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Daydreaming of Florida

As most of you know, our business originated in Florida. We have been living in Pennsylvania for some time know and the cold just gets to us at times. In our town down south, everything is a stonesthrow a way Wal Mart is across the street, 4 gas stations on the block, post office nearby, warm ocean on white sandy beach 5 minutes away, pool across the street open all year long, and balconies overlooking endless palm trees in continually 70 degree weather and that is at the lowest degree at any given time of the year. We miss sittin out on the porch with our coffee in the morning where as here in beautiful PA its a whole different  sort of appreciation for the great outdoors. While this is one of the smallest towns in Western PA, the beauty over the mountaintops at all times of the year our fascinating, the businesses are all about or at least a half an hour away, but its safer here… because of that. Our dog and boyfriend are watching the house down south as it is soon to be empty when we reconviene later this season to unite and move to The Big Apple, another city in which I don;t know what to wxpect, however, realize that I have to learn to appreciate this cold that I had grown up with yet forgotten about, over the last couple decades. The great thing about The NYC move is that no matter which wau you slice it, it is goig to be incredible for business, and that excites us. Come visit the site, let us know what you think… the address is— We are looking forward to being a lil bit of country in the big city-

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While we are trying to make new friends everyday, and findout what they think about our wreaths and our concepts, we are also trying to read others’ blogs and educate ourselves on blogs from around the world reguardless of their content. Please Leave a Comment below, add us to your blogroll, write a positive post about us- let us know… we can’t wait to hear from all of you!!!

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Eager to make dreams come true??

Here are three tips that I find very useful in making dreams come tru. As true as to the actions of well-being becomming the future of comfortable stress- free existance.

You may be asking, “How does one make their dreams come true?” There are three elements:

bullet First – We must have a dream that motivates us. No one has ever achieved anything without a dream attached to a burning desire.
bullet Second – We must learn how-to-learn. In school, we learn how to memorize or be taught. Learning how to learn frees our dependency on others for knowledge.
bullet Third – We must learn from failure and learn how to bounce back from failure. No one ever succeed without failure. In the classroom, failure is a no-no.


I had never been good at Constructive criticism in the past, I had always taken it personal and not be able to rest or move forward in denial of the acceptance of good advice.

Now that I have grown older,  I realize that constructive criticism is the bridge that leads the way to new and beautiful oppurtunities! I have stopped to listen to the comments, the feedback, the suggestions, and almost everyone has helped me in my journey. Expecially when you consistenlt surround yourself  with people that represent a person that can educate you on how to achieve a higher standard of happiness and achievement in establishing your dreams. Please check out my website at

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The Beauty of Fireworks and Lightning

It is always so interesting to think about and intake the capacity of the human mind. You know, the amazement of something so beautiful and powerful such as a firework. Simple really, just an arrangement of colors to stimulate the unknown of danger, and heat, along with the wonder of colors and shapes along with a sound that motivates the adrenaline causing oohs and ahhs around a crowd. Is it the side of the brain suggested that we never use that actually feels the emotions that something so beautiful can create?
Sometimes lightning frightens people, while other times, storm chasers yearn for it, as a thrill to seek bolts of electricity soaring across an open sky. Again, you feel the thrill of fright as most of us are concerned about safety, the others of us just want to stare out the windows, or curl up and listen to it thunder out and occasional flashes spark peaceful relaxation.

I try to keep the simpler things in mind when I am working in the workshop. Although there is no element of fear in any of the work I do, of course, I am consistently captivated in the on line research that I do about the power of something so simple as colors to the eyes, scents to the nose over the body, an all around will to have a better life, and understanding of fate and all that is natural. I am trying to form a mold of what this business means to me by exemplifying the feelings, emotions, and uniqueness as a reflection of what I see in others. When every individual wreath is complete… I stand back, I look at it, does it give me the oohs and ahhs? Does it relax me like a thunderstorm? Do I find comfort in its aesthetics or its aroma? When the answer to these questions for me is “Yes” at the moments of finalizing each wreath, that’s when I know that it has been a satisfying experience enough for me to share it with others, to give them a symbol in return… a product made with love. A product as captivating as…. Lets say… Fireworks and Lightning! Stay tuned for the new line out in days… and, comment on the blog below!! I Love reading your comments!! Please visit me at!!

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We are in the final days of our 25% off sale, and these beautiful wreaths are selling out fast!! New line is being unveiled ANY DAY NOW!!!

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At Home with “The Wreath Connection”

Here at home, we are making a wonderful feast this afternoon. Our Italian family loves the ritual of making our famous spaghetti, along with our homeade meat sauce and Garlic bread. Woke up today and watched the Groundhog day celebration… a favorite here in the household, as Punxsutawny is my freshman year Alma Mater and every year there is always six more weeks of winter. Funny, because in Florida, they have never even heard of Groundhog day with the exception of the Bill Murray movie, and I dont even think that was filmed in Punxsy, probably at some high tech studio in California somewhere. We are still patiently awaiting that curious package to come in the mail with the last of our supply goods for the new line. The build up is more than anything right now, there is so much that I want to do! I am checking on the progress of the showcase we are featured in today on, and trying to build a stronger friend list for myspace. Did anyone see the Etrade Commercial last night with the two babies?? OMG, we are still cracking up- those commercials are hilarious! That one was probably my favorite for the evening, and as you have heard in previous posts, my hunny’s the STEELERS won their 6th Superbowl victory last night, which was a loud, crazy and fun celebration for everyone throughout the night! Thanks for following.. Please Visit or add me as a friend to your myspace at The Wreath Connection last name… Connection!!

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Wreath Connection is ready for today!

Make sure you all stop by for the latest goods here in the showcase before the big revealing of the new line. We are dreaming big from this new line, and with part of the proceeds, we have decided to design some new t- shirts to put up for sale post circulation… to give us long enough to measure the volume of sales! So remember to stop by and give us a shout out!! They are all posted at the 25% off price!!

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