Start Spreadin the News!!

I have safely arrived in New York, to the 59 degree temps, and cloudy, rainy weather. Perfect for the kind of day we were looking for. While trucking this morning on a mere 2 1/2 hours of sleep, Eddie and I fell into the crisp temperatures by warm blankets and a solid nap. Waking up to a great action movie, complemented with some fantastic Chinese food. I am still in those blankets, maintaining comfort while reaching out to the followers and checking status on the business.  While there may be action with me not out the shipment center, I have someone at home in Florida, awaiting order confirmations to be able to still send those precious wreaths that are every ones favorite to enjoy. We miss our dog already though, as she will probably be more spoiled than ever while we are away. Not sure if it is the food, or the thin mountain air, but I didn’t realize that I was so tired! I have been devoting every waking moment of time that I am awake to making the business better, more convenient to use for our clients. The wreaths more potent with more diagnosis, stronger potency, and specific attention to detail. All while managing the blog, the website, press releases, Emails, Orders, Invoices… and not to mention, wedding events, holidays and other get togethers… I can’t wait to get an assistant to take care of some of the workload, I just have to get over the perfectionist attitude so that it doesn’t burn me out. I Love every minute of it all though– that’s another part of the issue I guess. LOL. I spend at night thinking of how I can make things better as soon as I wake up in the morning, and I don’t dare go to sleep without something essential that I might forget not being recognized. Crazy, huh? At any rate, after this day of relaxation, We are off to Toys R Us to pick up a gift for Baby Angelina- Im pretty excited– I Love shopping for the lil tots!! My precious nieces and nephews remind me of how blessed I am, its a real naturalistic joy to be able to spent any time with them ever!


I have to share this, its hilarious

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Say Hello to My Lil Friend…

Our Dog, And Love, Goldie Hawn

Our Dog, And Love, Goldie Hawn

This is My Cocker Spaniel Goldie Hawn. We adopted her the October before last. While I am working she sits beneath me, sometimes chewing on the lil pieces that fall off the desk. She is the most amazing Dog that we have ever had, and has truly become such a huge part of our family. We adopted her from the humane society, and she was the lonely dog in the back that didnt want to socialize with anyone. Now that we have her, she has been an absolute angel. She is very smart, knows every trick there is, and we never have had any problems with her behavior. Since I share mostly everything with all of you, I needed you all to meet my dog, as she is such a huge part of our everyday.  Its been going on two years this year that she has been in our lives, and she travels with us mostly everywhere we go– Say hello everyone to my lil friend…..

The Wreath Connection Goes Surfing…

Hello everyone, we have sent out about 5 of our wreaths from the new line here for Valentines Day tomorrow…. and we have just signed up for an account with skype if any of you would like to call up and see the wreaths firsthand!! So far, all featured in the line currently posted- are still available!!! So throw us some comments, and let us know what you would like to see next!!! Or, just give us some feedback… how do you like the new line?
Please visit

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Tke a bite out of LOVE on Valentines Day

You cant go wrong on Valentines Day with one of our wreaths… trust me, they wont have anything like it, and they will see the thought put into the gift, and it cost less than a dozen roses… and lasts forever… give her something eternal… give her a WreathConnection Wreath… its worth it, and so is she…..
Free Shipping… Going Fast!!!

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Saw Ice-Capades Tonight

Oh, I am just so excited. Tonight, at my tender adult age, and saddly one of the very few people never to have been to The Actual Disney World before… I was invited to go to The Ice-Capades (Disney on Ice) tonight, and it was Fabulous! While I havd never seen any iceskaters before until tonight that were not on tv, those tricks were the cake… and the caracters were the icing on it. I was there with my neices and nephew, there were 7 of us total, and I held my 2 year old neice in my arms and watched her eyes get as big as golfballs whenever mickey happened to skate by. They knew all the songs, and it was just like a concert for the adults. The music was wonderful, oldies, newbies, classics… just a really great talented performance with singers, dancers, skaters, pyrotechnics, and the cutest excited children everywhere to create a spirit of excitement and fun had by all! If there are any of you who haven’t seen professional ice skaters live before… now is the time to see them, The tickets are not that bad as where you sit, you are always able to see as in most are in stadiums, and you will never forget the experience!!!

Alert though…. If you decide to go, make sure you have dinner BEFORE the show starts… as here in the country even, the snocones were 10 dollars a piece!! With 4 kids in tow, that can be a bigger event than ever dreamed—

I hope that you all are able to check out the Disney on Ice, It was beautiful!!

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Spring is sleeping

Tonight I attended this fabulous festival of lights to study the ancient beliefs that people would practice certain superstitions that the spring was sleeping for the winter, and this was why the leaves fell off of the trees and annual flowers were OK, for not blooming for a season. It is the time of year that we all start hoping for that indication of whether or not there will be six more weeks of winter. Although from what I hear, this area hasn’t seen a winter like this in years, and as the ice melts there are portions of the rooftop that is leaking due to heavy winds and thick ice, I believe that superstition holds true that in a few more weeks the ice and snow are to melt and mother nature is to wake spring up again to bring us into a wonderful comfortable summer. Now, I am not sure what summer in New York is like, but I remember from the few times that I have visited, that it being warm in the sunshine, but being cold around the skyscrapers because of the shade from the tall buildings. Tonight, after the festival, I sat back and thought about the house in which I will be living in when spring comes. It always makes me nervous at a crossroad in my life and you know that everything is about to change. Don’t get me wrong, I Love change to the point where it is almost weird sometimes, however, I get excited about stability as well. In the house I may be moving into, There is this beautiful white kitchen. In that kitchen there are these old, tall wooden framed windows, with a tree in the sunlight. In the morning, I have never seen or bee in a more beautiful kitchen to wake up and have coffee while staring out the window to the city that surrounds it. The New York Post is plentiful, as are the people around the neighborhood. The yard is a nice size for the city, although, in the house, theres a lot of steps, it couldn’t hurt me to put the exercising forth. It makes me want the spring to sleep longer as time is running out for me to be frightened of a city sooo much bigger than myself. Moving is never fun either, especially when it is from a 3 bedroom 2 floor house full of your things and no way to carry them, pack them store them, when you have been living in Pennsylvania in the comforts of the home that you grew up in. I am a person who loves sunshine. I love the beach and the sounds of waves hitting the shoreline. I love big events to get excited over, learning new, and positive things. Of course I plan on, when I move to New York utilizing my advertising and marketing education from college- I just want to be able to have a comfortable lifestyle- Like any other person out there. I guess life is all about risks, no matter if you stay in the same place for a long period of time or not. Not being married or having children at this time in my life is enabling me to put myself out there and it be ok to make a mistake now and then. One day, putting myself out there is going to be the greatest decision ever made, and the business and the career will all fall into place. I just want to be in the right place at the right time. I will enjoy things with change a lot more once the dust settles and spring wakes up- leading us all into a summer that is well deserved. I will make special plans to have me time everyday, that will enable me to clear my head to make sure that every decision is well thought out and analyzed. I am aiming to take better care of my health. as this trip to PA has taught me that at the end of the day, there is nothing more important that the health of yourself for you and the people that you love, no matter how expensive or scary it may be. I am going to devote most of my free time to The Business. I want to move ahead with it all the time. I am going to look into advertising venues that will get me seen by more people and potential buyers, if not, possibly, open up my own shop in NYC once I see what the rents are going to be. I have to familiarize myself with The subways, the streets, the letters of the stations, the prices for tickets, and the times where it is safe/unsafe to be and when. Cause remember, I have only ever been there twice before, and from far away, it feels as if I am walking into a completely dark room. My positive response right now to the move and the business is…The weather will be getting better and better everyday, and whether I get my own place there or not- Warm weather always brings out the best in people. Please visit my business site at

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Whats beautiful about this experience

We here at the WreathConnection always try to check out the little things that are often times overlooked in appreciation whats out there in nature that is beautiful.

Today, we noticed a spectrum of different colors created when mixing out ingredients for the homemade potpourri. Beautiful vibrant colors from oranges, reds to blues and purples… utterly fascinating!

Milk hitting your coffee. The swirls make the vision so hypnotising sometimes, you just never thing to watch it log enough before it all blends in.

Salt and Pepper hair color: what a story it has to tell, a person with this hair color always reminds me of what in life they have achieved, things they have conquered, places they have been. I think it is beautiful when something so simple can tell such a story of triumph.

Frozen forests: Although not too big of a fan of their affect, when I moved to Florida 5 years ago, I missed the vision of the land here in PA  just after the trees in the yard had frozen over, a beautiful white embellished vision of grayish blue tones underneath a crystal clear blue sky.

Candle wax; As it drips dry slowly, I look at the drying drops of wax build up after a long burn. Stacking amongst each other in an orderly fashion almost as if something somewhere was telling them where to go, drying to a point of lava-like beauty.

Just a couple of little things for you to notice today that are sure to make you smile.

Please check out my business: The WreathConnection at

Piece of Mind… Never leave home without it!

We are watching the rant on Christian Bales Tirade on a poor, innocent crew member on the set of one of his new movies “the Terminator”. Now, I am not one to trash talk, but, if any of you out there saw this on the news today… you will understand what I am thinking! In hard times such as these, can you really chalk this mans arrogance as “He was just having a bad day”?? Unfortunately this world, money creates how much power you have which creates self worth in many instances. Some people are very humble, and take it very well, others…. not so much. I have only ever heard of Christian Bale in the news as I was a huge Heath Ledger fan, and was delighted to hear that someone was going to take over his role in an opportunity to save the movie that Heath had previously started. This actor. Christian Bale, has been so overpaid, and sucked up to, that he took the chance of thinking that speaking to someone who is a hardworking human being as the rest of are profoundly in this manner was justifiable. The incident had happened in July… it had not even leaked until now. We just recognized today that people with more money than what they can handle really do turn the cheek when it comes to their power and how to use it. I. like everyone out there would LOVE to be wealthy, however, I would never stoop as low as treat anyone as bad as this. Everyone is still human, no matter what they own materialistically. We all came from the same place as far as I am concerned.. Shame on Him!!


The way that I look at the atmosphere around me, it speaks as a statement of… “This is who I am”. My Home in Florida, as I have mentioned in previous posts is an procclamation of all of the places in life in which I wish to travel someday. My home here in pennsylvania is covered in country style artifacts collected over many years. My bedroom here is done solely in all of the wreaths that are or were posted that were my favorite. It is a wonderful expression of aomeones pride when you can walk into their home and be able to tell of their pride for their family by being warm, inviting, peaceful, storytelling. I love to hand wall art. I would say that it makes or breaks a motif in someones home, but that is just my humble opinion. You see in homes, old fashioned, and you can see that they love earth, classy tones, they enjoy history and patriotism. Some people have a very modern decorators. They have decor that is very sheik, this tells me they like the cutting edge, risktakers, dealbreakers, and vogue. The packrat… this home tells me that they have always loved everything they have always had and have a deep appreciation for things, everything has a significance… kinda neat… kind of a bad habit at the same Some houses are both modern and country, the architecture in these homes is usually always key, however the smallest of homes can take on this traditional favorite. While there seems to be some old fashioned, it is combined with a balance of equal sheik which makes this family well- rounded, not a single corner to shave down… Innovative yet private… what does your home say about you??

Here is a picture of a kitchen I found off of the internet of a typical country home courtesy of… the only thing it is missing is, a wreath! Enjoy-


A Country Kitchen Check out My Wreaths at HTTP://

It’s Snowing…Again..ugh

You guessed it.. The flakes are a fallin again here in western Pennsylvania. As a couple nice days served us well and enabled the business to go shopping and crafting…. Here we are, a mere 36 hours later freezing, and feeling the house shake as the snow plows thrash by. The good news is that we were able to finish a very complex wreath this afternoon. The bad news is…well, it was too cold for us to go to the basement for our daily workout for starters, and according to the weather channel, it is only to get worse in the days to come. I am grateful to be working from the business that is so close tohere, because if not, we shutter to think of traveling too awful far. The roads look bad and seem to be getting worse.  To any of my cold weathered friends out there, make sure you stay warm, as it looks like we are in for another rush!!!  Ugh, summer or Florida can’t come soon enough…. either at this point… just something to thaw the tips of my fingers to enable me to manufacture my ideas for the business!! LOL

“What doesn’t Kill you Makes you Stronger”

I have always found it interesting how life will hand you the most terrible day ever, and then turn around and make you the happiest person in the world. I am human, and like everyone else, I have bad days… The company stays consistently good, and always just feels as if it were all meant to be, but everything else has more strain on some days than others. I believe this is what is putting me in the direction of soul searching and establishing what it means to be independent again. When I have a bad day, I do all of my happiness excersizes, and then I step back to reflect on how far I have come since the last time something happen to make me sad ):

The great thing is that when things are good they are really great, and if life has taught me anything so far, it is that it’s too short to take anything or anyone for granted.  It makes me a bit more analytical of things maybe, but, it helps that next good day come so much faster. Vanna, a friend of the Wreath Connection, once told us to make a list of every good day, and every bad and to step back and compare the ratio. Since her wise practice suggestion we had decided for the last 3 months to test the theory and see if it pans out to try to fix some of the mistakes that may have casued the negative experiences… whether it be adequate preparation, procrastination, woulda, coulda, shoulda’s– Sure enough, first month was bad, second was better, and this month has been the best so far. Turns out, we never pay attention to the reasons we have bad days, and so the mistakes happen over and over until they are redeemed. So that saying is definitely true, we tested it, and statistically speaking… What doesn’t kill you… really does make you stronger!!!

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Joyful Masterpieces

There is really nothing like recieving a special something from the heart. We all know that it takes a lot of time and effort to actually sit down and think through something creative to show someone that you care as opposed to going to the store and picking something off the shelf. But, its like that age-old term… What do you buy for someone that has everything??? I have some people close to me that are extremely hard to buy for, either it is because I don’t see them enough, or its just that I know that they have a prosperous lifestyle and if they want something… they would just go out and buy it themselves. The new line is exciting because I have crafted these new ones in such a way that you can actually see the time I put into them to personalize, and to make sure that they are all unique especially for that person who has everything… I can guarantee that even a craft addict is not going to have something as unique as these hanging already in their home. So the answer to your time given gift idea is… a wreath from the wreath connection. Not only are they carefully constructed with homemade potpourri, scented with highly researched oils and herbs for great health and pleasure…. but they are created with time, love, and skill, to ensure that special, meaningful expression without saying anything at all!!

Sneak Peek…..Here only—

Ladies and Gentlemen… I am giving you a preview of a lil something I just finished this evening from the new line…. It is not offered on the storesite yet, as I am just offering a sneak peak as of right now…It is called an “Anniversary Wreath” and is made with Clean cotton potporri, deep green eucalyptus, and beautiful sayings that surround it such as happiness, me and you, Our fairytale, forever, togetherness (to name a few) It is a perfect Valentines day gift, Engagement/ wedding gift, gorgeous decoration for the church if planning a wedding, or even Hanging in the home for personal use in rememberance of the triumphs that you and your spouse/significan other have made it through!! When the site is unveiled this particular item will be free shipping, and will be available (once this one sells) upon reservation only… will be available in bulk as well…. And Guys…. It will cost about as much as would for a dozen roses, and a box of chocolates…. Keep coming to the storesite to check on if it is posted, and it will be revealed within days of the new lines introduction! Feel free to comment below, and as a reminder, the storesite is


Introducing... The Anniversary/ Engagement Wreath

Introducing... The Anniversary/ Engagement Wreath

Gorgeous Unity Side Bouquet

Gorgeous Unity Side Bouquet

Happiness Charm "For good luck"

Happiness Charm "For good luck"

Happily Ever Afer Charm "Luck for prosperity and longevity"

Happily Ever Afer Charm "Luck for prosperity and longevity"

You & Me Charm .... Speaks for itself--

You & Me Charm .... Speaks for itself--

Wreath Connection’s Lost Obsession has taken a new Turn!!

As you all know from previous postings, we just love ‘ Lost” the show on ABC on Wednesday nights… Well, due to the whole Office move, we can now watch tv while doing our crafting, so we can now watch our “Sawyer” every week while at work!!! As he is now our screensaver, he will be a visual part of our blog and Social media work as well. (:
Hey, I know….. We just love stuff that makes us cheerful!! Shout out to Josh Holloway as “losts'” Sawyer!!!

In the Craft Chat Room we all agree... What would YOUR nickname be??

In the Craft Chat Room we all agree... What would YOUR nickname be??

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Take on the Hardships

It seems as thought the views of the world are taking on their own personalities anymore… Single women are having 14 kinds, olympic gold medalists are smoking pot, the economy is in crisis, and we can’t even eat peanut butter!!! However, there is a silver lining through all of this. With the advanced technological achievements of the modern world, people have been soaring through life on a pretty easy path untill now, and they say it is only to get worse. I would say that now is a time to make yourselves comfortable, work as hard as you can- no shortcuts!! Reak the benifits of family, friends, and quality time.
Business owners, create a surplus of valuable items, so that when all this is over and things are prosperous again, you will be fully set up for success! Use this time to practive invoices, inventories, and research with different companies that handle your supply goods.
Preparation, and a calm confident mind will exude positive energies and pay off in the end… I guarentee it!!
My focus is to help make the world stay happy, stress-free, and comfortable… and I am working on that one wreath at a time!!!

Please Visit
Add me to your myspace friends The Wreath Connection Last name Connection

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Giving them what they want

Unbelievable as it seems, people are strickly driven by what they want. While watching the news the other day, I saw a story on the New York Executives who got millions of dollars in corporate bonuses last year alone. How long has that been happening for? How is it that we were paying 5 dollars a gallon for gas at one point, and these execs who dont even have to drive were buying things like airplanes… and taking luxury vacations for weeks at a time?? I find on here at wordpress that everyone works hard, has a dream, and is willing to work every hour of everyday to make their dreams come true… I know, because I am one of them… I have decided to make my site free of shipping and handling after tonight… I just want my dreams to become a reality, a jet would be nice…. but accomplishments are the richest feelings in the world in my opinion.

Please visit my site at

Home living….

The Wreath Connection has moved its supplies to a bigger room… thanks to all the positive response and creation of the new line, today we currently moved all the supplies to a bigger workshop to make room for all of the possibilities!! Please check out…. New Line Coming out soon… Stay tuned

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Wreath Connection is a chatter

So I have been livin it up in the crafting chat room lately… the imagination out there is wonderful… lots of things out there that I believe will be mainstream someday! I was frozen temporarily due to them thinking I was spam… so I have led up on the site reviewing for now… but I still sneak a couple in now and then, I just fear leaving a comment in someones blog will cause them to have to investigate my site again… so, I am following you all… if you wanna connect meet me in my website chat… or find me at etsy… or of course… comment below… I write everyone back!!!!

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Come read the blog

I would love for all of you to come and read the last couple of posts… they are amazing and done with research conducted last night while I couldnt sleep! You’ll just love em’ and be able to relate!

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Cold feet

Hi everyone, update on the line… I have been working all day with the new supply shipment that has come in and connecting with others from! i have just decided to take a break because I have a chill and want to go get warm… Come check out the site at!

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The Beauty of Fireworks and Lightning

It is always so interesting to think about and intake the capacity of the human mind. You know, the amazement of something so beautiful and powerful such as a firework. Simple really, just an arrangement of colors to stimulate the unknown of danger, and heat, along with the wonder of colors and shapes along with a sound that motivates the adrenaline causing oohs and ahhs around a crowd. Is it the side of the brain suggested that we never use that actually feels the emotions that something so beautiful can create?
Sometimes lightning frightens people, while other times, storm chasers yearn for it, as a thrill to seek bolts of electricity soaring across an open sky. Again, you feel the thrill of fright as most of us are concerned about safety, the others of us just want to stare out the windows, or curl up and listen to it thunder out and occasional flashes spark peaceful relaxation.

I try to keep the simpler things in mind when I am working in the workshop. Although there is no element of fear in any of the work I do, of course, I am consistently captivated in the on line research that I do about the power of something so simple as colors to the eyes, scents to the nose over the body, an all around will to have a better life, and understanding of fate and all that is natural. I am trying to form a mold of what this business means to me by exemplifying the feelings, emotions, and uniqueness as a reflection of what I see in others. When every individual wreath is complete… I stand back, I look at it, does it give me the oohs and ahhs? Does it relax me like a thunderstorm? Do I find comfort in its aesthetics or its aroma? When the answer to these questions for me is “Yes” at the moments of finalizing each wreath, that’s when I know that it has been a satisfying experience enough for me to share it with others, to give them a symbol in return… a product made with love. A product as captivating as…. Lets say… Fireworks and Lightning! Stay tuned for the new line out in days… and, comment on the blog below!! I Love reading your comments!! Please visit me at!!

Please visit Http://!!

We are in the final days of our 25% off sale, and these beautiful wreaths are selling out fast!! New line is being unveiled ANY DAY NOW!!!

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At Home with “The Wreath Connection”

Here at home, we are making a wonderful feast this afternoon. Our Italian family loves the ritual of making our famous spaghetti, along with our homeade meat sauce and Garlic bread. Woke up today and watched the Groundhog day celebration… a favorite here in the household, as Punxsutawny is my freshman year Alma Mater and every year there is always six more weeks of winter. Funny, because in Florida, they have never even heard of Groundhog day with the exception of the Bill Murray movie, and I dont even think that was filmed in Punxsy, probably at some high tech studio in California somewhere. We are still patiently awaiting that curious package to come in the mail with the last of our supply goods for the new line. The build up is more than anything right now, there is so much that I want to do! I am checking on the progress of the showcase we are featured in today on, and trying to build a stronger friend list for myspace. Did anyone see the Etrade Commercial last night with the two babies?? OMG, we are still cracking up- those commercials are hilarious! That one was probably my favorite for the evening, and as you have heard in previous posts, my hunny’s the STEELERS won their 6th Superbowl victory last night, which was a loud, crazy and fun celebration for everyone throughout the night! Thanks for following.. Please Visit or add me as a friend to your myspace at The Wreath Connection last name… Connection!!

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I am a huge fan of pqoples quotes, whether famous, or not, I am captivated by the path of the human brain, and its philosophic outlook on situations and ponderings… lol. I hope that made sense. Today, I bought at the craft store these wonderful quotes that are on a material called Vellum, I believe its an iron- on material that I will be using to iron on to my ribbons for some of the upcoming wreaths for the new line. I was EXPLORING different ideas with the quotes, so I ordered some block lettering, some praise Quotes, and some everyday “food for thought” quotes! I am extremely excited in the everyday advances the company is moving toward. Although never an artist as far as drawing… I have suprised myself everyday as what my mind sees when I look at a certain flower, or dried fruit, amell a certain scent, or delve into more research into the human psyche. I have found it so amazing, as if I “tricked the system” being able to group these signifigances together to turn out so beautiful and good for the mind, body, and soul please visit the storesite at or add me as a friends toy our myspace at Wreath Connection… last name connection

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Wreath Connection is ready for today!

Make sure you all stop by for the latest goods here in the showcase before the big revealing of the new line. We are dreaming big from this new line, and with part of the proceeds, we have decided to design some new t- shirts to put up for sale post circulation… to give us long enough to measure the volume of sales! So remember to stop by and give us a shout out!! They are all posted at the 25% off price!!

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Congradulations Steelers!!!

I am so proud of where Im from!!

I am so proud of where Im from!!

We Did It!! Representing all of Football country, Steelers defeated Arizona in an “edge of your seat” game!! My mother and I were screaming the plays the whole time as feeling uneasy at a couple of close calls towards the end…. Hail to Ben, Harrison, and Santonio for making us expecially proud, as an outside suburb of Pittsburgh, in the last minutes the Fireworks in town started to go off, and Kids cheered as well as adults as they have the day off school tomorrow(as all schools in the areas do) in recognition of the win!!
And this one makes 6!!!

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God Bless America!!

While I have been laid up watching documentaries of the war on Iraq, I must discuss how proud I am of our country. I feel so blessed that we are able to have the freedom to have technologies that help us get through hard economic times such as these. I think that is why it has been so important to me to create this soldier wreath for the families of those serving overseas. When you meet someone for the first time, you are given a onceover of what their families were like when THEY were growing up. Condoleeza Rice was on The View this marning, and they had asked her how she had made it from a segregated childhood to what she had become today, and the answer was… great parents!! She went on to explain that even though they hadn’t had much money, her parents always taught her that she could be whatever she wanted to be as long as she put her mind to it, and that is the adult that she became. I just think that it is amazing how in this land, anything truly is possible, and I know that we all can make it through these hard economic times!

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Power of flute music

For Christmas, I bought a instrumental cd of all different Flute songs from an Indian age…. utterly amazing! As I am still a modern aged woman who loves the persuasion of all types of music, I have found this music to be shockingly motivating! It has some tracks on the cd which give me the urge to want to face the day head on… and others that make me want to relax and practice meditation excersize. Lately, I have been utilizing the cd as I am healing my mouth, and cannot speak. Soul searching has been a very successful outlet for me to thoroughly enjoy and realize what my capabilities in life are. Isn’t that interesting… how music filters into your soul and has a way of filtering thoughts and finding balance better than your mind does sometimes… who knew.. at any rate, for all of you hard- working power people out ther… definately go out and get yourself some instrumental cd’s… while at the end of the day, there might just be one type of music for you….. everyone should have some instrumental for inspiration!!!

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Rememberance wreath gets Raves

In an edition before the website was created, the wreathconnection had a specialty promo for members who had loved ones they wanted to honor in momory with a personalized signature keepsake wreath. Dozens of these wreaths were sent, and enjoyed by their new owners.. and letters have flowed in for their return ever since! What do you think? The wreaths created in a previous line included small wooden letters, the persons favorite colors and several honors of the person whom was loved along with even a scent perhaps that made people feel closer to their loved one. A rememberance to keep in your home. Kind of like The charm bracelet for Women only hanging on your wall in the wreath form.

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