Intricate Potpourri Dreams

Today I have made a list. Thanks to all of you who have replied generously to my forums you have all served as teachers of inspiration for me and my business! I have gone through in my breaks from designing to pull apart comments and write down suggestions from people that have sent me special advice in how to use and publicize my growing company. This list is of theme ideas I am going to incorporate into my most recent collection. I have heard everything from Autumn themed wreaths to Soldier Honored themed wreaths done in yellow and flag for those families who would like to outpour their pride for the U.S.!  As this weather will hopefully break soon, I have some ideas to incorporate scented Memory wreaths as well, done with small frames around the outlook to show a families unity and blessings throughout their home. As those of you who have seen my work, you know that it is both classy and recognizable as to my signature potpourri design style. If you have any additional ideas for my list, please share them, as I am concentrating very hard every day in pleasing the following of guests as to drawing in new ones everyday!! Thank you again for all of your positive feedback, as it as assured me everyday that the specialty put into these is worth it all in the end!!


Praying for Lots of Visitors today!!!

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