Doing whats best for you and your business

In the long run of things, it’s so much easier to let go of a dream or passion due to the recent state of the economy and not succeeding in trying and trying again.  To me, my computer is like an instrument. So my dreams for it are endless. I use it for almost everything, so it makes me more driven everyday to make my dreams a physical collaboration of putting my thoughts into words and putting my words into actions. I am currently taking a class at Georgia State University that is teaching me different techniques on how to stay with the most current trends in online media. I go over all the time the thoughts that people are wanting, what they are needing from devices, their own personal businesses, and what they can make into their brand.  It isn’t easy creating a concept that is useful for the average person as we are all so very different in all aspects of our personalities. All very much reminiscent of playing a very intricate game of connect the dots, trying to make mental lists of “this demographic is attracted to these points ” and others completely different ones.

Appealing as so many worlds in so many lives are, for me, as an individual, as I follow all aspects of current events, I mesh it with my ability to show the shaded areas of others’ minds with the light of other interests they never knew that they had. It’s a great salepoint or point in a business persons life when they can realize that they are capable of such feats as changing someones views on a particular item or service.

On a very personal not, I used this structure plan for my recent diet. I believed as though I was doing nothing wrong with continually eating right and just not exercising, or vice versa. Serious re-programming of my already overflowing brain enabled me to unload the stresses in my life and make room to shed light on that exact shaded area. The answer and what I had known all along was persistence in taking care of my body by using the two simultaneously. It was so hard, everyday I would work out and be so famished afterwords and to eat better, it is a necessity that you cook all of your food from scratch,so I was over the stove for long parts of my days. Setting my stubborn ways aside, I hired a full-time trainer to let go of the feelings of knowing everything to get a leg up on my bodies previous mental state.

I see all clients have a dream for their business, something that they want to accomplish in their specific roles in their life. Often times by the time they have reached my consultation firm, they are already at the point where they are almost ready to throw in the towel.  The Key is finding the part of you inside that is motivated for a better you… this is so hard for some people it can be something that they are not ready to admit that they have happening. Through the last year I have had many days where I thought that there wasnt going to be a chance for me to do certain things I always wanted to achieve. The following days were filled with hopes, dreams, and accomplishments, as I decided to push forward and pull through utilizing every step I could to turn my life into everything it should have been a long time ago, and finally to anticipate what is going to transpire from now until the not so distant future.  So true for others as well. I sit here anticipating the goal of teaching so many others how to make their businesses true success and victory. In life, in accomplishment, and in overall Success.


So does this site really pay?

I was watching famed money expert Clark Howard the other day and I heard a guest call in and ask about all of these online, work from home scams they have been throwing around since the economy crashed… I was listening when he said they were all just a get rich quick scheme and not to listen. As you know I am the owner of The Wreath Connection.Com and am always looking for new, fun and innovative ways to promote my site. I started watching editorials on youtube about affiliate programs and got connected to a site involving “residual income” from the sites you click on. Now I had been down this road before with a different company and I am not going to lie when I say it was tedious, and time consuming, and for this particular one ( which I wont mention their name) didnt really show me any proof of any help thrown my way at all. After all the time wasted, I had decided to let the “get rich quick” idea go on the back burner. During todays webinar on Youtube I was fascinated by this wonderful woman who has been making residuals off of her website for years and she gave some reccomendations. The one I decided to try was called “ClixSense.Com.” Now, a skeptic from the get go, I made sure the website said it was a secure site, and I knew from previous experience that I was going to be twiddling my thumbs through a course of tedious websites. However, although the tenacity proves itself to be true- I was shocked to see I was in fact earning 1 cent for each site viewed! As I sit there , I think to myself …ok, big deal 60 cents an hour, I really am amking internet history over here…lol… then, I read on about the reccomendations graph on one of the tabs nearby, and you really do get paid upon residuals, free to sign up- so- if your a small business owner like myself, and your looking to get seen, or your looking to make a couple bucks in your downtime… check out clixSense.Com and tell them Evelyn Kish sent you … Username WreathConnections… I want to see how fruitful this idea can be for all of us.. at least get a pack of gum out of it, right??? (:

How about a site where I can get the most brochures printed for less?

I am opening my horizens here at the business, and it seems as though I cannot find high quality brochures online that I can make for cheap in bulk. I am almost persuaded to print them myself in Flyer form at this point, however, I want to keep it classy as this business is my dream and representation of myself. Any ideas??

Locating good companies is all about the people who use them. Search results are limited to those who had the most money to spend based on pay per click advertising.

Actively Searching For Online Advertising Jobs In New York City

Dear Mr/Ms.



        Please find attached my resume and cover letter. I have agency experience on the media side as well as numerous years of customer service experience both locally and agency driven. I started my career on the agency side of our business and would like to get back into Media, preferably in Media Sales. I’ve gained valuable experience on all sides of the desk.  I understand how important “number crunching” is and I also realize that customer service and relationship building is a major part of success within this and any industry. Most recently, as Dining Room Supervisor/Event Coordinator at Buca Di Beppo Restaurant Group, I was the leader in new business promotion sales while increasing awareness and revenue.

 I have extensive experience with Nielsen Ratings, Donavan Data Systems, MS Office and Excels well as other various windows and DOS based programs.  I also worked with qualitative and quantitative Scarborough research on a daily basis.  My real strength however, is in my ability to educate, establish relationships and increase revenue.My enclosed resume provides strengths and achievements.  I look forward to hearing from you. I’m easily reached at the following number 724-541-8477.  Thank you for your time and consideration. 



Evelyn M. Kish




To contribute to the growth and profitability of your company. I’ll accomplish this by utilizing my expertise in sales, innovative marketing, online development experience, team leadership, and development, negotiation and customer relations.



Buca Di Beppo, Naples, Fl                                                                                                    

2005 –present

Dining Room Supervisor/Event Coordinator

SUMMARY: Responsible for providing superior service and new business development.

The past 3 years have been spent honing my skills as a multi-talented service provider and special events coordinator in the hospitality industry, coordinating individual corporate, leisure and group functions and meetings. Whether it is a convention or a 5 & 10k race, I’ve enjoyed the challenge and success of coordinating many types and sizes of events. I’m dedicated to provide exceptional service and leadership to reach the common goal of new business sales.


Carat USA , Atlanta , GA                                                                                                                

 2004 – 2005

Assistant Buyer/Media Coordinator                                                                                                                 

·         Maintain all spot times logs

·         Notifies Buyer of any issues that arise daily with any account

·         Establishes and maintains goodwill and working relationships with the media community

·         Participates in meetings with media representatives when requested by the Media Buyer

·         Requests and reviews pre and post logs from cable, broadcast and local networks ; contacts media representatives for resolution when necessary

·         Monitors sigma reports

·         Monitors media dollars and impressions weekly

·         Accurately tracks discrepancies and make goods along with buyer

·         Audits media post-logs and invoices

·         Insures a fair and equitable distribution of spots according to day part, day of week, and program.

·         Sends spot log reports and summaries to the Client or Buyer as requested

·         Obtains and sends client their broadcast and syndication airtimes

·         Create reports in Excel for the Buyer and/or the Account Executive as requested

·         Verifies contracts and post analysis letters from each network

·         Follows all company health and safety procedures

·         Performs other related duties as required or assigned

·         Accounts included but were not limited to: Churches Chicken, Rent-A-Center,Kia Automotive


Indiana University of Pennsylvania 1999-2004  Communication Media

Atlanta Ad Club

Certificate of Excellence-Buca


Run my own side business called The Wreath Connection

Playing Piano, Crafting, Online  research, Social Media


Please Contact Me, Evelyn Kish, if you are in The New York City Area and are searching for a creative, exciting, goal driven employee to work for you and your company. As you can witness here in the pages of my personal blog for my business The Wreath Connection, I am End Result driven, While Consistently committed to the projects at hand. I am passionate about CPA, (ROIS), CPC, and Tier One Search Engine Optimization. I Look very forward to reading your comments and various responses and suggestions in the Comment Boxes Below. In the meantime, Please Visit Http:// to check out my homeade masterpieces!

Strong winds here in Pennsylvania….

Crazy enough, 70 mile per hour winds swepth through western Pennsylvania over the last 2 days, blowing off roofs and downing trees… Several homeowners here are without electricity as they unite in efforts to restore electricity, and make the highways safer as fallen rock and debris cover the mountaintops here in these smaller towns. Luckily, here at high elevation, we did not lose any power, nor did we experience any severe damage, as neighbors and friends are scrambling to pick up pieces of old sheds, branches, and misc that was in their yards for the last couple of days. Pennsylvania and all of its history had never seen a  wind storm with this much force, as previously living in Florida we find only wind this fierce are developed in low category hurricanes. As the winds have subsided, many are wondering why the word and warning on these dangerious 48 hour wind gusts weren’t more publicised as the residents of these small towns would have had more time to prepare, we have lucked out, but what about those who werent so fortunate?? Our business and small home survived with very minimal damage, however there are concerns about fighting out the rest of the winter for others.

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Whats beautiful about this experience

We here at the WreathConnection always try to check out the little things that are often times overlooked in appreciation whats out there in nature that is beautiful.

Today, we noticed a spectrum of different colors created when mixing out ingredients for the homemade potpourri. Beautiful vibrant colors from oranges, reds to blues and purples… utterly fascinating!

Milk hitting your coffee. The swirls make the vision so hypnotising sometimes, you just never thing to watch it log enough before it all blends in.

Salt and Pepper hair color: what a story it has to tell, a person with this hair color always reminds me of what in life they have achieved, things they have conquered, places they have been. I think it is beautiful when something so simple can tell such a story of triumph.

Frozen forests: Although not too big of a fan of their affect, when I moved to Florida 5 years ago, I missed the vision of the land here in PA  just after the trees in the yard had frozen over, a beautiful white embellished vision of grayish blue tones underneath a crystal clear blue sky.

Candle wax; As it drips dry slowly, I look at the drying drops of wax build up after a long burn. Stacking amongst each other in an orderly fashion almost as if something somewhere was telling them where to go, drying to a point of lava-like beauty.

Just a couple of little things for you to notice today that are sure to make you smile.

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At Home with “The Wreath Connection”

Here at home, we are making a wonderful feast this afternoon. Our Italian family loves the ritual of making our famous spaghetti, along with our homeade meat sauce and Garlic bread. Woke up today and watched the Groundhog day celebration… a favorite here in the household, as Punxsutawny is my freshman year Alma Mater and every year there is always six more weeks of winter. Funny, because in Florida, they have never even heard of Groundhog day with the exception of the Bill Murray movie, and I dont even think that was filmed in Punxsy, probably at some high tech studio in California somewhere. We are still patiently awaiting that curious package to come in the mail with the last of our supply goods for the new line. The build up is more than anything right now, there is so much that I want to do! I am checking on the progress of the showcase we are featured in today on, and trying to build a stronger friend list for myspace. Did anyone see the Etrade Commercial last night with the two babies?? OMG, we are still cracking up- those commercials are hilarious! That one was probably my favorite for the evening, and as you have heard in previous posts, my hunny’s the STEELERS won their 6th Superbowl victory last night, which was a loud, crazy and fun celebration for everyone throughout the night! Thanks for following.. Please Visit or add me as a friend to your myspace at The Wreath Connection last name… Connection!!

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Economy Hit Superbowl Ads This Year….”Venting”

Seems that even the Superbowl is suffering the harsh economy this year…. Headline news had a piece yesterday about how not all the space being sold was taken, because businesses just simply do not have the funds to be spending so much money on commercials when they are already trying to avoid financial hazard. This is after they had already decreased the sale price of airtime by 2 million dollars from the 3 million that the price was last year! I am not sure how I feel about this, as I actually used to sell commercial time professionally for some time…. However, even then, when I was fresh out of college, the worlds money was a lot better than… but people were being a lot more frivolous with their spending…. Companies… Consumers… When I moved to Florida in 2004 The town that I lived in was growing so fast that it was hard to learn my way around because the landmarks were always changing… due to them always building and designing new structures all over town… Restaurants, office spaces, parking garages, shopping plazas, condominiums… I mean, there was nothing being done to conserve ANYTHING!! It is no suprise to me that the economy has taken such a beating, I must say though how bad I feel of the toll its taken to all of the communities that are being affected everyday. I see the things once enjoyed by others on a regular basis now being enjoyed seldom.. if even at all. I am watching the news about people consistently coming back with Resumes being overlooked, stamped for being determined “Overqualified”. I believe that the world needs change, and I believe that together- by cutting back- saving- we all businesses as well as individuals can make this world economically comfortable again. If not, I fear that we will soon run out of resources to fix what has been broken. Who would pay 3 million dollars for a commercial anyway, when the internet is Actually the hottest marketing venue out there? How are their people living out there that have sooo much money that they are able to live in mansions and estates, own private yahts and fly corporate company jets, while others are freezing to death because the electric company shut off their power?? Recently, I have thrown myself into my work, as I usually do, only this time around…finding mental stability and having a plan for success is key. I rarely go out to eat anymore, I cook meals at home. My clothes are good enough for me… I have dressy, casual, sleepwear..ect. all the necessities but nothing extra to enable my to pay off my bills. Crafting tools for the business are ALL used… nothing leftover or thrown away… even if I make a wreath of leftover potpourri’s it is given as a gift to my Docors office or a family friend as inturn advertisement for my business. I guess my venting message is… together, we can make this right…. finding happiness in times like these is all about personal happiness and having things surrounding you that make you feel better;complete. The trick here being that if you believe in yourself… you can make anything happen!

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Settling with your house in an Economy Crunch

As many of us have experienced in recent times, the economy has pushed us into situations where we live with the home we have in the hopes that it will not be foreclosed, or just simply do not want to get involved in the housing market decline due to increase rates raising all the time. The best way to make your house a home is by creating an atmosphere that you want to spend the most time in. If you love to read, make sure you have a lamp in your favorite places. If you love to dance, make sure you allow room for letting your hair down. If you enjoy the sunshine, let a lot of light into your home, and vice versa of course! And if your home is cozy, you mak learn to LOVE it again like you did when you first bought it. An amazing way of doing this is by utilizing my services in the crafting industry and taking in the benefits of what my wreaths have to offer. While all mostly scented with health attributing aromatherapy for memory, stamina, focus, relaxation ect. their vibrant colors cause topics for communication at the family table. They add warmth and love fulfilling positive energies to everyone who lives in the house. Come check out my site at or comment here on the blog and let me know how you feel!

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Do you have balance? Want Some?

A means of judging or deciding. Mental and emotional steadiness. To bring to a state or position of equipoise. To bring into harmony or proportion.” Webster, 1995

“If someone else drops the ball, do you really have to pick it up?” (Mackenzie)
It’s important to remember that you always have a choice to say no to avoid overload.
You can’t do everything perfectly. Choose carefully, some things aren’t worth the extra effort.
Life is short, choose wisely.

Others’ work is theirs not yours, avoid the urge to step in and finish the job when it is not getting done.
Make a list of things that are important to you, and treat them with priority.
Practice saying no to low-priority or inappropriate requests.
Be realistic about the time needed to accomplish tasks.
Try using one calendar to schedule work, personal, and family time.
Set priorities; without them everything seems important.

For additional information about balancing work/life, check out the OSU Leadership Center website.

Some resources we recommend are:

The 80/20 Principle: The Secret of Achieving More with Less
Richard Koch. Currency Publishing Company, 1998

Time revolution, p. 145

The Procrastinator’s Handbook
Rita Emmett. Walker & Co., 2000

‘Just Say No’ quotes, p. 62
Information on setting limits and quotes, pp. 106-109

The Time Trap
Alec Mackenzie. AMACOM, 1990.

Workaholic Quiz, p. 17
Doing Too Much pointers/hints, p.92
Doing Too Much quiz, p. 93
Statistics provided by Ohio State University….

Please visit and feel free to comment below on the blog!

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