A Reunion is Near (:

The Other Half to Our Successes

The Other Half to Our Successes

Here at The WreathConnection, We have mentioned on Several different occasions how much time we have on our hands since we have been home during the most recent tour of Western Pa. You have all trudged with us through the snow, held the umbrellas for us in the rainstorms, held us down when the wind was uprooting all the trees, and tanning with us underneath the upcomming Spring Sunshine. Well, often in the backround of the Wreathmaking, I have been on the phone with this amazingĀ  gentlemen whom I have been dating for going on 4 years now. The distance is hard between us, but our union fights all battles!! He is highly personable, and LOVES the Company and all it continually offers everyone who utilizes the wreaths and centerpieces qualities and beautiful additions to Ambiance. Within the next 10 days I will be seeing my love again…. I am blessed! Please Visit Http://www.wreathconnection.com


Two New Products for the line…

Yesterday in all nerves from pre- surgery, I created two new fantastic wreaths taht are awaiting post on the store-site for the unveiling of the entire new line… I decided to share with you all their outcome so that you can join me in the anticipation of their vision on line.
The first one is called “Apple- ation” and it was created from fresh dark green eucalyptus, silk fern, a beautiful 6 looped green bow, and several scented Apple potpourri fruits along with nice sized wooden apple scented chunks!! The Circular grapevine shape is shimmered with green bark tear- shaped scented bright green leaves to add flavor and feeling to theĀ vibe of its appeal. The best news is that the shipment came in today for an aromatheraputic Apple refresher oil that was special ordered for out of country at an oil farm specializing in the fresh and effective scents of Wild apple trees on the hills and cliffs of the beautiful Appalation Mountains!

The other one that I finished left me shining with pride, and returning to get a 2nd,3rd, and 4th glance after its completion. Its name is “Falling for Foliage”. By request a month or so ago, I was contacted by a lovely follower who said that she had a beautiful idea in mind, and that she had noticed it had not been featured on the store-site. Being that it was the end of December, early January fall was the last thing I was thinking about… it was all about spring, Easter, Valentines Day, Ect. Touched by her response and beautiful ideas, I put them into motion with this masterpiece, Using Eucalyptus of dark brown shades, deep green, some deep purple- woven through the shiny silk fern, I layered the top of the base with amazing colors in silf fall foloage… Maple leaves, Walnuts, and Harvest spice potpourri were used to create Comfort scents of fall, while touching on the things that make a northern fall so very beautiful. On the side of the wreath I created a 6 Looped bow, overtop od magnificent North-Asian Autumn fern scented of nutmeg… and a touch of coffee, and the perfect finishing touches of bunched Sunflower heads with burgundy tips…. This wreath should go really fast… Although, I promised the follower that if she liked the creation, she would have first dibs, if for some reason she is to change her mind… it will be on the store site for all of you to see!! Come visit me at http://www.wreathconnection.com and check out whats at the store right now! Tell your friends… I am the next innovative small business phenomena!!! Add me as a friend on your myspace at WreathConnection last name connection, on your twitter at WreathCo , Facebook at Lovewreaths, or Linked in under The Wreath Connection!!!

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