A New Time… an Old place

Back in January, I had decided to write a “2011 Bucketlist” … it served as kind of an ongoing New Years resolution to help me to get to know myself better. It included things that were somewhat rare, somewhat normal, all the way to doing things I had been afraid to do previous and finding the confidence. Ultimately, it was about setting specific goals and reaching them– and here we are, 6 months in. Right on point, I have accomplished Half… yes, I put Blonde in my hair- i dolphin dived in the Atlantic and the Gulf in one day, I survived in the male workforce as a car salesman/woman… and finally, I find myself back at home, where my heart is, Naples, Florida.

I always knew deep down that I would end up coming back here. Atlanta although beautiful and bustling I found it  hard to leave some things in my past behind there. If I could make the trip back to the ocean, where I felt whole again I knew it would put me back in the shadow that I had been trying to chase and be a fit to move forward. So far, here, its been a lonely couple of days…. but exciting. I moved into a beautiful home- Palm trees hitting my window, waking me up every morning. I wake up, press the red button on my coffee pot, and to the drawing board I go on this spacious lanai overlooking a yard that accentuates the greenest grass I have ever seen- serving home to fruit trees of all kinds, at which point of course- I throw out a stick for my dog to fetch.  It took me (is taking me) a couple days to settle in. My car was completely full, and I have yet to reach the trunk yet.  Using my time wisely, I am designing Wreath graphs, scents, menus, color schemes and ideas for when I open a shop in the fall, and of course, lesson plans for Adgirlguru, which some of you know, is my advertising and consultation database. When those ideas die down slowly throughout the day, in between settling in, I have been writing chapters for my new book in which the title remains unknown and scripts for educational dvd release in the fall as well. When everything crumbled in my life a year and a half ago, everyone would take me to the side at different points, and they would ask me… ” What you need is to get to know yourself within”– True advice ranging from the sources of true friends all the way down to people in the restaurant business I hardly even knew. I was physically in need of some kind of advice/guidance strictly amongst my appearance alone. I would sit back often times and wonder to myself  ” How does one get to know oneself better?” I figured, I am with myself everyday… how could I ever know the answer to anything unless life put me in a situation to have to answer immediately to my own concerns?

Last week around this time, I set out on the very first vacation ever by myself, one that i knew I was never to return from- one to enlighten me and put me so much closer to accomplishing those other 50 things on that list of fears I was willing to take on. I went to Tallahassee- and spent time with the only daughter I have ever known thus far, and her beautiful son, and boyfriend, I went to Orlando from there, and was blessed enough to, after 30 years experience 4 parks that make up the most magical place on earth… Disney World- I took the Journey to Ft. Lauderdale where I swam with the dolphins, the manatees, and then- my final destination- Back home to Naples- a lush, somewhat tropical land, full of great friends and beauty- a land where my ideas run freely and wild, well beyond some of my greatest expectations!

I am anticipating what the fall is to bring for me. I am entering into this chapter of my life as a single, independent woman that is looking to find the answers to lifes untapped successes. People tell me that the thirties will be the best years of my life… I have decided that getting to know myself is in knowing exactly how to make my own luck, and to making that happen.

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Doing whats best for you and your business

In the long run of things, it’s so much easier to let go of a dream or passion due to the recent state of the economy and not succeeding in trying and trying again.  To me, my computer is like an instrument. So my dreams for it are endless. I use it for almost everything, so it makes me more driven everyday to make my dreams a physical collaboration of putting my thoughts into words and putting my words into actions. I am currently taking a class at Georgia State University that is teaching me different techniques on how to stay with the most current trends in online media. I go over all the time the thoughts that people are wanting, what they are needing from devices, their own personal businesses, and what they can make into their brand.  It isn’t easy creating a concept that is useful for the average person as we are all so very different in all aspects of our personalities. All very much reminiscent of playing a very intricate game of connect the dots, trying to make mental lists of “this demographic is attracted to these points ” and others completely different ones.

Appealing as so many worlds in so many lives are, for me, as an individual, as I follow all aspects of current events, I mesh it with my ability to show the shaded areas of others’ minds with the light of other interests they never knew that they had. It’s a great salepoint or point in a business persons life when they can realize that they are capable of such feats as changing someones views on a particular item or service.

On a very personal not, I used this structure plan for my recent diet. I believed as though I was doing nothing wrong with continually eating right and just not exercising, or vice versa. Serious re-programming of my already overflowing brain enabled me to unload the stresses in my life and make room to shed light on that exact shaded area. The answer and what I had known all along was persistence in taking care of my body by using the two simultaneously. It was so hard, everyday I would work out and be so famished afterwords and to eat better, it is a necessity that you cook all of your food from scratch,so I was over the stove for long parts of my days. Setting my stubborn ways aside, I hired a full-time trainer to let go of the feelings of knowing everything to get a leg up on my bodies previous mental state.

I see all clients have a dream for their business, something that they want to accomplish in their specific roles in their life. Often times by the time they have reached my consultation firm, they are already at the point where they are almost ready to throw in the towel.  The Key is finding the part of you inside that is motivated for a better you… this is so hard for some people it can be something that they are not ready to admit that they have happening. Through the last year I have had many days where I thought that there wasnt going to be a chance for me to do certain things I always wanted to achieve. The following days were filled with hopes, dreams, and accomplishments, as I decided to push forward and pull through utilizing every step I could to turn my life into everything it should have been a long time ago, and finally to anticipate what is going to transpire from now until the not so distant future.  So true for others as well. I sit here anticipating the goal of teaching so many others how to make their businesses true success and victory. In life, in accomplishment, and in overall Success.

Tips for Getting Married on a tight Budget

My friends over at http://www.libbyjames.wordpress.com/ are excellent with planning a wedding on a budget! They have found inexpensive ways to looks like your wedding was worth millions, while only spending a fraction of the price! Some of their illustrations, Narration, and “How to” ideas really knock creativity out of the ballpark, showing examples that turn out even better than they would look while costing you and your mate an absolute fortune!! This money is saved cash that can be used to take you and your honey on the honeymoon of your dreams! I have been following the blog for some time now, and have found ways to decorate the car, saving renting a luxury vehicle… all the way to stamping the date at the bottom of the bridesmaids heels to create a rememberance for them of your special day!
Intricate details in the photographs used help to get you excited about trying the ideas that are illustrated, and different plugs for different local artists are included to use as a referance- this come to be very useful in living your dreams out loud on a day you have waited your whole life for. Again, that is http://www.libbyjames.wordpress.com/ If you are getting Married, or are going to be, this is the blog to keep reading!!

You know you want one

Right now- free centerpiece with order please visit http://www.wreathconnection.com

Feelings and Memories of A Northern Fall

I was just thinking about how quikly the days pass, and how much different it is in the fall with the kids in school and all. Here in Florida we do not have the privledge of seasons, and one of the things I miss the most about PA is that when seasons change there, the leaves turn this beautiful color of orange, red and yellow, and the wind that passes through makes this snarly hooing sound. Its so much fun as the energies of the first days of school come through the towns, all the kids with their new schools and supplies. The sound and smell of the school buses that had been on hiatus for the last few months, blend in with the smell of dead crumpled leaves that fly across the street. As the fall months pass by, the the trees only get prettier and prettier while football season runs its course. You hear the faint sound of highschool bands practicing their trumpets and drums through the surrounding woods, echoeing off of the mountains. Closer and closer it comes to Halloween where masquerade is ok, and children get to swim in the best kinds of candy! A secret society of children speak of “which houses are giving the best sweet goods” and the parents and tweens pass by on the street. Excitement of great scary movies and insane adrenaline rush make the blood circulate quickly waiting at home beside the freshly buttered popcorn. A mere month later, Thanksgiving approaches, gathering all kinds of friends and family to go around and enjoy delectable goods that can only be enjoyed once a year. Ensuing conversations of memories of that passing year, and everything to be thankful for. While all full and tired, you retreat to the couches to watch the years best football games, napping in and out of each quarter from all of the turkey. I love fall as it, as a seaason passed almost in the blink of an eye. here in Florida, they all try for the same concept, but most locals have a hard time understanding what the true feeling of fall is like. They miss out on the leaves gorgeous shine off of the cliffs the leaves give in the crisp cold air, as they are given palm trees and 90 degree heat. Most costumes for halloween are light and thin, so that children do not overheat, and complexes run so close together that a child finishes their trick or treating even before it gets dark. The heat proves exhausting. The chocolate melts as they walk, putting a flame under them to make it home to enjoy its solidity. You still get to enjoy haunted houses, as it doesnt matter where you are from and the boos and ahhs still run fluent. Disney right around the corner, hosts a Horror night expedition that is sure not to miss. Special effects and fake smoke covers the neighborhood of Universal Studios. A secret pass enables you skipping line privledges that ensure you are able to see every house and all of their themes. Masquerade a favorite still amongst adults, however most would rather sit at home with air on high, waiting to pass out candy instead. So the fall brings something different for everyone, something personal from every attatched memory. The new line just unveiled yesterday, is an product of the personal feeling that fall gives to me. Years and months pass and it seems my memories of up north never change, they just get more vivid, as the feelings of fall down in Florida are filled with beach visits and seashell themed dishware. I tried to bring the old ,charismatic colors that scream out their holiday, their season, and overall charm. The warm scents and festive coloring display the energy and passion you would expect from the above… first day of school, the adrenaline from all of the candy, and the crispness of the air passing by your nose. I chose the colors in representation of a Northern fall, yet a southern charm. I hope that everyone is able to enjoy the wreaths personal affects, as the feelings rub off in the pictures almost. make sure to visit, and look at the line at WWW.WreathConnection.Com

Welcome to Wappinger Falls, NY

Continuing our family visiting, we are spending our very last night in Wappinger Falls New York. As the Countryside is beautiful, and mountains shine fresh green amonsgst the sunshine, I finished my presentation finally for the wedding expo last month, and it turned out wonderful. The baptism was wonderful as little Angelina is now officially Baptized Catholic. I was able to spend some quality time with my boyfriends family, and extended- Tomorrow, its back to Brooklyn for the official last day of our trip- Its all gone by so quickly here. We didnt get to see Central Park this trip, but he promises that next time will be our oppurtunity to have our picnic!! Little Alex is as cute as ever earning his promotion on his Karate team, and building an an amazing Rollercoaster with Connex. I think thats how its spelled.   At any rate, back to the city tomorrow, then back off to Naples, for the excitement of my step daughters arrival Tuesday!!  Summer is always soo crazy!!!

Little Angelina Rose Had Her Baptism Sunday

Little Angelina Rose Had Her Baptism Sunday

A Fantastic Ambiance at Il Bariaotto

A Fantastic Ambiance at Il Bariaotto

An evening in New York City

After some relaxation and heavy downpours, I sip my third glass of sparkling raspberry wine- getting ready to show off the newest you tube commercial to the Brooklyn fam, and lay out my outfits for the weekend. I must say, I keep going back and editing the photos for the new line, and brainstorming ideas for upcoming creations while leisurely watching A Day in The White House on NBC with Brian Williams. I Enjoy New York City. Just this morning on my JetBlue flight, I was welcomed into the city by a digital broadcast of The Today show, in which one of my personal FAVORITES  Dave Matthews performed. The other night while I was in the office tying up some loose ends and invoicing wrap ups before the trip… I was listening to AOL radio while listening to him in the back-round, so, it proved to be ironic that he was in concert on Today this morning. Last year, when here, we were lucky enough to catch David Archeleta and David Cook right after the winning Finale of American Idol. I think while featured the size of an ant on international morning news, I fealt closer to fame than ever, as it was my birthday to boot, and my favorite took the crown just mere days previous. I think I called every family member that early New York morning, to see if they could catch an even “glimmer” of my excited, childlike, Beatles outlook on the occasion.

I have also been contemplating an offer that comes in July for a table at a convention, in coordination with the planning of weddings to feature the centerpieces of course, and then the wreaths themselves which we feel would be perfect at the end of Pugh’sin churches and chapels across the country, I am going to present a portfolio in which I will show examples of how beautiful each wreath can look on each location. Different aromas will reflect the persons intentions for the events as well. I just found a great lilac oil, and I love it because it smells like my grandmother used to smell before she passed in 1992. Whenever I use it now, I feel as if she is creating right beside me, a piece of her with me that tells me… “hey… this is looking great, good for you” or “Someone is  going to cherish this piece so much.”  The Press releases have not returned any replies of questions from the media, i was expecting a larger response, however, with consideration of the newest surge in Gas prices, I cannot be surprised at people who are even negligent for a second that by responding, they may be getting themselves into scam mail replies, or bogus mailing lists. We have a shipment coming in a couple weeks,  at this point, I am planning on donating some of the wreaths to different charities and magazines. People are mesmerized by how they look, its hard to trigger the sense of smell from all the descriptive words in the world.  I am continuing  the submissions to Vacation rentals, time shares, contests, company functions, ect. I feel that being involved with the community is going to play an important part of this up in coming  journey. An exciting thing about donation is that someone, somewhere is going to benefit from it greatly- and there are times where that’s what it is about, giving back. I am going to write a list this evening of some new recipes in essential oils, and then I will probably add a list of new wreaths for creation in the next month or so, and (YES) I know, its my first day of vacation, My other completely tuckered out on me and is snoozing with the sheep, and so, I have some focus time in which to think through the creations and diagnosis will benefit others the most, Present Research is the answer to all Societies past questions……


Some of you may think that it stands for lounging under a palm tree, some of you may think that it is a representation of yourself climbing a mountain, or swimming  The Great Barrier Reef. Whichever your ideas of relaxation include, for some reason, the idea and feeling of it crawls into our systems and kills all those tense nerves developed over time, but so worth it in the end. As I mentioned in a previous post, I designed a new seashell wreath yesterday very similar to the first. I set it at the bottom of my steps as everytime I walk down, I am faced with this beautiful wreath, its so relaxing for me! This one however, because of the glaze is unscented. Its just beautiful to look at. I pack today for my New York trip tomorrow, and at a last try to get t-shirts made at the last minute, unfortunately failed. We wanted to create personalized t- shirts for our family members in representation of the business, but the prices were outrageous, and there are so many more promotional goods that we are looking to buy with the funds.

I am all revved up for my morning cups of coffee and figure after packing, I will make yet another wreath hopefully, I have debated going and lounging poolside since I understand that it is warmer up North right now, but not as warm as it is here, obviously, so my beautiful pool will go unnoticed by us for the next 8 days. Then on the other hand, I am thinking about not having the appropriate internet connection at the families’ house to write the articles that I will be itching to write, so I am contemplating creating fun. new, and exciting commercials for the biz, and working on its promotion, since I may be without broadband for the next couple of days.  The landscapers are here, mowing the lawn. That sound has always reminded me of the introduction to summer. You know that is around the corner, or here, when you can smell those fresh juices coming up from the freshly cut grass, as that scent that is so unique fills the outside air. When I was a child, one of my most fondest memories of my father is when he would cut the grass, as he would make his way around the house, he would always look into my bedroom window to take a break and check on me to see how I was doing, he would stop, and drink some of his Genesee, in which I though everybody drank until I was old enough to drink myself… and his pants and shoes were always covered with the sticky fresh cut grass as mowing a mountain lawn is not the easiest thing in the world to do.  A small thing  about my father that I miss often.

I know I mentioned in a previous post that there is this desk that I am absolutely crazy about. I have gone as far as daydreaming about where it will go in my house, what I will store in its drawers, the decor around it to emphasize its quality and class, and more importantly, the amount of work I will get done in the quiet area in which I am going to put it. Luckily for us, the person who designed our home left a convenient nook at the top of the stairs with extra units to make it a haven for the new desk.

Youtube has been an amazing place for us to find information about aromatherapy, and the uses, results, peoples opinions, and studies done on the essential oils. Fascinating hearing people speak within their own words about studies done and results that have derrived from them. We actually found candle at Jo Ann Fabrics yesterday that have the themes of the Diagnosis used as the names of the candles.  Excellent concept, however, the candles were expensive and didn’t offer a quarter of the potentcy that our wreaths do- on a lighter note, we did find a wreath that was 46 inches! I could imagine what I could do with this wreath as I watched its lonely skeleton hang on the bar as advertised. I imagined a beatiful Mansion- like home having this wreath displayed for everyone in the neighborhood to enjoy. Once the business reaches a new level that we have forecasted, I will defenitely incorporate this new, larger, grapevine wreath. I look forward to devoting a long period of time on a huge, thick, definition of the quality and endurance that our wreaths have to offer.  I am currently in the process of designing a portfolio for a Wedding show that we are doing in a couple of weeks. I figure, I can get the photos blown up into 8 by 10 and slip them into plastic covers for my binder with their detailed diagnosis, materials, ect. located on a printout designed for the other side of the sleeve.

So what is relaxing to me is obvious, they should make a waterproof laptop, so I can sit around the pool and write articles about the business, while I collaborate in different window all the ideas that I have for future creations and tweeking to the website, also while leading a group of followees on Twitter.  As the coffee brews, I shall start to pack for the trip, and take the day from there by the horns….

One Day at a Time

Today I made a new version on The Seashell wreath. It seems as though right now its the most popular one that people are all asking about. This one is similar to the original (Shell Stopper)however, it has unique detail and I spent more time on it than any… I was proud as I hung in up on the backboard. I stood back, I looked at it, and I was so proud of how it turned out. 

A beautiful evening outside as I sit here, watching my first episode of Late Night with Conan Obrien, The first one since he took over for Jay Leno. I sit here and realize I have seen 3 people host the tonight show in my lifetime… Move over Johnny Carson, and hello Conan!

I saw the movie “Obsessed” yesterday, it was good, but cheesy at parts. I think that Beyonce should stick to singing, and they should have pushed it a step further and made the movie rated R, and done more with it.  It was good, but, I should have seen something else instead and waited untill it came out on home video. 

I Fly to New York on Thursday to visit my amazing second family… and I am hoping to get the chance to promote the business while I am there. We have a Baptism to go to of Eddies sweet precious neice Angelina. I can’t hardly wait!

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Home, Home on the Range

Well, its not where the antelope play, but the deer is true enough. Being at home up north this past winter was a reminder of the sounds and feel I miss that I forgot while living in Florida. Now that I am back, sometimes I miss it all over again. The silence of the snow, the crackle of the maple and oak leaves when its about to rain, the crunch of the dead leaves on the mountainside when the blackbear is on the run (early spring). The deer feed in the fall on the grapevine outside our home, and the sunshine brings birds of all colors and sizes, singing the most beautiful of natures songs. Florida has its unque sounds too, you have the soft ocean hitting the white sand, an occasional orange falling from an orchard bush, the rustling of the palmetto plants against each other. All a very different feeling created in really thoroughly grasping how much small things mean so much when you are able to step back, and not take them for granted. I was able to start filing today, finally, and I found a new desk that I have my eye on that is soo nice! I sold a model of The Seashell wreath that I had in stock so, it was a great day. I was able to pass out the flyers to the East section of the neighborhood, and more to come tomorrow. A rainy season shower happened early this afternoon, I took advantage by designing a new seashell specialty, along with Goldie (my dog). She sometimes gets spooked by the thunder…Anyhow, I am so happy that my business is a piece of home that I brought here with me. I am consistently reviewing styles and trends in home decor that had frequented that area from the amish, to dutch, to quakers, in generations scaling all the way back to as old as the 1700’s. I have been able to uncover some family history revealing what products were in ancesters homes from long long ago. They say trends repeat over time. Look at things like Bell Bottoms, Slap Bracelets, The Pocket rocker is now the ipod. It all comes full circle. Just better. Thats where I am about to come in- Its time for Home decor to raise to the next level. Its time that people benefit from their surroundings– something more than just aesthetically.

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And Another youtube video…This is the best…

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I am so honored that Cheru had come across our site, and decided to feature it on his own interactive wordpress creation called alphainventions. probably one of the coolest developments since the discovery of blogging, and online journals, this guy has created a concept in which in real- time- people are able to see portions and snippets of each blog on a about a 5 second reel. This enables the reader to pick and choose, or fast glance evreryones blog, while at the same time, if the user decides to click at that time they will be directed to the specifics sending bloggers traffic counter through the roof!! Cheru sounds like a completely modest individual, who really did create this product to make it easer to read the web and generate traffic. I had decided to write him this big, long, letter in his comment box, in which because of the real time refresher system updating all the blogs, my reply was deleted before I was able to send a Thank You Note. However, I figured, I would do one better even, and dedicate an entire post to his outstanding services. Dozens and Dozens of people giving praise to Cheru for his unbelievable breakthrough in modern technology, and I, Myself am honored to add myself to that list! Thank You So Much Cheru and Alphainventions!!!

Evelyn Kish


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Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!

My boyfriend got me roses this week for my birthday and to celebrate the continued success of my business The WreathConnection.Com.

My Birthday… The Pics

These are some pictures I would like to share with all of you of pictures from when my boyfriend and I went to the zoo on my birthday… I took the day off untill the evening for the business… Enjoy…

I wish you all could have been there–

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What do you think about this?? Your Gonna Wanna Read This-

So I have been thinking about Family and its importance a lot lately. I eventually am looking to incorporate them to the business, but I am waiting for a solid foundation to work. I read an interesting post today about those who are complaining about the economy are not bustin to move forward. I do not necessarily agree with that.  In the last couple months, my business has been recognized by people from all over the world. Basically because, I am not just the face of someone starting their own business from scratch with all of the efforts in toe, I am a person whom I hope can serve for motivation to anyone that is out there following their dreams. My family and friends have been amazingly supportive with my ideas, expecially since I feel that with all this I have tapped into a revolutionary tool that I do not think has been researched or uncovered before. Expecially when it is something that I enjoy so much as spending my time on things that create beauty and charm. Things that make a house a more comfortable place to spend nights in as opposed to spending 20 dollars to go to the movies, or having to fill your tanks with gas that is on the rise gradually. For instance, walking into a home lit with beautiful scented candles creates a feeling of warmth and comfort that I find unexplainable. I, myself found myself habitually buying refills for plug in air fresheners and cheapee sprays to fill the house with comfort for maybe a couple days or with the sprays, even just mere minutes.  This collaboration came to mind when I got sick of paying for all of those things month to month… so I decided to start making the wreaths, then, making them with a message. A Message that reaches out to everyone, who, like me was on a budget- and I imagined for me how much money it has saved… and in the long run- how much it will save them. Although its been a lot of work and dedication, the hard work is paying off. I am so proud of myself and all that I have accomplished with the business. I have lost 48 lbs since October of last year, and still been able to keep striving for my goals for the company in the meantime. This way, I have been able to incorporate all of the skills that I have learned in College- and still do something that I absolutley Love. I worked in a restaurant for a long time. Through college and even before that. You learn a lot from seeing how people react in certain situations, and you defenitely have experiences that you never forget. I remember a customer throwing a menu and silverware at me because I dropped the paper his order was on in the kitchen, in oil, and his meal was late. Screaming profanities at me in front of his family, and a room of an estimated 50+ patrons. I had never fealt more embarrassed. Catering parties of 60+ while the host following us around, shoving things into our hands, yelling at us to go faster as the sweat rolled down our poor cheeks. All for enough money to buy gas and food for the way home, to get up first thing in the morning and face it all again. I realized one day, that after all the studying I had done in school, and all of the hard work and dreaming I had put into previous projects… what about this was making me stay?? Wasnt the money, wasnt the kind patrons, wasnt the sincerity ( I said the same things, and had the same conversations with everyone) What exactly was holding me back from stepping out there and showing the world what I was capable of??

So that is exactly what I did. I enjoyed the quaint silence of putting these pieces together. I reached out to professionals to absorb some tips for a refresher course on the marketing and Advertising aspect, but I enjoy it all so much- it was in the bag.  I left my job at the restaurant and decided to go my own road. I had already been familiarized with social networking, and promotional work from some classes that I had taken for my major, so I had the right skills to make something like this work. I still ask for pointers now and then. I believe that the writers and readers on wordpress, often times are full of the right kind of information, criticism, and tips to help me build that solidity that I have been speaking of.

So I guess the questions here are…. What is your Aha Moment? What do you think? How do you feel about Blogging and Social Networking?  How many people out there are doing what they want/love?  Do you have any tips, advice, or kudos for me? How was YOUR day today? 

Working SOOO Hard to Succeed

Working SOOO Hard to Succeed

About to start throwing out some new ideas…

Hello all of my wonderful followers… I have been on hiatus for some time now, and I am writing to tell you all that I will be returning to the blog here, as I as moving back into my Floridian Home as plans have changed and New York is out of the picture for the time being. I have transformed an area of my home into my “Work Room”.  Ideas are following me around like an angel on my shoulder. I am super excited, invigorated by a fresh location, excited to get back in touch with my wordpress junkies who talk with me about everything, and share their wonderful tips and ideas with me.. And get up on my Twitter again to give Kudos to those following me!!! I have researched so much amazing information since my last post. Aromatherapy is on the move, a high accelerance in alternative medicine… a hot tub for the soul experience. I have found that by simply having one of my creations in your home can help with high cholesterol, stress, agitations, focus, memory, and overall well being… I believe their are even such mixtures that I am comming up upon, that even release the tensions of arthritis!! In an economy where health insurance is so hard to come by, and trust me, I drove that road while up north, these Visually aesthetically pleasing family keepsake wreaths are naturally scented with the earths special aromas to enlighten the well being!! I have lost about 30 lbs in the course of the move, and motivation has been an exciting life stride that has opened my creative eyes like never before. Open to creating masterpieces on every level, I am looking forward to the upcomming holidays as well as the specific occasions, as the wreaths and centerpieces are made to order as well. I hope to see all of you, my exciting following, to come back and start reading along with me opening your eyes as well, into the journey’s of the simple pleasures in life!

The Wreathconnection is going Spring!!

Dont forget everyone to check out the site at http://www.wreathconection.com. The articles have been getting fabulous responses!! I need your ideas for aromatheraputic creations for the new line comming before the big move to NYC. The Clearance page is still active, and Etsy has been treatin us good. Twitter as always is moving quickly with news published everyday….. Make sure to contact us…. You are the BEST!!!


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20 Ways to Live your best life

  1. Live everyday as if it were your last
  2. Do for others as they do for you
  3. Never take the things you DO have for granted
  4. Appreciate the little things
  5. Sing
  6. Dance
  7. Treat yourself as your most prized possession
  8. Climb the ladder
  9. Laugh
  10. realize strenghts from weakness
  11. Take yourself out more
  12. Dream big
  13. Learn as much as u can
  14. Never take a backseat unless its your turn
  15. Live sparing, but never go without
  16. Love the one your with
  17. Resist  temptations
  18. Hug A lot
  19. Shake hands firmly
  20. Look others right in the eyes
  21. Hidden tip: Visit the Wreathconnection site often (:
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The Wreath Connection Takes On….

A magazine has decided to do an article on our business!! The magazine is WomenPower.com and they are gathering information now on us to publish out of the state of Arkansas!! They have an online site that showcases as well, however, they located me through twitter and we will soon be sending them our full biography along with some craft samples for us to include. Keep your eyes peeled for the article as in a couple of months we will be posting some of it right here on our blog page!!! Visit the site at http://www.wreathconnection.com




Come check out the stylin’ aroma theraputic wreaths at http://wreathconnection.com!!

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The Answer to Everything…

As the winter is near its end, and the spring buds are starting to show up through the ground, The Wreath Connection is Loving the pretty weather and enjoying the laughter of people being able to complete their daily chores and run all their errands that they are used to, now the weather is wet, but it does not effect the moods of people just happy to see that the snow is melting. We had taken a few days off to spend time in the workshop,  come up with some new and exciting ideas for the furure of our ce3nterpieces and customized aromatheraputic wreaths.  As the rain and melting snow dropped on the rooftops today, we were able to take some pieces of brush from the outside and paint them some different colors to make them perfect in existance with some the wreaths that have been suggested- as well of some of the ones we have had in mind for some time now. The sketches are in… the emails have been rolling in… and the wreaths are changing people lives everyday!  Getting letters on what people think and different strategies to go on as to how their design can help people even more!  The business is smelling fantastic after the new line was debuted!! At any rate, check out the site…http://www.wreathconnection.com and leave us a comment below… how is the weather affecting your plans?  How is your life going these days? Have any ideas for the wreathconnection? Add us to your myspace… wreath connection  last name …. connection I hope you all love the site… we added frames!!!

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Whats in it for me??

A simple curiousity crosses a consumers mind when shopping for anything… you think, “why should I buy groceries”, “whats in it for me”? You ask ” Why should I go out tonight, again” Whats in it for me”?? Or… you EVEN ask… “why should I buy this outfit I have been staring at ALL week”? “What is in it for me”? 

The whole truth of the matter is, people get a huge mixed up feeling of what they want as opposed to what they NEED. Now, in my days of observation, it is in my personal opinion, that the rules have changed some since the rules were made as far as needing food, or a roof over my head. While that is all very much priority of importance, its always a “Give in”– So The question here is… What standards are next to apply?

Many businesses are pre- empted to tell you ANYTHING that you want to hear to make you think that what they have cannot possibly live without. The Wreath Connection knows that line, and we aren’t firing it… We have examined out craft, and have thought through its health benefits, beauty of themes, and positive effect on an atmosphere. Being of avid news and social media culture, we have also delved into the witnessing of others’ products that get “pushed aside” or simply do not last as long as one promised. We are confident in a media generation full of educated, literal, analytical minds that are trying to spend each dollar that they have as wisely as they can, that if they want to beauty, if they want the health benefits of one of these decorative breakthroughs that are changing the generations to one with a more “AWARE” consumer, then automatically, they will know that what we offer IS something that they NEED. (:

Please Visit http://www.wreathconnection.com

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Spring is sleeping

Tonight I attended this fabulous festival of lights to study the ancient beliefs that people would practice certain superstitions that the spring was sleeping for the winter, and this was why the leaves fell off of the trees and annual flowers were OK, for not blooming for a season. It is the time of year that we all start hoping for that indication of whether or not there will be six more weeks of winter. Although from what I hear, this area hasn’t seen a winter like this in years, and as the ice melts there are portions of the rooftop that is leaking due to heavy winds and thick ice, I believe that superstition holds true that in a few more weeks the ice and snow are to melt and mother nature is to wake spring up again to bring us into a wonderful comfortable summer. Now, I am not sure what summer in New York is like, but I remember from the few times that I have visited, that it being warm in the sunshine, but being cold around the skyscrapers because of the shade from the tall buildings. Tonight, after the festival, I sat back and thought about the house in which I will be living in when spring comes. It always makes me nervous at a crossroad in my life and you know that everything is about to change. Don’t get me wrong, I Love change to the point where it is almost weird sometimes, however, I get excited about stability as well. In the house I may be moving into, There is this beautiful white kitchen. In that kitchen there are these old, tall wooden framed windows, with a tree in the sunlight. In the morning, I have never seen or bee in a more beautiful kitchen to wake up and have coffee while staring out the window to the city that surrounds it. The New York Post is plentiful, as are the people around the neighborhood. The yard is a nice size for the city, although, in the house, theres a lot of steps, it couldn’t hurt me to put the exercising forth. It makes me want the spring to sleep longer as time is running out for me to be frightened of a city sooo much bigger than myself. Moving is never fun either, especially when it is from a 3 bedroom 2 floor house full of your things and no way to carry them, pack them store them, when you have been living in Pennsylvania in the comforts of the home that you grew up in. I am a person who loves sunshine. I love the beach and the sounds of waves hitting the shoreline. I love big events to get excited over, learning new, and positive things. Of course I plan on, when I move to New York utilizing my advertising and marketing education from college- I just want to be able to have a comfortable lifestyle- Like any other person out there. I guess life is all about risks, no matter if you stay in the same place for a long period of time or not. Not being married or having children at this time in my life is enabling me to put myself out there and it be ok to make a mistake now and then. One day, putting myself out there is going to be the greatest decision ever made, and the business and the career will all fall into place. I just want to be in the right place at the right time. I will enjoy things with change a lot more once the dust settles and spring wakes up- leading us all into a summer that is well deserved. I will make special plans to have me time everyday, that will enable me to clear my head to make sure that every decision is well thought out and analyzed. I am aiming to take better care of my health. as this trip to PA has taught me that at the end of the day, there is nothing more important that the health of yourself for you and the people that you love, no matter how expensive or scary it may be. I am going to devote most of my free time to The Business. I want to move ahead with it all the time. I am going to look into advertising venues that will get me seen by more people and potential buyers, if not, possibly, open up my own shop in NYC once I see what the rents are going to be. I have to familiarize myself with The subways, the streets, the letters of the stations, the prices for tickets, and the times where it is safe/unsafe to be and when. Cause remember, I have only ever been there twice before, and from far away, it feels as if I am walking into a completely dark room. My positive response right now to the move and the business is…The weather will be getting better and better everyday, and whether I get my own place there or not- Warm weather always brings out the best in people. Please visit my business site at http://www.wreathconnection.com

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Todays Added Peanut Recall Companies

List of Company Recalls

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Eager to make dreams come true??

Here are three tips that I find very useful in making dreams come tru. As true as to the actions of well-being becomming the future of comfortable stress- free existance.

You may be asking, “How does one make their dreams come true?” There are three elements:

bullet First – We must have a dream that motivates us. No one has ever achieved anything without a dream attached to a burning desire.
bullet Second – We must learn how-to-learn. In school, we learn how to memorize or be taught. Learning how to learn frees our dependency on others for knowledge.
bullet Third – We must learn from failure and learn how to bounce back from failure. No one ever succeed without failure. In the classroom, failure is a no-no.


I had never been good at Constructive criticism in the past, I had always taken it personal and not be able to rest or move forward in denial of the acceptance of good advice.

Now that I have grown older,  I realize that constructive criticism is the bridge that leads the way to new and beautiful oppurtunities! I have stopped to listen to the comments, the feedback, the suggestions, and almost everyone has helped me in my journey. Expecially when you consistenlt surround yourself  with people that represent a person that can educate you on how to achieve a higher standard of happiness and achievement in establishing your dreams. Please check out my website at http://www.wreathconnection.com

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The Secrets to Success

5 Tips that I am following Everyday


Courtesy of :




Much has been written about success.  You will find many differing opinions on not only how to achieve success, but even on what success is.  For some people success is financial bliss.  For others, it is freedom.  Yet others find success in health, family and friends.

Some say that success is just luck.  “Luck?  Nonsense. The harder I work, the luckier I get” said multi-millionaire Ralph Engelstad.  Hard work?  Forget about that!  Success is about laziness, says The Lazy Way to Success.  So who is right?

Can we distill all the success literature into 5 simple pieces of advice that all the “success experts” can agree upon?  I think you will find the Top 5 list below in all but the most radical personal development and success thinking out there:

1. Do What You Love

It is hard to argue with this one.  Have you ever found anyone that is successful doing something they hate?  I guess you can take the definition of success to any extreme, but I have a hard time accepting that anyone living in misery doing something they hate can be called successful.  Naturally, doing what you love gets you the motivation and the excitement required to achieve success.  In fact, for many, doing what you love is success in and of itself.

2. Perfect Your Game

If your definition of success is being great at something, then studies have shown that the secret to success is to practice to perfect your game.  These studies even argue that natural talent is irrelevant, and that it is all about the practice.  Regarless of which side of the nature versus nurture argument you simpathyse with, most people will agree that in order to be successful you have to perfect your game.

3. Be Unique

It is hard to imagine a clone being a symbol of success.  Success is about bringing your own unique ways to the world, adding diversity and value.  Most experts will agree that if you want to be successful you have to find you niche, you have to find ways to leverage your own unique gifts.  Success, even in its very definition, is about your own unique perspective in our vast universe.

4. Believe in Yourself

I am yet to find a successful person that does not believe in himself.  If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?   Studies have shown that success is influenced by your mindset.  Successful people believe that they can get better through their own efforts.  If you want to be successful, start believing in yourself.

5. Never Give Up

Last but not least, every success guru will tell you that you must never give up.  To be successful you must persist through failures, criticisms, rejections, and all the other negative things in life.  You must have heard the old cliché that success is a journey, not a destination.  In the success journey, the only time you can say for sure that you are not a success is when you give up on the journey.

Martha Stewart… Love her???

Its crazy how you start looking into people that you never would give a second glance too when you start a business like this one. People that got their starts form cooking like Rachel Ray or cleaning like Martha Stewart have created such success in an empire that they love in a prosperous industry. Throw a lil bit of Oprah in there, and you have something like me. I love my friends and family and find it so theraputic to cook, clean, and become a successful business woman. 

To me, most of the things that Martha and Rachel do are easy. I enjoy whipping up a dinner for a large group of people. I enjoy crafting, of course, but at the same time- I enjoy the luxuries of a good life. After I got out of college in the study of marketing and advertising, I was astonished at how it really is “a basic concept” of being seen and heard by the right people at the right times. How do you feel about Martha, Rachel, and Oprah???

I , Like all of them enjoy reading in my spare time, I am hugely inviting to reading all kinds of books about the world and studies done on how to achieve higher learning and how to find those people who want to see something interesting, want to hear something different for a change, and have the time to take it all in and use it for the successes of our future.

The Tease….


These and many more at http://www.wreathconnection.com

I am sooo relieved

I cannot express to all of you enough how relieved I am to finally be able to show you all the new line that I have been working on for days. Many long, cold nights have been involved in researching these ideas in preparation of finding what people want, what people need, what people like. I have promised the whole time to take you all with me on this journey of miraculous uplifting creations, and I am certainly following through with my promises!! Last night, after tweeking some of the products on my etsy website… I decided that it was time to post the new line. I have a lot more ideas up my sleeve and I cant wait to share them with you either, however, I was just simple biting at the bit to let you in on these beautiful items that I am soooo proud of!!! I believe that this collection is really going to go fast because as I have been describing it to the followers the last couple of days, I had followed some ideas and some exciting new ways of showing the wreaths, and I was so thankful that I turned every bit of great critisizm as an opputunity for a motivational, positive experience. The time that I spent on each and every piece of this new line is defenitely obvious in their prestine detail and tailor. If you like what you see in the new line posted today, ohhh just wait… whats ahead for The Wreath Connection just gets better and better. I have made so many great friends through the wordpress, that I have decided to drop shipping all together, and many of you mentioned differet designs that you had enjoyed, so I made extra, and they are now in clearance!!!  Although clearance items will only be available during certain times… I trust that my fans will be there every time to see whats good (:

These new wreaths are such masterful keepsakes…..uh, I am so proud!!!  And new this line are the Potpourri Centerpieces scented with aromatherapy of course as the wreaths so that they continue to be a healthy part of your environment as well as an focal point in your favorite room!! WIN WIN…. Healthy and easy on the eyes….

Dont forget to check out the new line…. I am so excited to show it to you….

Please visit http://www.wreathconnection.com

Let me know what you think!!!

New Clearance Section Added!!!

Check out the new clearance section in waaaaay marked down items!!!

Whats beautiful about this experience

We here at the WreathConnection always try to check out the little things that are often times overlooked in appreciation whats out there in nature that is beautiful.

Today, we noticed a spectrum of different colors created when mixing out ingredients for the homemade potpourri. Beautiful vibrant colors from oranges, reds to blues and purples… utterly fascinating!

Milk hitting your coffee. The swirls make the vision so hypnotising sometimes, you just never thing to watch it log enough before it all blends in.

Salt and Pepper hair color: what a story it has to tell, a person with this hair color always reminds me of what in life they have achieved, things they have conquered, places they have been. I think it is beautiful when something so simple can tell such a story of triumph.

Frozen forests: Although not too big of a fan of their affect, when I moved to Florida 5 years ago, I missed the vision of the land here in PA  just after the trees in the yard had frozen over, a beautiful white embellished vision of grayish blue tones underneath a crystal clear blue sky.

Candle wax; As it drips dry slowly, I look at the drying drops of wax build up after a long burn. Stacking amongst each other in an orderly fashion almost as if something somewhere was telling them where to go, drying to a point of lava-like beauty.

Just a couple of little things for you to notice today that are sure to make you smile.

Please check out my business: The WreathConnection at http://www.wreathconnection.com