doesnt work. The ones that took thought, time, and show a real sense of convenience are the ones of mine that are sticking out thus far. I even found an app that can control the television if  I wanted it to! Im telling ya, there arent any limits to what you can be capable of, no boundaries when coming up with a new business idea, and I dont know if it is just me, but I have tons of ideas on todays convenient modernicities!!

As far as the weather, I am watching it to stay current on the trends in the atmosphere, we just recently got hit by a horrible Earthquake/Psunami in Japan, and possibly an unfortunate Nuclear scare… it helps to stay tunes as it makes a huge difference when you find yourself connected to the spectrum of the world. I am hopelessly addicted to Nancy Grace. My sisters  and I joke that we were all supposed to be some sort of forensic analyst at one point or another, so I guess you can say I believe in Justice, and take great emotion in the investigation of it all. Politics… its tricky… while I stand true in the “One Nation under God” belief system, I wish I could get deeper in without having to pinch myself out of slipping into REM sleep. I care about the world, yes, but I want to make a massive impact- not just be known as “the little voice from the peanut gallery”- In that realm, I have been looking into possibly eventually starting a non profit charity of some kind. Driving through downtown, there are so many people around that are homeless, look cold, hungry, and lost. I figure, when I help one of them, it makes me smile for days, so if I could help a whole bunch of them, I think it would be something that would make me feel as though living life to the fullest was more of a gift than a constant reminder to check another page off of the “todo” list.  I am also an entertainment junkie. As Specializing in demographical research and statistical data for my businesses and my book, it is wise for me to stay current on the promotion of others as it lifts me by enabling me to stay with the happenings of the artists, celebrites ect. that are making the side of the brain in everyones mine go “hmmmmm” – in my business, at the end of the day, if I can have clients thinking about my affect long after consultation.. than, its been a good day!!

So Much has changed….

Evelyn Kish The AdgirlGuru

125 lbs free

I sit here in Atlanta, a year and a half from the chaos that rocked my whole world in ways I could have never imagined. The Wreath Business is still active, on the back burner and I, Evelyn Kish am preparing to launch an online Advertising firm soon called Adgirlguru Consultations, a business designed to help the older demographic become more knowledgable of Social Media Spectrums and Advertisng their businesses for little to no cost through online Media. I am one now… fighting to become a name for myself, and growing the ventures I utilize everyday. Refusing to back down, I am pushing forth with a new book entitled ” The Ladder is never too High” and marketing Press releases all over the internet. Still Dabling in the Spiritual aspect of my products from The WreathConnection.Com… I am and have been bettering myself with new adventures for the longevity of my successes. A Social Tornado touched upon the surface since my last blog post, and I wanted to ensure all my readers that I have not Disappeared… I am diligently trying to modernize my breaking the mold system… emotionally, physically, and productively. This is my year to think outside of every box imaginable, allow myself to dream, and make myself a safe home base for anyone else who would like to do the same for themselves. Warm weather is upon us shortly here in Atlanta, and I take advantage of this by bettering myself through business management classes at Georgia State, excersize, and lessons on how to build up mental strength… I have lost 125 lbs through the time that has lapst since my last posting, and am the best person/ businesswoman I can be right now. Designing a new dream board, as re- configuring dreams for the businesses and my own well being. Now… I make dreams my reality, and taking every necessary step to do so. Thank You Followers for standing by…

Calling All Floridians from

I will be hosting a seminar in December on vamping up your sales for your businesses over the internet! Please join me by submitting an interest at! I will be covering- Twitter, WordPress, social networking groups, Picnik,Picasa, Microsoft Works (all apps), Internet vocab, lingo, Myspace, facebook,, Linked in, Blogger, clixsense, and so much more! Drinks and food will be provided, and any inquiries will be answered promptly once we retain the dtails of the event! Hope to see you there!

You know you want one

Right now- free centerpiece with order please visit

Tips from TheWreathConnection to Add Traffic to your Blog or Website

So does this site really pay?

I was watching famed money expert Clark Howard the other day and I heard a guest call in and ask about all of these online, work from home scams they have been throwing around since the economy crashed… I was listening when he said they were all just a get rich quick scheme and not to listen. As you know I am the owner of The Wreath Connection.Com and am always looking for new, fun and innovative ways to promote my site. I started watching editorials on youtube about affiliate programs and got connected to a site involving “residual income” from the sites you click on. Now I had been down this road before with a different company and I am not going to lie when I say it was tedious, and time consuming, and for this particular one ( which I wont mention their name) didnt really show me any proof of any help thrown my way at all. After all the time wasted, I had decided to let the “get rich quick” idea go on the back burner. During todays webinar on Youtube I was fascinated by this wonderful woman who has been making residuals off of her website for years and she gave some reccomendations. The one I decided to try was called “ClixSense.Com.” Now, a skeptic from the get go, I made sure the website said it was a secure site, and I knew from previous experience that I was going to be twiddling my thumbs through a course of tedious websites. However, although the tenacity proves itself to be true- I was shocked to see I was in fact earning 1 cent for each site viewed! As I sit there , I think to myself …ok, big deal 60 cents an hour, I really am amking internet history over here…lol… then, I read on about the reccomendations graph on one of the tabs nearby, and you really do get paid upon residuals, free to sign up- so- if your a small business owner like myself, and your looking to get seen, or your looking to make a couple bucks in your downtime… check out clixSense.Com and tell them Evelyn Kish sent you … Username WreathConnections… I want to see how fruitful this idea can be for all of us.. at least get a pack of gum out of it, right??? (:

Welcome to Wappinger Falls, NY

Continuing our family visiting, we are spending our very last night in Wappinger Falls New York. As the Countryside is beautiful, and mountains shine fresh green amonsgst the sunshine, I finished my presentation finally for the wedding expo last month, and it turned out wonderful. The baptism was wonderful as little Angelina is now officially Baptized Catholic. I was able to spend some quality time with my boyfriends family, and extended- Tomorrow, its back to Brooklyn for the official last day of our trip- Its all gone by so quickly here. We didnt get to see Central Park this trip, but he promises that next time will be our oppurtunity to have our picnic!! Little Alex is as cute as ever earning his promotion on his Karate team, and building an an amazing Rollercoaster with Connex. I think thats how its spelled.   At any rate, back to the city tomorrow, then back off to Naples, for the excitement of my step daughters arrival Tuesday!!  Summer is always soo crazy!!!

Little Angelina Rose Had Her Baptism Sunday

Little Angelina Rose Had Her Baptism Sunday

A Fantastic Ambiance at Il Bariaotto

A Fantastic Ambiance at Il Bariaotto

Start Spreadin the News!!

I have safely arrived in New York, to the 59 degree temps, and cloudy, rainy weather. Perfect for the kind of day we were looking for. While trucking this morning on a mere 2 1/2 hours of sleep, Eddie and I fell into the crisp temperatures by warm blankets and a solid nap. Waking up to a great action movie, complemented with some fantastic Chinese food. I am still in those blankets, maintaining comfort while reaching out to the followers and checking status on the business.  While there may be action with me not out the shipment center, I have someone at home in Florida, awaiting order confirmations to be able to still send those precious wreaths that are every ones favorite to enjoy. We miss our dog already though, as she will probably be more spoiled than ever while we are away. Not sure if it is the food, or the thin mountain air, but I didn’t realize that I was so tired! I have been devoting every waking moment of time that I am awake to making the business better, more convenient to use for our clients. The wreaths more potent with more diagnosis, stronger potency, and specific attention to detail. All while managing the blog, the website, press releases, Emails, Orders, Invoices… and not to mention, wedding events, holidays and other get togethers… I can’t wait to get an assistant to take care of some of the workload, I just have to get over the perfectionist attitude so that it doesn’t burn me out. I Love every minute of it all though– that’s another part of the issue I guess. LOL. I spend at night thinking of how I can make things better as soon as I wake up in the morning, and I don’t dare go to sleep without something essential that I might forget not being recognized. Crazy, huh? At any rate, after this day of relaxation, We are off to Toys R Us to pick up a gift for Baby Angelina- Im pretty excited– I Love shopping for the lil tots!! My precious nieces and nephews remind me of how blessed I am, its a real naturalistic joy to be able to spent any time with them ever!

A letter to you

Apparently when active in the blogging world, consistency is the best policy for traffic purposes. And, I have noticed since making blogging a big part of my life as well as my business, that everyone is interested in the traffic aspect as well. I often times wonder if I would have been one of the first to discover the magic of wordpress, if there is such a thing as a blogging pro. I am currently trying to crack the codes of youtube and twitter, but it has been a slower process than one expected. I spend more time on my computer than I do making the wreaths themselves. A plus and I minus in the job field, as it is tedious, but tends to break up the monotony. I also have to spend time researching the solicitation laws in the area, to make sure that none of my person to person transactions for my business are illegal in any way. Blogging has required me to take more pictures than usual to let viewers and followers into my everyday livlihood. Interesting, expecially in the heart of a worldwide recession. I have so much to say, on so many different levels. I just incorporated a new commercial for you tube that turned out great, I just cant figure out how to grow my contact list for the Youtube account, which has proven to be quite frustrating. Computer work is useful, expecially here in Florida, being that it is almost the beginning of June, the sun is hot, and business onloine, and blogging helps to stay cool underneath the fans in comfort, for the most part. However, the office is in lack of one major artifact… an air conditioner. Due to the suppies and aromas, refreshers, ect. My office is conveniently located in the garage. As I am a mountain girl, trying to still get used to Florida after all these years… the unusual Floridian wildlife is somewhat threatening still. Geckos still startle me, and they are all over the place here. Expecially in the scortching heat such as what today os offering, as much as they like the sun- them, like all of us appreciate the shade, and for them, it unfortunate, but its in my office. (:. With Piping cup of coffee to my right and lilac scented candles filling the house, I am as content as ever researching today on how to make my business better. I have become somewhat addicted to twitter updates, as they are constantly keeping me informed of what is going on in the world, as importantly as what is going on with real people… which I love. In college, my professor once told me that what I was about to lear, would change the ways that I see media for the rest of my life… it sure did. I realize more and more since I got out of college, the way media makes things look for their bottom line, as opposed to what message is really out there in the real world. Fascinating to uncover all media mysteries, finding out what real people, unedited, think about the world and its tribulations during times of stress. I have been trying to post as many articles as I can throughout the most recent weeks, as I am so proud of my creations. I have been recieving shipments in the mail over the last couple of days that are going to enable me to promote my achievements, which is truly uplifting.   I have so many ideas pouring out all of the time, it is important not to be too cheesy or tacky with the themes, as they are meant to be beyond expectaion, and different than the run of the mill products. The You Tube Videos have proved an exciting experience for me, as different takes create a different vibe upon review. I have been navigating the internet more fluently to see to it that they are viewed by the right people. Some of the videos are of me- trying to update candidly on whats going on with the business, and some are illustrated mini movies (commercials) in which I created from an application here on my computer. Copyright laws have been a small speed bump in the road at times, it helps that I love to research, and am able to be more confident about my postings- while no one is perfect, I take my chances and have learned through trial and error. Im off to Facebook for awhile= I will leave the video for my readers to check out- Let me know what you think-

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Increase traffic

I am always searching for new and fabulous ways to get the word out on the businesses that are going to change some of the faces of tomorrow in which, in a world that sprts many different sides, this is a feat, expecially in the online internet world. They say that bloggers go through good times, and then some really bad ones, but, I figure there has just got to be a way that people will find interest in my life, and being a person with a dream to make her company newsworthy. I found a helper for other sites as well as my own, no promises, but this is a sure start. Please Visit my site at and for help adding traffic to yours go to and tell Cheru I said Hello from The Wreath Connection!!

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Potpourri used for Saving money on healthcare?

Interesting concept here, as it seems as though healthcare is consistently on the rise, and vouchers are comming less and less common. Interesting research being done as  well, as the effects of aromatherapy can actually be the new wave in the future of preventional healthcare.  Many people take vitamins everyday to soothe certain ailments because of their health concerns in mixing medications, their skin, relaxation, or even cleaning out toxins and such. In development of refresher oils, we are researching the impacts of these aromas on the stamina, growth, and well being of individuals as well as their family members. An experiment tested recently suggests that homes  infused with inviting aromatheraputic scents lead healthier, more stress free lives. Is the wave of the future filled with aromatherapies in preventional medicine??

Do you trust American Idol Results?

We are avid fans here at The Wreath Connection for American Idol. As we were as shocked as the whole nation when the results were revealed, we were almost greatful that the dark horse had taken the gold. As watchers of the show know, Adam Lambert was the highly publicised winner hopeful from the very beginning, all the way down to the last few episodes when Katy Perry decided to wear his name on the back of here cape during her performance… what was up with that? Those other contestants must have fealt snubbed. While I think that Adam Lambert has an great voice, and has done things in ways I could never imagine… You have to  wonder if in a boardroom somewhere, if Simon Cowell and his lead execs for the idol show arent configuring these ways to catch more ratings, while earning their sponsor AT&T more money. More people calling into a vote that has already been secretly decided?? An interesting thought on the ideals here are when the judges are critiquing… is it a setup?, are they swaying Americans to  favor some contestants more than others for shock value??


Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!

My boyfriend got me roses this week for my birthday and to celebrate the continued success of my business The WreathConnection.Com.

My Birthday… The Pics

These are some pictures I would like to share with all of you of pictures from when my boyfriend and I went to the zoo on my birthday… I took the day off untill the evening for the business… Enjoy…

I wish you all could have been there–

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Thanks for the responses

You all have been too kind in advice giving and direction for me, the business, and its online prescence, as well as marketing information. Thank You all so very much!

Attention Business Owners and The Savvy…

Please note my two previous posts as I am in need of a lil advice to take my business to the next level. I have hundreds of pages of information in front of me that I am eager to share and yet am unsure of the best cost effective ways to get the name out there… Please tell me… what have you used? What are your strategies? How would you promote your skills if you were me? Check out the site… Everything you see, all the way down to the punctuations and song choices on the site are from myself, and soon I have promotional  items such as magnets, pens, and t shirts arriving in the mail. I have also looked into direct mailing, and several social networking sites.. is there something that I am forgetting??

How about a site where I can get the most brochures printed for less?

I am opening my horizens here at the business, and it seems as though I cannot find high quality brochures online that I can make for cheap in bulk. I am almost persuaded to print them myself in Flyer form at this point, however, I want to keep it classy as this business is my dream and representation of myself. Any ideas??

Locating good companies is all about the people who use them. Search results are limited to those who had the most money to spend based on pay per click advertising.

The In and Outs of internet Marketing

So this is for sure.. your search optimization techniques are key. If you put in the wrong coded information such as keywords to mark their density, you will  not recieve the desired results. As an E commerce company, we have established the correct information to get our name out there effectively without breaking the bank, This helps a lot in a troubled economy. Establishing a great network is also important because at the end of the day., there isn;t a stronger advertising than word of mouth.  The outs… unfortunately your keyword is the beginning of the end for some. If you choose one that is entirely too common than everything but your site will come up in a search. YOU want to be noticed. YOU want to achieve the highest success as possible with your passions in life.  Another important rule… some people go through internet phases in which they surf every night for a loong time, and when they find other articles that catch their attention, they are off searching other things.  You want your readers to stay connected to you and become as much of your everyday as you are those. Take the time, respond to everyine that is commenting your blog or your website. Become their friend and make refrences to others that can help them as much as possible. Internet marketing is a field in which you want to never forget anyones name or where they come from, because you never know when you will be in contact with them again. It works in a tit for tat scenario an Ill scratch your back if you scratch mine type of deal. It always helps to have notable resources around to be able to seek advice from those who have the best resources to help you and others with their strategies. Good Luck to you all and stay tuned for more tips on how to make your e commerce business a success!!!

20 Ways to Live your best life

  1. Live everyday as if it were your last
  2. Do for others as they do for you
  3. Never take the things you DO have for granted
  4. Appreciate the little things
  5. Sing
  6. Dance
  7. Treat yourself as your most prized possession
  8. Climb the ladder
  9. Laugh
  10. realize strenghts from weakness
  11. Take yourself out more
  12. Dream big
  13. Learn as much as u can
  14. Never take a backseat unless its your turn
  15. Live sparing, but never go without
  16. Love the one your with
  17. Resist  temptations
  18. Hug A lot
  19. Shake hands firmly
  20. Look others right in the eyes
  21. Hidden tip: Visit the Wreathconnection site often (:
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The Answer to Everything…

As the winter is near its end, and the spring buds are starting to show up through the ground, The Wreath Connection is Loving the pretty weather and enjoying the laughter of people being able to complete their daily chores and run all their errands that they are used to, now the weather is wet, but it does not effect the moods of people just happy to see that the snow is melting. We had taken a few days off to spend time in the workshop,  come up with some new and exciting ideas for the furure of our ce3nterpieces and customized aromatheraputic wreaths.  As the rain and melting snow dropped on the rooftops today, we were able to take some pieces of brush from the outside and paint them some different colors to make them perfect in existance with some the wreaths that have been suggested- as well of some of the ones we have had in mind for some time now. The sketches are in… the emails have been rolling in… and the wreaths are changing people lives everyday!  Getting letters on what people think and different strategies to go on as to how their design can help people even more!  The business is smelling fantastic after the new line was debuted!! At any rate, check out the site… and leave us a comment below… how is the weather affecting your plans?  How is your life going these days? Have any ideas for the wreathconnection? Add us to your myspace… wreath connection  last name …. connection I hope you all love the site… we added frames!!!

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Whats in it for me??

A simple curiousity crosses a consumers mind when shopping for anything… you think, “why should I buy groceries”, “whats in it for me”? You ask ” Why should I go out tonight, again” Whats in it for me”?? Or… you EVEN ask… “why should I buy this outfit I have been staring at ALL week”? “What is in it for me”? 

The whole truth of the matter is, people get a huge mixed up feeling of what they want as opposed to what they NEED. Now, in my days of observation, it is in my personal opinion, that the rules have changed some since the rules were made as far as needing food, or a roof over my head. While that is all very much priority of importance, its always a “Give in”– So The question here is… What standards are next to apply?

Many businesses are pre- empted to tell you ANYTHING that you want to hear to make you think that what they have cannot possibly live without. The Wreath Connection knows that line, and we aren’t firing it… We have examined out craft, and have thought through its health benefits, beauty of themes, and positive effect on an atmosphere. Being of avid news and social media culture, we have also delved into the witnessing of others’ products that get “pushed aside” or simply do not last as long as one promised. We are confident in a media generation full of educated, literal, analytical minds that are trying to spend each dollar that they have as wisely as they can, that if they want to beauty, if they want the health benefits of one of these decorative breakthroughs that are changing the generations to one with a more “AWARE” consumer, then automatically, they will know that what we offer IS something that they NEED. (:

Please Visit

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As most of you already know,  most of our wreaths here at The Wreath Connection are created on a bed of Fresh Eucalyptus plant. Now, most of you know its pretty, but there are startling health benefits of eucalyptus and its essential oils as well. While our wreaths are very beautiful to look at, they are also a way of surrounding loved ones with positive chemicals that not only enlighten, but strengthen the immune system.

Eucalyptus is native to Australia, but today can be found growing in subtropical regions worldwide. One of the first recorded medicinal uses of Eucalyptus was by the Australian aborigines, who not only extracted valuable water from its roots, but used its leaves to relieve fevers. It has been reported that early Australian developers were able to successfully treat and cure fever using Eucalyptus leaves.

Eucalyptus is sold as both a supplement and is an ingredient in over-the-counter products. Eucalyptus supplements have been promoted for cough/bronchitis and rheumatism. Eucalyptus as an ingredient in over-the-counter drugs is used for temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and for temporary relief of nasal congestion and coughs associated with a cold.

The medicinal properties of Eucalyptus reside in its oil, which is extracted from the fresh leaves and branch tips, as well as dried leaves. Eucalyptus leaf (Eucalypti folium) is an approved remedy of the German Government’s Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (Commission E) for catarrhs of the respiratory tract. Eucalyptus oil (Eucalypti aetheroleum) is approved for internal and external catarrhs of the respiratory tract and externally for rheumatic complaints. Approval by Commission E should not be considered the equivalent of FDA approval. The FDA has a much higher standard and requires the establishment of absolute certainty of safety and efficacy of any product intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease and demands that such products be classified as a drug.

Health Benefits of Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus supplements are derived from the fresh leaves and branch tips as well as the dried leaves of the tree known as Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus fructicetorum, and Eucalyptus smithii. The primary active constituent in eucalyptus leaves is the volatile oil euclyptol. For eucalyptus to provide an effective expectorant and antiseptic action, the volatile oil should contain at least 70 eucalyptol. Eucalyptus oil has been compared to menthol because it acts on receptors in the nasal mucosa, which help to alleviate nasal congestion.

As you read above, you will notice that a simple plant used in something as simple as a wreath can make such a huge difference in someones home. And not only will people notice the difference in their mood by having it around, but it will create awareness for those of the unknown– They will probably know where yours came from if not be in a hurry to pick up one for themself. As the creater of these wreaths and being surrounded by them at a constant, I must testify to all of our readers that I have never fealt so health, happy, energetic, and stress free at my home in all my life. You all have to add this wreath to your home decor!!!

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Todays Added Peanut Recall Companies

List of Company Recalls

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Eager to make dreams come true??

Here are three tips that I find very useful in making dreams come tru. As true as to the actions of well-being becomming the future of comfortable stress- free existance.

You may be asking, “How does one make their dreams come true?” There are three elements:

bullet First – We must have a dream that motivates us. No one has ever achieved anything without a dream attached to a burning desire.
bullet Second – We must learn how-to-learn. In school, we learn how to memorize or be taught. Learning how to learn frees our dependency on others for knowledge.
bullet Third – We must learn from failure and learn how to bounce back from failure. No one ever succeed without failure. In the classroom, failure is a no-no.


I had never been good at Constructive criticism in the past, I had always taken it personal and not be able to rest or move forward in denial of the acceptance of good advice.

Now that I have grown older,  I realize that constructive criticism is the bridge that leads the way to new and beautiful oppurtunities! I have stopped to listen to the comments, the feedback, the suggestions, and almost everyone has helped me in my journey. Expecially when you consistenlt surround yourself  with people that represent a person that can educate you on how to achieve a higher standard of happiness and achievement in establishing your dreams. Please check out my website at

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The Secrets to Success

5 Tips that I am following Everyday


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Much has been written about success.  You will find many differing opinions on not only how to achieve success, but even on what success is.  For some people success is financial bliss.  For others, it is freedom.  Yet others find success in health, family and friends.

Some say that success is just luck.  “Luck?  Nonsense. The harder I work, the luckier I get” said multi-millionaire Ralph Engelstad.  Hard work?  Forget about that!  Success is about laziness, says The Lazy Way to Success.  So who is right?

Can we distill all the success literature into 5 simple pieces of advice that all the “success experts” can agree upon?  I think you will find the Top 5 list below in all but the most radical personal development and success thinking out there:

1. Do What You Love

It is hard to argue with this one.  Have you ever found anyone that is successful doing something they hate?  I guess you can take the definition of success to any extreme, but I have a hard time accepting that anyone living in misery doing something they hate can be called successful.  Naturally, doing what you love gets you the motivation and the excitement required to achieve success.  In fact, for many, doing what you love is success in and of itself.

2. Perfect Your Game

If your definition of success is being great at something, then studies have shown that the secret to success is to practice to perfect your game.  These studies even argue that natural talent is irrelevant, and that it is all about the practice.  Regarless of which side of the nature versus nurture argument you simpathyse with, most people will agree that in order to be successful you have to perfect your game.

3. Be Unique

It is hard to imagine a clone being a symbol of success.  Success is about bringing your own unique ways to the world, adding diversity and value.  Most experts will agree that if you want to be successful you have to find you niche, you have to find ways to leverage your own unique gifts.  Success, even in its very definition, is about your own unique perspective in our vast universe.

4. Believe in Yourself

I am yet to find a successful person that does not believe in himself.  If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?   Studies have shown that success is influenced by your mindset.  Successful people believe that they can get better through their own efforts.  If you want to be successful, start believing in yourself.

5. Never Give Up

Last but not least, every success guru will tell you that you must never give up.  To be successful you must persist through failures, criticisms, rejections, and all the other negative things in life.  You must have heard the old cliché that success is a journey, not a destination.  In the success journey, the only time you can say for sure that you are not a success is when you give up on the journey.

Martha Stewart… Love her???

Its crazy how you start looking into people that you never would give a second glance too when you start a business like this one. People that got their starts form cooking like Rachel Ray or cleaning like Martha Stewart have created such success in an empire that they love in a prosperous industry. Throw a lil bit of Oprah in there, and you have something like me. I love my friends and family and find it so theraputic to cook, clean, and become a successful business woman. 

To me, most of the things that Martha and Rachel do are easy. I enjoy whipping up a dinner for a large group of people. I enjoy crafting, of course, but at the same time- I enjoy the luxuries of a good life. After I got out of college in the study of marketing and advertising, I was astonished at how it really is “a basic concept” of being seen and heard by the right people at the right times. How do you feel about Martha, Rachel, and Oprah???

I , Like all of them enjoy reading in my spare time, I am hugely inviting to reading all kinds of books about the world and studies done on how to achieve higher learning and how to find those people who want to see something interesting, want to hear something different for a change, and have the time to take it all in and use it for the successes of our future.

The Tease….


These and many more at

I am sooo relieved

I cannot express to all of you enough how relieved I am to finally be able to show you all the new line that I have been working on for days. Many long, cold nights have been involved in researching these ideas in preparation of finding what people want, what people need, what people like. I have promised the whole time to take you all with me on this journey of miraculous uplifting creations, and I am certainly following through with my promises!! Last night, after tweeking some of the products on my etsy website… I decided that it was time to post the new line. I have a lot more ideas up my sleeve and I cant wait to share them with you either, however, I was just simple biting at the bit to let you in on these beautiful items that I am soooo proud of!!! I believe that this collection is really going to go fast because as I have been describing it to the followers the last couple of days, I had followed some ideas and some exciting new ways of showing the wreaths, and I was so thankful that I turned every bit of great critisizm as an opputunity for a motivational, positive experience. The time that I spent on each and every piece of this new line is defenitely obvious in their prestine detail and tailor. If you like what you see in the new line posted today, ohhh just wait… whats ahead for The Wreath Connection just gets better and better. I have made so many great friends through the wordpress, that I have decided to drop shipping all together, and many of you mentioned differet designs that you had enjoyed, so I made extra, and they are now in clearance!!!  Although clearance items will only be available during certain times… I trust that my fans will be there every time to see whats good (:

These new wreaths are such masterful keepsakes…..uh, I am so proud!!!  And new this line are the Potpourri Centerpieces scented with aromatherapy of course as the wreaths so that they continue to be a healthy part of your environment as well as an focal point in your favorite room!! WIN WIN…. Healthy and easy on the eyes….

Dont forget to check out the new line…. I am so excited to show it to you….

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Let me know what you think!!!

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