Wreath Sale… Come be a part of history

These Gorgeous pieces are hard to pass by, their fragrances are absolutely delectable and irresistable!!
Our wreaths are on sale at crazy low prices.. we are offering any wreath from the site you want at 60.00 plus shipping!
This sale wont last long, so order yours today, supplies are limited, and once they are gone, they are gone!!


What is it about thunderstorms?

While rolling thunder passes my home, I am relaxed and tranquil almost as if being sung a lullaby by natures most beautiful artistry and the power of the senses on the mind, occassionally a lightnig streak ll light up my home crating the warmest relaxation here making it Floridas most anticipated season for me. Curled up in my favorite blanket, just finished working all day, I listen to the rain tap on my concience, while the excitement for my vacation tomorrow grows Please visit http://www.wrethconnection.com and by a wreath get a fee centerpiece today only!And, if your in Florida, enjoy the rain!

You know you want one

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Free Gifts

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Fear of Flying

Tonight I am restless, thinking about the business and our well deserved vacation this week. I have been up all night the past few nights reading, to try to tame the thoughts in my head that re circling around my aura. A lapop is a blessing, however it is a curse at the same time. It frees me from holding the thought I have in, but, keeps me up all night venting… As most of you know, I have just reeased the new fall line, put it on an incredible sale. Between Etsy, here, blogger and like 5 other social venues, I am finding myself wondering what is going on with the net while Im workig on the wreaths! I lay in bed, tossing and turning thinking about ideas that come through that I am studting in my mind from the anxiety of possibly not being able to remember those ideas in the morning. I think about random things as well, such as.. the dress that Michelle Obama wore at the inauguration made the artist an overnight success with people lined up around his block to recieve glimpses of his other designs. What can I do to get that discovery? That certain stroke of luck running wild digging me out of this (just above water) mode that is this harsh economy. I will turn once more andpossibly throw a leg over a blanket to think of Economic stimulous plans and how banks can fail and pay their executives top dollar and fly them around in corporate jets for private parties… and I dont have health insurance? I have been reading a lot lately, some is what I call Fundamental reading for pleasure purposes, and the other half of spare time has been developing internet media and design kills for a new business I am lauching soon in Web development and advertising. The Librarians now me by name as I stroll through their halls at least once a week. Then, Comes my trip this week, while I could not be more excited, nd anxious about seeing my family- experiencing the familiarity wit childhood friends and the comforts ofhomebase surroundings, I am distracted from my slumberess thought by listening to a loud jet engine pass over the house. This sound, so deafening that its hard not to think about anything else other hat the huge plan flying overhead… at 5 am?? I fly often, but everytime, I wonder what if? What if they lose my luggage again like they did on Christma Last year? What if the hurricane gets closer and we are delayed? What if it comes while we are there and cant get back in time for work??? zI know, I must sound loopy… itis 530 AM and I am still awake, babbling in my blog (which I love) about thoughts circling my path. Speaking of path, I just designed a website for my mom that you should all ceck out– its called YourSpiritualpathways.com- and its not quite where we want it to be, but certainly on its way. I think my lack of sleep has something to do with the tea I had earlier (: Thanks for keeping up with me- check out the wreaths if you get the chance… they are so fabulous! WWW.Wreathconnecton.com and feel free to comment if you would like- I could use some cushioning to me new fear of flying (:

Tools ‹ Wreathconnection’s Blog — WordPress

Tools ‹ Wreathconnection’s Blog — WordPress.

You have got to check out my site at www.wrethconnection.com… there is a huge sale there now, and, the wreaths are loved by many!

Taking it all in–

We are travelling up north this week to see the family! Although Skype has helped greatly, we are always missing the family up Nort. Eddie has family in New York, while mie is in the ol coal mining swells of Nanty- Glo, PA. I must say,I have never been his excited to go home, as I thinking about my sister and her boyfriend coming to pick us up, and meeting with my other sister, her husband and my beautiful nieces and nephew. Then onto my moms house where she plans on having bonfires every night, in a day or so, my late fathers twin brother comes into town, My uncle Les is an amazing whirlwind of stories bunched into one person. I methodical and memory filled gnious that you just simply cannot get enough of! Whole Bacon Roasts and the smell of Mountain pies cookin within the hot coals of the flames. Mom says the weather is perfect up there, although we are a lttle bit nervous here, as tropical storm Anna and Bill are closer and closer at 23 miles per hour! I start getting more and more nervous everytime we fly, so, as the storms approach, my palms are just a clammier and a clammier!! All the while, our sale is full speed ahead! So make surewhile we are wrapping up our summer, you wrap yours by thinking about how great these gifts are for your home, or as gifts! Visit us at http://www.wreathconnection.com!

Dont Miss The Sale!!

"With such a Variety, these products become absolutely addictive!">Huge Wreath Sale at The Wreath Connection… All wreaths 60.00!!! Come check em’ out before their all gone!! WWW.WreathConnection.Com</em

Massive Sale: Everything Must Go

Please stop by http://www.wreathconnection.com to see our biggest sale of the year, “The End of Summer Sale” Everything must go for us to make room for the Christmas line coming through! This deal is too hard to pass by… Buy yourself or someone you love a one of a kind aromatheraputic wreath today!

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Tips from TheWreathConnection to Add Traffic to your Blog or Website

Meet our Newest Team Member

Babara is celebrating a birthday today, along with making some of her first calls on new leads for The Wreath Connection! She took her first set with her yesterday, and we are very excited to introduce you to her, and her beautiful daughter, Hannah. She is so creative, with many ideas on how to get the Wreaths from our hands to yours!


Add me to your tweets and invite me as a youtube friend!!

Im so excited, I have an account for a very long time now, but just recently starting to really get into them. I have posted several youtube videos and welcome friends, and come and follow my tweets!!! Twitter name is WreathConnection and Youtube name is Evelynsopenmind!! See you soon!

Feelings and Memories of A Northern Fall

I was just thinking about how quikly the days pass, and how much different it is in the fall with the kids in school and all. Here in Florida we do not have the privledge of seasons, and one of the things I miss the most about PA is that when seasons change there, the leaves turn this beautiful color of orange, red and yellow, and the wind that passes through makes this snarly hooing sound. Its so much fun as the energies of the first days of school come through the towns, all the kids with their new schools and supplies. The sound and smell of the school buses that had been on hiatus for the last few months, blend in with the smell of dead crumpled leaves that fly across the street. As the fall months pass by, the the trees only get prettier and prettier while football season runs its course. You hear the faint sound of highschool bands practicing their trumpets and drums through the surrounding woods, echoeing off of the mountains. Closer and closer it comes to Halloween where masquerade is ok, and children get to swim in the best kinds of candy! A secret society of children speak of “which houses are giving the best sweet goods” and the parents and tweens pass by on the street. Excitement of great scary movies and insane adrenaline rush make the blood circulate quickly waiting at home beside the freshly buttered popcorn. A mere month later, Thanksgiving approaches, gathering all kinds of friends and family to go around and enjoy delectable goods that can only be enjoyed once a year. Ensuing conversations of memories of that passing year, and everything to be thankful for. While all full and tired, you retreat to the couches to watch the years best football games, napping in and out of each quarter from all of the turkey. I love fall as it, as a seaason passed almost in the blink of an eye. here in Florida, they all try for the same concept, but most locals have a hard time understanding what the true feeling of fall is like. They miss out on the leaves gorgeous shine off of the cliffs the leaves give in the crisp cold air, as they are given palm trees and 90 degree heat. Most costumes for halloween are light and thin, so that children do not overheat, and complexes run so close together that a child finishes their trick or treating even before it gets dark. The heat proves exhausting. The chocolate melts as they walk, putting a flame under them to make it home to enjoy its solidity. You still get to enjoy haunted houses, as it doesnt matter where you are from and the boos and ahhs still run fluent. Disney right around the corner, hosts a Horror night expedition that is sure not to miss. Special effects and fake smoke covers the neighborhood of Universal Studios. A secret pass enables you skipping line privledges that ensure you are able to see every house and all of their themes. Masquerade a favorite still amongst adults, however most would rather sit at home with air on high, waiting to pass out candy instead. So the fall brings something different for everyone, something personal from every attatched memory. The new line just unveiled yesterday, is an product of the personal feeling that fall gives to me. Years and months pass and it seems my memories of up north never change, they just get more vivid, as the feelings of fall down in Florida are filled with beach visits and seashell themed dishware. I tried to bring the old ,charismatic colors that scream out their holiday, their season, and overall charm. The warm scents and festive coloring display the energy and passion you would expect from the above… first day of school, the adrenaline from all of the candy, and the crispness of the air passing by your nose. I chose the colors in representation of a Northern fall, yet a southern charm. I hope that everyone is able to enjoy the wreaths personal affects, as the feelings rub off in the pictures almost. make sure to visit, and look at the line at WWW.WreathConnection.Com

Halloween Wreaths this year-

Deep Dark Chocolate Potpourri DreamAs much as for fall in which we absolutely love, we made some space in the collection from our favorite holiday, Halloween, by throwing some unique oranges and yellows into the mix. None are kiddie however, as this is a trial run to see how they go over, but, the pristine quality, texture, fragrance, and aesthetics of these pieces are just absolutely breathtaking.

The Wreathconnection Reviews “Twilight” The Book

We have just finished reading Twilight over here, as season starts to pick up in Naples, Florida, a couple rainy days have enabled me to finally finish it during downtime. I have to admit, I have already started the second book, New Moon, and will be reviewing on here as well, as I am curious if anyone else who has read as opposed to seeing the movie got the feelings that I felt when I read it.

The Dark, stormy prescence the book starts off with sets the scene for the entire atmosphere of the book, with a lonely girl (Bella) who is obviously in search for what she is missing in her life. As she is soon to meet Edward in her new school after leaving her moms house abrubtly ( for reasons I feel should have been more specified) but they leave it as her stepdad (or moms boyfriend) is trying to get signed to The Big Leagues in baseball over in jacksonville. She moves to Seattle, well, outside of Seattle, a small town called FORKS which immediately reminded me of the small town that I had grown up in… set a nice foundation. Meeting Edward is uncomfortable for her, but how the movie is, its more of an uncomfort between the two actors Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson… In the book you get a detailed description of how the odd looks and wierd bodily positions were actually somewhat of the attraction they had for each other, Edward in paticular, who finds her smell soooo sweet.
They begin to court, as she continues to beg him to make her into a vampire, which as they date, she is exposed to all of the abnormalities in which a vampire must go through, such as… Uncomfort around certain people with certain smells, living forever, moving around all the time.. But this insane attraction she has is clearly blinding her to anything other than the lust she endures. A defiant Edward consistently tells Bella he loves her so much he basically wants her to Be Free, while through the book she literally argues with him, which I feel in the movie was downplayed just a bit. The friends in the movie are a tad Dorkier than I had imagined in the book, and some of the characters in the book were hardly mentioned in the movie. Towards the middle of the book, you feel the intensity of their situations, paving the way for the bad vampires to come and take over. Take over by crashing their baseball game that they are only playing because of the thunder and lightning, probably one of my most favorite parts, as it sent my blood running faster as I thought the thunder analogy with the bats hitting the ball was genious, and it was defenitely part of the book that made me sit up a bit straiter. The obvious worst vampire Jasper has his Eyes on Bella, and is obviously not going to resist until he gets her… A huge runaround takes effect, the book is so spectatular at this point because the family is fleeing in one direction to create a diversion in Bella’s scent, and Bella, along with Edwards Brother and sister are fleeing to Phoenix where she is from, as she very sadly fakes a breakup with Edward and breaks her fathers heart to get him to let her go. She is called from her moms house in which she left a message from jasper himself who had become keen to the scent trick many many miles ago. He Threatens her, which in the movie the “Ballet” studio I thought was awful “Dark” to be an old studio, however, I guess I can Agree with Stephanie Meyer on not putting the scene in an old church as that presents somewhat of a cliche. Bella gets bitten and Edward turns up out of nowhere… the family “takes care” of Jasper, the only way they can, while Edward is forced to suck the poison out of Bella’s system so she cannot fall suseptable to the fate of a vampire. She wakes in the hospital, mother in toe, and father at the Cafeteria ( never explaining how the reaction was when the three of them (Edward, Mom, and Dad) reacted when they found out the breakup was a big ploy, and obviously were never made privy to any of the information as to what really happened.. they asked no questions? I dont know about you, but I would be allll over that! She awakes to Edward faking a sleep (as they dont sleep) to hear Bellas mom plea for her return to home (now in Jacksonville) she explains to her mom how she doesnt want to go, and then pleas with Edward on how they shouldn’t breakup just over what had happened.
I wont go into the end, in case you are one of the few people who havent read the book or seen the movie. I simply loved the book, like I said ” I am reading the next one” however, I wish that the attraction was tamed just a tad, as you get popped out of reality every once in awhile when your so engrossed, realizing that a regular person may just decide staying human is probably a better possibility for everyone.

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Heads Up– New Fall Line has arrived!

"With such a Variety, these products become absolutely addictive!"These Gorgeous pieces are hard to pass by, their fragrances are absolutely delectable and irresistable!!
Here is a small sneak peek at what the line has in store for everyone! You just have to check out the thumbnails at WWW.WreathConnection.Com!

An Exciting time for all of us, The New Line is here, and waiting for you!! We know here at The Wreath Connection that this is a moment that you all have been patiently waiting for all summer- and now, the time is here, open for you to browse the thumbnails and let us know what you think right here on our blog!

So does this site really pay?

I was watching famed money expert Clark Howard the other day and I heard a guest call in and ask about all of these online, work from home scams they have been throwing around since the economy crashed… I was listening when he said they were all just a get rich quick scheme and not to listen. As you know I am the owner of The Wreath Connection.Com and am always looking for new, fun and innovative ways to promote my site. I started watching editorials on youtube about affiliate programs and got connected to a site involving “residual income” from the sites you click on. Now I had been down this road before with a different company and I am not going to lie when I say it was tedious, and time consuming, and for this particular one ( which I wont mention their name) didnt really show me any proof of any help thrown my way at all. After all the time wasted, I had decided to let the “get rich quick” idea go on the back burner. During todays webinar on Youtube I was fascinated by this wonderful woman who has been making residuals off of her website for years and she gave some reccomendations. The one I decided to try was called “ClixSense.Com.” Now, a skeptic from the get go, I made sure the website said it was a secure site, and I knew from previous experience that I was going to be twiddling my thumbs through a course of tedious websites. However, although the tenacity proves itself to be true- I was shocked to see I was in fact earning 1 cent for each site viewed! As I sit there , I think to myself …ok, big deal 60 cents an hour, I really am amking internet history over here…lol… then, I read on about the reccomendations graph on one of the tabs nearby, and you really do get paid upon residuals, free to sign up- so- if your a small business owner like myself, and your looking to get seen, or your looking to make a couple bucks in your downtime… check out clixSense.Com and tell them Evelyn Kish sent you … Username WreathConnections… I want to see how fruitful this idea can be for all of us.. at least get a pack of gum out of it, right??? (:

Making the Internet Work For You

How can a Small business blow up in a economy that is pulling for straws?

Turns out that our wallets aren’t the only things getting smaller these days. In an economy where the President himself is talking over issues with Beer instead of 5 star treatment, has to make us all raise an eyebrow or two. California is even thinking of raising the bar on a legal right to tax Marijuana in reform of making up the costs of the states expenditures. Really? Seriously?

Lately, I have been training myself on how to make the bigger money, in a world where even the highest o0f company advisers have no clue in which to turn. My first focus was to think of the things that people enjoy. I was heavily concentrated on the methods of relaxation, being that limited food, rental, real estate, car payment and various bill deadlines would have national and even international people of the world stressed, and feeling the pinches of a tense environment. Especially seeing as though hours at most companies have been extended to fulfill a goal in which used to be so easy to come by.

I had decided to create a product in which created relation aesthetically, and physically. I then determined the cost of what an idea would run. In realizing that this isn’t your mother’s decade anymore, I tutored myself on the whole mainstream media, and small business concept going international. International I had thought, in big red lights… as a passion for my products ensued, I found myself succumb by the fantasy of the multitudes of different countries and dialects I could reach with this product, which in all actuality is the symbol in which is everything that anyone who believes in Christ, knows the importance of this symbol, The Wreath.

An everyday, décor if you will, often times overlooked, and guaranteed not to know its history- A piece of wall décor initially meant just for Christmas- designed to reach new heights and be able to change some aspects of the world of design and conceptual visionary as we know it. So here I am, internet knowledge practiced, creativity stored in my backpack, and mountains and mountains of possibilities that lie ahead. In an era in which the internet is offering so many outlets to those whose voices and products are eager to be heard and seen, what do I and all of the other small business owners out there have to lose? A time to make something out of nothing, and create examples for those who have a dream they are eager to pursue. I created The Wreath Connection .com by having a dream ensued in a variety of different goals, 1.) to change peoples lives by being their “Pat on the back” when it seems no one cares, 2.) To give the gift of good health and relief of minor aches and pains, 3.) to prove to others that it is still a privilege here in America to be able to target a dream that changes the lives of others, and go strait for it. Aromatherapy is a skeptical service, however beauty is something that has been proven to have effective abilities on the stimulus of the minds nervous system for centuries, and will for centuries to come. We have made these one of a kind masterpieces available for weddings, funerals, birthdays, Thank Your’s, births, sorries, children, just about anything that allows the consumer to be able to sit or sleep in this prescience receiving focus, strength, alleviation of headaches, arthritis, sinus issues, and so much more.

Cocker Spaniels are a business’s Best Friend!!

Here she lay... exausted from an eventful day! dreaming of catching the bSeagulls she chased all day!

Here she lay... exausted from an eventful day! dreaming of catching the bSeagulls she chased all day!

Meet Goldie Hawn- Our Dog and Wreath Connection Mascot! Our Day at the beach!!

Meet Goldie Hawn- Our Dog and Wreath Connection Mascot! Our Day at the beach!!

Calling Alpha Inventions… My good Friend!!

Hello there, I realize I am posting this in blog form as I am hoping others may be able to help me with this given the fact that you have so many other blogs to read that you may overlook this one tiny favor.

I have a friend in Arizona Named Dava, who has this amazing Website called  SilverliningSentiments.Com. She has been useing blogging for the last couple of days and I referred her to you as a way of getting her foot in the door. So what my favor is relly, to all of my readers and to you… Mr. Alpha inventions, is please help to welcome Ms. Dava in her journies into the blogging world. Look her up and contact her blog, let her know she is amazing, and give pointers on what blogging, traffic, and all of its secrets are really all about…


I appreciate all of you….

Evelyn Kish

Im coming out with these ideas like Wildfire!!

It is so bazaar, Its 7:45 in the evening here in Florida, and I just spent the day out shopping for unique crafts, when I checked the mail and to my surprise, I had received yet another invitation to a small business group meeting here in the area. Fantastic to me, because I am able to talk about my business and get the message out from others. Also helpful, because it all helps me to learn from any mistakes that they had made in their business. I had decided to hire an assistant for part time work for the business, as they are coming out so beautifully these days, I have a strong workload ahead of me in finalizing their descriptions, fragrances diagnosis information, the research, the postings, the editing, and all of the on-line, and bookkeeping work. My passion is making the wreaths themselves and seeing others bask in their beauty… Not so much going throughout he tasks in informing everyone of their nature. Blogging is the favorite night time habitual business ritual that I will never put into anyone elses hands no matter how successful the company becomes…

At any rate, I had found some amazing materials today, and I am in the process of downloading the music for my ipod, so I can flutter into pure relaxation while I create these new wreaths for the up in coming line. I have a feeling that Christmas is going to be an amazing time for the business, as I can see many people purchasing these wreaths for family members. Having one a lone, I have witnessed can change the appearance of  an entire room, which creates enormous flattery by itself on my part. (; These ideas are based upon flowers that I have found that share the best qualities in beauty I have ever seen, its funnyecause I had never considered myself much of an artist untill recently! To look around and see all of these gorgeous timeless keepsakes, and to sit back and realize the love and mood that I have infused in each one is just absolutly gratifying to me. I simply am biting at the bit to post them, so make sure your there for when it happens, I will be sure to keep you all informed. In the meantime, the newsletter is about to come out on the 25thagain of this month, e mail me or comment me your email and I will add you to the monthly mailing list… Have an amazing night!!

How many wreaths can I make in 1 day?? (;

I have been working tirelessly on the wreaths for the up in comming new line out this fall, and am so excited in what I will have to offer that ideas are running wild like crazy through my mid here in these dog days of summer. As I have some interesting youtube information out to e released soon, I have come across some of the prettiest flowers on sale at the local craft stores here in town. These are flowers with big, silk bulbs in the bottms of their pits sprawling from an assortment of delightful colors making expressions in  my head!! A fantastic opputunity for me as the creation specialist to get involved with some of the pieces an themes for the year ahead. As our economy recovers from an outstanding financial turnaround (hopefully) I am so confident that the mood for this season will even be 10 times better than the last!

We finally have gotten our order for specialty boxes in which is fantastic, and we are putting an ad for Craigslist today!!  So the answer to the headline is…. as many as my hands will let me create!! I know it sounds like an teaser from an American Idol episode, but the ides are flowing like the great Niagara!! Stay tuned!!


Its never to early to start thinking of Christmas

As the months are flying by, and this precious summer we try to grasp on to comes fastly aproaching its end, we are already starting to see aisles being consumed by your average everyday Christmas season spectacles. Predecorated Christmas trees, yard lights and home decor are wierd to see in Floridian 93 degree heat here in the dog days of summer, at the same time, I guess the sooner you start shopping the better.

In a hopefully rising economy considering to show promising numbers, we ae hoping that this season will be a much more happy Christmas than last years, with many more great deeds to be given to change families across the world, one family at a time.

This is where I come is to give all of my readers the downlow. In a few weeks, I will be unveiling a line that is bigger, better than ever…. Showcasing some wreaths that are lit up, ones that are not- Ones that are scented aromatheraputically, ones that are not.  These wreaths are the newest obviously in the collections of whats to come from collections of beautiful silk collections and grapevine bases that we have ever been fortunate enough to get our hands on!

So, if your not doing anything this evening after your done checking your mail, reading your blogs and looking up all your research.. defenately see this post as a heads up to all of my loyal readers.. The new line is going to go fast, and will be perfect for Christmas Gifts this year– Your gonna want to be there when it is unveiled….. Make sure to keep tuning into www.wreathconnection.com

On Youtube Conferencing

I am still feeling my way through the You Tube arts of publishing and friend making, and over this afternoons vanilla flavored coffee, I am surfing this wonderful videos and how-to tutorials on what makes a business worthy of its name conferencing on abreast of subject matter courtesy of evolutions own device known as You Tube. While other small businesses are a product of their own hard earned money, I have been using the skills picked up from the Internet to address questions and theories established through research to help others navigate through the world wide web to get their messages out to the people in the small niches in places so small as the mountains of Ireland for Instance. In this specific case, they wouldn’t have to travel the world to get a sense of what old fashioned living in the Americas was like, but only to experience the decor and the stories behind it by witnessing the craft at its truest form, which are the wreaths in which I have established.

Many different avenues have been taken to navigate a path through this incredible journey. One as useful as Youtube has helped me greatly, as eventually when sales drive higher, I will be able to show my own tutorials on how to make your own essential oils through the arts and mastery of a crafts diagnosis, entailing the ways that a specific artifact on display in ones home can create the feel of calmness… this, unbelievable to some, even me at times, is such an incredible breakthrough that travels way beyond the theories of general home decor.

My business doesn’t mean you have to throw a party for the item, or even make any calls of pressure to your friends on spending money they do not want to spend. In these days, a Lil bit of cash goes a long way, and in the art of living, sometimes after food, there isn’t much left in the form of commodities, or rainy day money to be spent frivolously. I depend on the consumers word of mouth and the art of the Internet to reach people far and wide. Creating a phenomenon that, essentially, speaks for itself.

Consistency the Best Policy?

I attended an interesting forum this evening at the Famous Swanky Naples Hotel here in Florida on the coast. It was very nice, beautifully decorated, and full of people whom are trying to get there name out there, such as I am. The Forum was for Networking and Marketing Techniques. Focusing primarily on Online blogs. A gentleman spoke about WordPress and how it is an effective way of reaching out because the Yellow Pages have become Obselete, and more people are referring to search engine marketing everyday. I was able to add examples of how this all has helped me in the business very very much. I wasnt privy to the knowledge tonight of how many business owners are behind in the Online aspects of Marketing their business. I felt flattered as they complimented me on how advanced I was, and wondered if I could help them. Since I love to write as well as create, I found it an amazing idea to do some affiliated market trading, also known as Site- Linking, in which I help them so they can in turn, help me to get my name out there. Last night, I finished the Portfollio which was excellent for the meeting today as well. The Association was affilliated with The National Association of Wedding Planners.  I talked to very interesting Caterers, Entertainment Specialists, Fellow WordPress Bloggers, and Florists. They all have different creative ideas of course, those in which they provide a service called “Destination Weddings”. This is a fantastic idea dor a convenient One Time Shop!! Brides have a lot on their minds about the best days of their lives, why not make the details precise, unique and easy while putting the trust of your BIG DAY into an experienced persons hands? Genious! I was able to search many tips I was given by my fellow entrepeneurs, and this enabled me to make the business overhead less than ever!! I realized that just as much as Floral, entertainment, and decor, wreaths can be a way of standing out and floral oils creating a unique, noticable aestetically pleasing atmosphere.

I was fortunate enough to display our portfolio to these people who had never seen articles from a “Blog” before in their lifetime, as all these years, most had been using the paper forms and high overhead to reach out to potential patrons. In this day and age, expecially with the invention of such technological tools such as the IPHONE and higher,  a world where 10 years ago the internet being an evolving technical tool sounds almost unimaginable. I was lucky enough to have the time and energy to be able to research methods of utilizing what is out there to help the needs of my buyers. What do they want in my product? What qualities are they looking for? What quantities am I able of supplying over X amount of time? The whole business mentality of doing something so different, unique, and it being what you love has its defenite advantages, you just have to be on top of what your doing technoligically, and keep ahead of what the world is going to throw out at you next. I realize after tonight, that these forums are going on every day all over the world, informing people of these wonderful tools that we are gifted by technology. Pretty soon, they will start charging for these services… and up on the times entrepeneurs will sit  back a linger for the days where we used to have blogs for free, sites for free, download music and videos for free! Social Networking is still in an experimental phase and soon will be behind the next innovation, so we all benefit greatly from utilizing this sign of the times.

I have decided to donate a Wreath to a organization called “Open Arms” I am very excited as it has the name of one of my most famed wreaths. From what I understand, this is a feature given to businesses whom whould like to “give back” to soldiers and families who are fighting yet still for our freedom overseas. I am absolutely open to donation, and I cannot wait to look into this oppurtunity further!

Beating the heat for Fliers

The WreathConnection is seriously considering beating the heat this afternoon and venturing out to hand out fliers for the business, and the uncovering of the website. Internationallly our site has recieved so much recognition for its detailed descriptions of different wreaths and their diagnosis. We are anxious to reach the public of the Americas to enrich the focus of Modern healthcare as it is today, and spreading the phenominon of Aromatherapy as it blows up into something rediculouslt serious for the well being of our and your surrounding communities.  Here in Florida, it is a muggy, humid, 85 degrees, and even the pool is too hot to swim in, fact of the matter is, these fliers are not going to pass out themselves, and it is essensial for the well being of the company and their discussion value.

We here at the business have been thinking of opening some business oppurtunies as an employer while setting the standard, by having people do commission only sales in which they are in charge of wreath distribution reaking in some of the benefits of their surroundings, while sharing a percentage of the profits. This would be incredibly helpful as though the economy is still reaching new and wonderful heights, we need families and business people to be talking about our outstanding services at The Water Cooler…. Lets work on this (:

The Wreath Connection Mourns Michael Jackson

We sit here, still in shock, mourning the sad sad news of our favorite American Icon of all time, Michael Jackson. We shed a tear as we all sit here and reminice the amazing times we have all shared to all different moments with his angelic voice in the backround. Many of our wreaths and ideas have been inspired by old 80s Michael, and this shock is utterly devastating. His Dance moves and rythyms have touched society for Generations and and Generations to Come. We saw on CNN that he will be moonwalking his way to heaven. Today is a day in history that none of us will ever forget. Masses and masses of people are sitting outside the hospitals right now awaiting official confirmation, and it has been said that he was in preparation for 50 sold out concerts in London, and came through his vigorous physical with Flyong colors. U*h, The Man in the Mirror, Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat it, Dirty Diana… the list goes on and on and it sends goosebumps up and down all of our spines. The WreathConnection will make ornaments and wreaths to honor this amazing musician, who has touched our souls and lives with his talent . God Bless him and his family through thistroubled time.  Stay tuned to the site for possible products in his honor. WWW.WreathConnection.Com

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Welcome to Wappinger Falls, NY

Continuing our family visiting, we are spending our very last night in Wappinger Falls New York. As the Countryside is beautiful, and mountains shine fresh green amonsgst the sunshine, I finished my presentation finally for the wedding expo last month, and it turned out wonderful. The baptism was wonderful as little Angelina is now officially Baptized Catholic. I was able to spend some quality time with my boyfriends family, and extended- Tomorrow, its back to Brooklyn for the official last day of our trip- Its all gone by so quickly here. We didnt get to see Central Park this trip, but he promises that next time will be our oppurtunity to have our picnic!! Little Alex is as cute as ever earning his promotion on his Karate team, and building an an amazing Rollercoaster with Connex. I think thats how its spelled.   At any rate, back to the city tomorrow, then back off to Naples, for the excitement of my step daughters arrival Tuesday!!  Summer is always soo crazy!!!

Little Angelina Rose Had Her Baptism Sunday

Little Angelina Rose Had Her Baptism Sunday

A Fantastic Ambiance at Il Bariaotto

A Fantastic Ambiance at Il Bariaotto

Start Spreadin the News!!

I have safely arrived in New York, to the 59 degree temps, and cloudy, rainy weather. Perfect for the kind of day we were looking for. While trucking this morning on a mere 2 1/2 hours of sleep, Eddie and I fell into the crisp temperatures by warm blankets and a solid nap. Waking up to a great action movie, complemented with some fantastic Chinese food. I am still in those blankets, maintaining comfort while reaching out to the followers and checking status on the business.  While there may be action with me not out the shipment center, I have someone at home in Florida, awaiting order confirmations to be able to still send those precious wreaths that are every ones favorite to enjoy. We miss our dog already though, as she will probably be more spoiled than ever while we are away. Not sure if it is the food, or the thin mountain air, but I didn’t realize that I was so tired! I have been devoting every waking moment of time that I am awake to making the business better, more convenient to use for our clients. The wreaths more potent with more diagnosis, stronger potency, and specific attention to detail. All while managing the blog, the website, press releases, Emails, Orders, Invoices… and not to mention, wedding events, holidays and other get togethers… I can’t wait to get an assistant to take care of some of the workload, I just have to get over the perfectionist attitude so that it doesn’t burn me out. I Love every minute of it all though– that’s another part of the issue I guess. LOL. I spend at night thinking of how I can make things better as soon as I wake up in the morning, and I don’t dare go to sleep without something essential that I might forget not being recognized. Crazy, huh? At any rate, after this day of relaxation, We are off to Toys R Us to pick up a gift for Baby Angelina- Im pretty excited– I Love shopping for the lil tots!! My precious nieces and nephews remind me of how blessed I am, its a real naturalistic joy to be able to spent any time with them ever!

Book about a Blog?

Recently, I have been approached of my research and postings about a possible book, as most of you know, we are a blog that is over 200 pages of excellent factual information mixed with opinion- While a great concept, I am taking this time to focus on the business, and eventually, do plan on printing it all out and turning it into a book one day. Autobiographies are great, inspirational- self help is sometimes better. Excellent content paired with the thoughts ( and sometimes dreams of the author).  Of course, I would need an advanced editor to review my work, and make sure that all of my writing is of true, fragment free state as well as the art of spelling the words right the first time, or so , the readers may think. Pictures interest people so much, as if you only buy a magazine for those hard to get- or, once in a lifetime shots.  Interesting concepts as well. Make sure to check out the site at http://www.wreathconnection.com – it will give you lots of refreshing insight and ideas for ehat I do, and why I am so passionate about it-