Breathe in the gifts of Success, a Second Chance at Reinventing the Wheel

Today it is another movement forward into March of 2011, a few warmer days here in Atlanta have sprung ahead, the time change complete, and as always, my mind turns consistently. Its pouring rain here in the city, with the smell of chlorophyll lingering through the air as some daffodils try to show their faces amongst our random strips of yard outside the building. I’m on page 87 of editing pages for the literary council coming up soon, their review will ensure my certification to continue the processes with the Advertising firm. I have figured out through this whole writing block process that I am hopelessly addicted to Reese’s Peanut butter Cups and am now wondering if the taste solves all of life’s stresses with just one brief moment as I take another bite.
Most recently, I have been teaching myself some new collaborating ideas on how to design and manage some new web applications as part of the research I need to update and modernize my files and lessons on consultation. Its been a grueling trial and error process, but I am starting to feel more confident in the patterns all the time. I am also writing a new agenda for my next  freebie tutorial on YouTube. That can be found by simply googling Evelynsopen Mind or.. Evelyn’s WreathConnection YouTube Channel. As I am sitting here, I am saddened by my lack of space to create some new wreaths at the time, I have a feeling the website in time will be getting a serious update with all of the research I am conducting, this is good because the pictures take way way too much time to load. I am fully aware that this aspect causes my viewers to lose interest due to impatience, and I gotta say, I don’t blame them. Throughout the time that has passed since I was full-time blogging, I started working at a Jazz Cafe here in Atlanta known as Sambuca. I was able to listen to beautiful talented artists on a regular basis everyday, unfortunately in January, the owner decided to close his doors, leaving me and a staff of amazing employees Jobless at the donning of the new year. I was saddened, but relieved as I was looking for a fresh start anyway. This has allowed me to take the time out and get back in touch with my followers– home decor agents, Advertisers, Marketers, Promoters, designers… ect.
I have been dabbling in teaching myself how to speak Spanish after pondering a move to Florida and coming to the realization that being bilingual in this industry can take you a long long way. I’m hoping to use this year to travel some as well. As I have mentioned in previous posts I had been somewhat of a leech to my office, only leaving to get a refill on a cup of coffee. With all of the modern technologies available today, I am now able to bring my work with me wherever I go… and its a blessing as it is teaching me to think further outside of the box into a world of travel and adventure. I’m making a “Bucketlist” detailing all of the adventures I want to squeeze in, ones I couldn’t accomplish while being overweight or being in the relationship that I had been in for so long. I am excited, as the weather is turning, I find myself doing crazy things like just for fun… quoting prices on trips to Europe, going to different art festivals around the country, and maybe even throwing myself out there in front of some top executives with some of my world-changing ideas. I hope to one day really be on the tip of something spectacular whether intentional or not. I will be sure to update here daily, as I am as anxious as you are to see where the next path is going to lead me! Evelyn Kish is letting the sun shine in again!! Evelyn Kish

I have several of my PC windows open to keep updating in realtime whats happening in the news, the weather, entertainment, technolgy and publications from all over the world so that I can ensure that the new book will be full of useful information for small business owners, retailers and wholesale shops can benefit greatly from on a more of an encyclopedia scale format. Whats fantastic is that is has been so much fun playing around with all of the advantages of some of these new devices. I recently have discovered the convenience of a Smarphone. Honestly, I am still learning new things about it everyday, all the time. Spending extra time to sink my fingernails into what makes the developers who are making this product grow into such a phenominon tick. Its quite somple at times really, you can tell the lack of compassion when you open an app that simply just doesnt work. The ones that took thought, time, and show a real sense of convenience are the ones of mine that are sticking out thus far. I even found an app that can control the television if  I wanted it to! Im telling ya, there arent any limits to what you can be capable of, no boundaries when coming up with a new business idea, and I dont know if it is just me, but I have tons of ideas on todays convenient modernicities!!

As far as the weather, I am watching it to stay current on the trends in the atmosphere, we just recently got hit by a horrible Earthquake/Psunami in Japan, and possibly an unfortunate Nuclear scare… it helps to stay tunes as it makes a huge difference when you find yourself connected to the spectrum of the world. I am hopelessly addicted to Nancy Grace. My sisters  and I joke that we were all supposed to be some sort of forensic analyst at one point or another, so I guess you can say I believe in Justice, and take great emotion in the investigation of it all. Politics… its tricky… while I stand true in the “One Nation under God” belief system, I wish I could get deeper in without having to pinch myself out of slipping into REM sleep. I care about the world, yes, but I want to make a massive impact- not just be known as “the little voice from the peanut gallery”- In that realm, I have been looking into possibly eventually starting a non profit charity of some kind. Driving through downtown, there are so many people around that are homeless, look cold, hungry, and lost. I figure, when I help one of them, it makes me smile for days, so if I could help a whole bunch of them, I think it would be something that would make me feel as though living life to the fullest was more of a gift than a constant reminder to check another page off of the “todo” list.  I am also an entertainment junkie. As Specializing in demographical research and statistical data for my businesses and my book, it is wise for me to stay current on the promotion of others as it lifts me by enabling me to stay with the happenings of the artists, celebrites ect. that are making the side of the brain in everyones mine go “hmmmmm” – in my business, at the end of the day, if I can have clients thinking about my affect long after consultation.. than, its been a good day!!


Calling All Floridians from

I will be hosting a seminar in December on vamping up your sales for your businesses over the internet! Please join me by submitting an interest at! I will be covering- Twitter, WordPress, social networking groups, Picnik,Picasa, Microsoft Works (all apps), Internet vocab, lingo, Myspace, facebook,, Linked in, Blogger, clixsense, and so much more! Drinks and food will be provided, and any inquiries will be answered promptly once we retain the dtails of the event! Hope to see you there!

What is it about thunderstorms?

While rolling thunder passes my home, I am relaxed and tranquil almost as if being sung a lullaby by natures most beautiful artistry and the power of the senses on the mind, occassionally a lightnig streak ll light up my home crating the warmest relaxation here making it Floridas most anticipated season for me. Curled up in my favorite blanket, just finished working all day, I listen to the rain tap on my concience, while the excitement for my vacation tomorrow grows Please visit and by a wreath get a fee centerpiece today only!And, if your in Florida, enjoy the rain!

Via Twitter= Celebrity Guest hosts on American Idol

Ok, so usually they bring in smeone with wonderful experience and a lifelong career committment to the music industry. They are bringing in one of the Jonas brothers this year for cerity tudoring. Now I know the Jonas brothers have achieved the epidimy of mical success, but experienceis what influences contestants to make it through- I thnk Fox shoud keep with the current protocol for celebrity juges and tudors! Please visit my site at

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You know you want one

Right now- free centerpiece with order please visit

Meet our Newest Team Member

Babara is celebrating a birthday today, along with making some of her first calls on new leads for The Wreath Connection! She took her first set with her yesterday, and we are very excited to introduce you to her, and her beautiful daughter, Hannah. She is so creative, with many ideas on how to get the Wreaths from our hands to yours!


We are E-lated!

The WreathConnection.Com is proud to Add Barbara Neely to our Sales team! She is a spunky 23 year old from Ft. Myers who I think we will have most fun here at the business selling and creating our secret potpourri specialty wreaths… Welcome Barbara!


Its never to early to start thinking of Christmas

As the months are flying by, and this precious summer we try to grasp on to comes fastly aproaching its end, we are already starting to see aisles being consumed by your average everyday Christmas season spectacles. Predecorated Christmas trees, yard lights and home decor are wierd to see in Floridian 93 degree heat here in the dog days of summer, at the same time, I guess the sooner you start shopping the better.

In a hopefully rising economy considering to show promising numbers, we ae hoping that this season will be a much more happy Christmas than last years, with many more great deeds to be given to change families across the world, one family at a time.

This is where I come is to give all of my readers the downlow. In a few weeks, I will be unveiling a line that is bigger, better than ever…. Showcasing some wreaths that are lit up, ones that are not- Ones that are scented aromatheraputically, ones that are not.  These wreaths are the newest obviously in the collections of whats to come from collections of beautiful silk collections and grapevine bases that we have ever been fortunate enough to get our hands on!

So, if your not doing anything this evening after your done checking your mail, reading your blogs and looking up all your research.. defenately see this post as a heads up to all of my loyal readers.. The new line is going to go fast, and will be perfect for Christmas Gifts this year– Your gonna want to be there when it is unveiled….. Make sure to keep tuning into

Consistency the Best Policy?

I attended an interesting forum this evening at the Famous Swanky Naples Hotel here in Florida on the coast. It was very nice, beautifully decorated, and full of people whom are trying to get there name out there, such as I am. The Forum was for Networking and Marketing Techniques. Focusing primarily on Online blogs. A gentleman spoke about WordPress and how it is an effective way of reaching out because the Yellow Pages have become Obselete, and more people are referring to search engine marketing everyday. I was able to add examples of how this all has helped me in the business very very much. I wasnt privy to the knowledge tonight of how many business owners are behind in the Online aspects of Marketing their business. I felt flattered as they complimented me on how advanced I was, and wondered if I could help them. Since I love to write as well as create, I found it an amazing idea to do some affiliated market trading, also known as Site- Linking, in which I help them so they can in turn, help me to get my name out there. Last night, I finished the Portfollio which was excellent for the meeting today as well. The Association was affilliated with The National Association of Wedding Planners.  I talked to very interesting Caterers, Entertainment Specialists, Fellow WordPress Bloggers, and Florists. They all have different creative ideas of course, those in which they provide a service called “Destination Weddings”. This is a fantastic idea dor a convenient One Time Shop!! Brides have a lot on their minds about the best days of their lives, why not make the details precise, unique and easy while putting the trust of your BIG DAY into an experienced persons hands? Genious! I was able to search many tips I was given by my fellow entrepeneurs, and this enabled me to make the business overhead less than ever!! I realized that just as much as Floral, entertainment, and decor, wreaths can be a way of standing out and floral oils creating a unique, noticable aestetically pleasing atmosphere.

I was fortunate enough to display our portfolio to these people who had never seen articles from a “Blog” before in their lifetime, as all these years, most had been using the paper forms and high overhead to reach out to potential patrons. In this day and age, expecially with the invention of such technological tools such as the IPHONE and higher,  a world where 10 years ago the internet being an evolving technical tool sounds almost unimaginable. I was lucky enough to have the time and energy to be able to research methods of utilizing what is out there to help the needs of my buyers. What do they want in my product? What qualities are they looking for? What quantities am I able of supplying over X amount of time? The whole business mentality of doing something so different, unique, and it being what you love has its defenite advantages, you just have to be on top of what your doing technoligically, and keep ahead of what the world is going to throw out at you next. I realize after tonight, that these forums are going on every day all over the world, informing people of these wonderful tools that we are gifted by technology. Pretty soon, they will start charging for these services… and up on the times entrepeneurs will sit  back a linger for the days where we used to have blogs for free, sites for free, download music and videos for free! Social Networking is still in an experimental phase and soon will be behind the next innovation, so we all benefit greatly from utilizing this sign of the times.

I have decided to donate a Wreath to a organization called “Open Arms” I am very excited as it has the name of one of my most famed wreaths. From what I understand, this is a feature given to businesses whom whould like to “give back” to soldiers and families who are fighting yet still for our freedom overseas. I am absolutely open to donation, and I cannot wait to look into this oppurtunity further!

Being excited never fealt so good!!

Everyday I am learning more and more about social media, and how it really is a new wave of the the futre when you can have a friend or friends from all over the world that you talk to more than your next door neighbor!  It has been so fun and interesting to me how a single message can be given to so many people at once, that make a real difference in the world and really care what you think. A number of different times, I have written on this blog in referance to help on things. RFefreshers in the nitty gritty of internet advertising, marketing my business, and some basic questions about life in itself. I decided to venture out and read some of the other blogs instead of the sole focus to just write my own, and I laughed, cried, and found an addict come out deep down, which just wanted to keep following to see what happened next. I wasnt sure if this is all how the world of internet media fell together. If I was doing right by my business or not. I was always keen to writing journals as a child, but never intending for the whole world to read, I write ehat I think, and in most cases, it can be somewhat revealing. When it comes to writing about the business, I would refer anyone to writing a blog, because it gets your message, even if it is guess what happened to me today- Heard. Plus, peoples lives are full of knowledge and experiences that others can benefit from. I have made so many wonderful friends from here that have engineered so much respect from my part over the months, it really is a blessing, thank you readers for giving me the gift of time.


I am so honored that Cheru had come across our site, and decided to feature it on his own interactive wordpress creation called alphainventions. probably one of the coolest developments since the discovery of blogging, and online journals, this guy has created a concept in which in real- time- people are able to see portions and snippets of each blog on a about a 5 second reel. This enables the reader to pick and choose, or fast glance evreryones blog, while at the same time, if the user decides to click at that time they will be directed to the specifics sending bloggers traffic counter through the roof!! Cheru sounds like a completely modest individual, who really did create this product to make it easer to read the web and generate traffic. I had decided to write him this big, long, letter in his comment box, in which because of the real time refresher system updating all the blogs, my reply was deleted before I was able to send a Thank You Note. However, I figured, I would do one better even, and dedicate an entire post to his outstanding services. Dozens and Dozens of people giving praise to Cheru for his unbelievable breakthrough in modern technology, and I, Myself am honored to add myself to that list! Thank You So Much Cheru and Alphainventions!!!

Evelyn Kish


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Do you trust American Idol Results?

We are avid fans here at The Wreath Connection for American Idol. As we were as shocked as the whole nation when the results were revealed, we were almost greatful that the dark horse had taken the gold. As watchers of the show know, Adam Lambert was the highly publicised winner hopeful from the very beginning, all the way down to the last few episodes when Katy Perry decided to wear his name on the back of here cape during her performance… what was up with that? Those other contestants must have fealt snubbed. While I think that Adam Lambert has an great voice, and has done things in ways I could never imagine… You have to  wonder if in a boardroom somewhere, if Simon Cowell and his lead execs for the idol show arent configuring these ways to catch more ratings, while earning their sponsor AT&T more money. More people calling into a vote that has already been secretly decided?? An interesting thought on the ideals here are when the judges are critiquing… is it a setup?, are they swaying Americans to  favor some contestants more than others for shock value??


Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!

My boyfriend got me roses this week for my birthday and to celebrate the continued success of my business The WreathConnection.Com.

Say Hello to My Lil Friend…

Our Dog, And Love, Goldie Hawn

Our Dog, And Love, Goldie Hawn

This is My Cocker Spaniel Goldie Hawn. We adopted her the October before last. While I am working she sits beneath me, sometimes chewing on the lil pieces that fall off the desk. She is the most amazing Dog that we have ever had, and has truly become such a huge part of our family. We adopted her from the humane society, and she was the lonely dog in the back that didnt want to socialize with anyone. Now that we have her, she has been an absolute angel. She is very smart, knows every trick there is, and we never have had any problems with her behavior. Since I share mostly everything with all of you, I needed you all to meet my dog, as she is such a huge part of our everyday.  Its been going on two years this year that she has been in our lives, and she travels with us mostly everywhere we go– Say hello everyone to my lil friend…..

Attention Business Owners and The Savvy…

Please note my two previous posts as I am in need of a lil advice to take my business to the next level. I have hundreds of pages of information in front of me that I am eager to share and yet am unsure of the best cost effective ways to get the name out there… Please tell me… what have you used? What are your strategies? How would you promote your skills if you were me? Check out the site… Everything you see, all the way down to the punctuations and song choices on the site are from myself, and soon I have promotional  items such as magnets, pens, and t shirts arriving in the mail. I have also looked into direct mailing, and several social networking sites.. is there something that I am forgetting??

About to start throwing out some new ideas…

Hello all of my wonderful followers… I have been on hiatus for some time now, and I am writing to tell you all that I will be returning to the blog here, as I as moving back into my Floridian Home as plans have changed and New York is out of the picture for the time being. I have transformed an area of my home into my “Work Room”.  Ideas are following me around like an angel on my shoulder. I am super excited, invigorated by a fresh location, excited to get back in touch with my wordpress junkies who talk with me about everything, and share their wonderful tips and ideas with me.. And get up on my Twitter again to give Kudos to those following me!!! I have researched so much amazing information since my last post. Aromatherapy is on the move, a high accelerance in alternative medicine… a hot tub for the soul experience. I have found that by simply having one of my creations in your home can help with high cholesterol, stress, agitations, focus, memory, and overall well being… I believe their are even such mixtures that I am comming up upon, that even release the tensions of arthritis!! In an economy where health insurance is so hard to come by, and trust me, I drove that road while up north, these Visually aesthetically pleasing family keepsake wreaths are naturally scented with the earths special aromas to enlighten the well being!! I have lost about 30 lbs in the course of the move, and motivation has been an exciting life stride that has opened my creative eyes like never before. Open to creating masterpieces on every level, I am looking forward to the upcomming holidays as well as the specific occasions, as the wreaths and centerpieces are made to order as well. I hope to see all of you, my exciting following, to come back and start reading along with me opening your eyes as well, into the journey’s of the simple pleasures in life!

Starting Over with My New Business

I cannot stress to everyone enough how difficult this recession has been for my family and I to plow through. it has made us stronger, and more educated about the power of knowledge and how far it can take you in a crunch. As it is all starting to unfold, I have a home in Florida, a new home waiting in New York City, and I am currently in Pa getting medical done because of the expensive healthcare in Florida and fixin to do some serious travel in promotion for The WreathConnection Business and its prospects. Needless to say, each day has been heroing, long and tedious- taking care of all things involved in a move of a home let alone a small business from thousands of miles away through phone correspondence.  You want things to be done right, and thats hard when you cant see what you are looking at. I have decided to leave the wreaths up displayed as of right now as I currently have several in stock and someone here to do their e commerce distribution for any requests that anyone may have. On the loooong drive from Florida to New York, My boyfriend and I are intending on stopping in here to PA to pick up supplies for the New Summer line comming out in June or July. Of course, I will still blog to everyone and let them know how business is, and how the move is going…. keep in touch with me- as I am sure this is to all pan out successfully (hopefully) right before all of your very eyes… Wish me luck!!!

A Reunion is Near (:

The Other Half to Our Successes

The Other Half to Our Successes

Here at The WreathConnection, We have mentioned on Several different occasions how much time we have on our hands since we have been home during the most recent tour of Western Pa. You have all trudged with us through the snow, held the umbrellas for us in the rainstorms, held us down when the wind was uprooting all the trees, and tanning with us underneath the upcomming Spring Sunshine. Well, often in the backround of the Wreathmaking, I have been on the phone with this amazing  gentlemen whom I have been dating for going on 4 years now. The distance is hard between us, but our union fights all battles!! He is highly personable, and LOVES the Company and all it continually offers everyone who utilizes the wreaths and centerpieces qualities and beautiful additions to Ambiance. Within the next 10 days I will be seeing my love again…. I am blessed! Please Visit Http://

Congradulations Tiffany Miller!!!

The Wreath Connection is reaching out to congradulate Tiffany and Dave on their recent engagement!!! Tiffany has been a dear friend to me for years now, and I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments!! Godspeed to both of you!!

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While I am so excited about The Wreath Connections 25% off Sale- I am sitting here tonight so proud of my accomplishments this month for the business. I was able to pick, select, name, and coordinate themes, colors, and aromas for a beautiful line of timeless wonders! Tonight, as the last week will prove, we are getting about 5 more inches of snow… and the cold is throwing me into the business, head first! The more I get done, the better I feel about this incredible entrepeneural journey. As I mentioned in previous posts, the amazing compliments that you all have given my work have given me tremendous motivations for my upcoming line, and are helping my to tweek the website everynight, as well as play tag with you all a little as I read the posts on all of your beautiful posts. Wheeew, if your up in the Northeast where I am, you know about how frigid these temperatures are, my Floridian blood sometimes needs a scarf! The internet has become a tool for me to get my message out there about what The Wreath Connection has to offer, and all of your kind words have me simply INVIGORATED this evening! Make sure to check out my blogs at or add me as a friend on your myspace: TheWreathConnection Last name Kish

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