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Taking Time For you…

An important lesson that i have learned since being here in PA has been the lessons of the relaxation that I cannot remember when the last time, I stopped to listen, and think to myself about my goals and my dreams. I was able to reflect while here in PA on my heritage and my childhood and research the things in life that make me who I am today from the inside out. It has been nice to listen to different stories about the ways that we all grew up in the differences in our growth and others that we had met throughout the courses of our youth. Originally, I was not very enthused, as it is a well known metaphor that Central PA is known as the armpit of the US and that I would have to scrape a windshield for the first time in 5 years and have to face all the people I went to school in the local grocery store. Truth is, there was this amazing peace here, expecially at night, when the sun would fall, and the chill would come out. The crazy weather established whistling winds that made for the greatest nights sleep I had ever had, The mornings were filled of a sun kissed glow that peeked from around the mountains into my bedroom window, a natural alarm clock to let you know that your day was officially about to begin. Although the highway is loud, once used to it again, I would listen to the creek below make all of those sounds that echoe with birds, leaves rustling, and at the same time you often would hear the wood in the deck crack due to the cold, frigid, temperatures of the PA Winters. I realized by being here, that I love the citylife, and love the warmth of the sunshine thats closer to the equator,lol, however, It took time and age to be able to appreciate the luxury of mountain life, and I dont think that after this experience, I am ever going to take my heritage for granted ever again. The business has brought in great inspiration and business from all over the world, I have been very greatful for the time to establish such great contacts in the meantime as well. I would suggest that everyone at some point in time, take some time out of your evening for yourself. It really does go a looooong way. Listen tot he sounds around you, take in the air, life and love of those and the details that surround you. It makes a bigger difference than you will ever know!

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Actively Searching For Online Advertising Jobs In New York City

Dear Mr/Ms.



        Please find attached my resume and cover letter. I have agency experience on the media side as well as numerous years of customer service experience both locally and agency driven. I started my career on the agency side of our business and would like to get back into Media, preferably in Media Sales. I’ve gained valuable experience on all sides of the desk.  I understand how important “number crunching” is and I also realize that customer service and relationship building is a major part of success within this and any industry. Most recently, as Dining Room Supervisor/Event Coordinator at Buca Di Beppo Restaurant Group, I was the leader in new business promotion sales while increasing awareness and revenue.

 I have extensive experience with Nielsen Ratings, Donavan Data Systems, MS Office and Excels well as other various windows and DOS based programs.  I also worked with qualitative and quantitative Scarborough research on a daily basis.  My real strength however, is in my ability to educate, establish relationships and increase revenue.My enclosed resume provides strengths and achievements.  I look forward to hearing from you. I’m easily reached at the following number 724-541-8477.  Thank you for your time and consideration. 



Evelyn M. Kish




To contribute to the growth and profitability of your company. I’ll accomplish this by utilizing my expertise in sales, innovative marketing, online development experience, team leadership, and development, negotiation and customer relations.



Buca Di Beppo, Naples, Fl                                                                                                    

2005 –present

Dining Room Supervisor/Event Coordinator

SUMMARY: Responsible for providing superior service and new business development.

The past 3 years have been spent honing my skills as a multi-talented service provider and special events coordinator in the hospitality industry, coordinating individual corporate, leisure and group functions and meetings. Whether it is a convention or a 5 & 10k race, I’ve enjoyed the challenge and success of coordinating many types and sizes of events. I’m dedicated to provide exceptional service and leadership to reach the common goal of new business sales.


Carat USA , Atlanta , GA                                                                                                                

 2004 – 2005

Assistant Buyer/Media Coordinator                                                                                                                 

·         Maintain all spot times logs

·         Notifies Buyer of any issues that arise daily with any account

·         Establishes and maintains goodwill and working relationships with the media community

·         Participates in meetings with media representatives when requested by the Media Buyer

·         Requests and reviews pre and post logs from cable, broadcast and local networks ; contacts media representatives for resolution when necessary

·         Monitors sigma reports

·         Monitors media dollars and impressions weekly

·         Accurately tracks discrepancies and make goods along with buyer

·         Audits media post-logs and invoices

·         Insures a fair and equitable distribution of spots according to day part, day of week, and program.

·         Sends spot log reports and summaries to the Client or Buyer as requested

·         Obtains and sends client their broadcast and syndication airtimes

·         Create reports in Excel for the Buyer and/or the Account Executive as requested

·         Verifies contracts and post analysis letters from each network

·         Follows all company health and safety procedures

·         Performs other related duties as required or assigned

·         Accounts included but were not limited to: Churches Chicken, Rent-A-Center,Kia Automotive


Indiana University of Pennsylvania 1999-2004  Communication Media

Atlanta Ad Club

Certificate of Excellence-Buca


Run my own side business called The Wreath Connection

Playing Piano, Crafting, Online  research, Social Media


Please Contact Me, Evelyn Kish, if you are in The New York City Area and are searching for a creative, exciting, goal driven employee to work for you and your company. As you can witness here in the pages of my personal blog for my business The Wreath Connection, I am End Result driven, While Consistently committed to the projects at hand. I am passionate about CPA, (ROIS), CPC, and Tier One Search Engine Optimization. I Look very forward to reading your comments and various responses and suggestions in the Comment Boxes Below. In the meantime, Please Visit Http:// to check out my homeade masterpieces!

Welcome back to Naples Carrie Waldron!!!

Funnest Person in Florida is back in town!

Funnest Person in Florida is back in town!

Congradulations to Carrie on her safe return to Florida, as she made the long haul this weekend from Station Rd, to the beautiful sunny skies of Naples, Florida.  While she is sadly missed here in PA, we are looking forward to seeing her in the next couple of days as The Wreath Connection travels out on business to discover new heights in the Advertising and Marketing  World. Carrie and I have been best friends since as early as I can remember, and while busy with our teeth sinking in to the futures of our careers,  We are very proud of her, and want to wish her all the best that life can offer in the year to come!!

Please Visit Http://

Calling All Affilliate Sites

Here at the Wreath Connection, we are willing to feature you on our Blog Pages if you want to make a deal in Advertising Ours… Please contact us back below to inform us of any good leads that you might have.


We Specialize in the individual sale, Cabin, luxury resort rentals, Cabin rentals, Camps, Weddings, Marriage and relationship decor- Home decor is not only the new wave of the future in a shaky economy, but it is also what is sure to make your house a home… Contact us today!!

A Reunion is Near (:

The Other Half to Our Successes

The Other Half to Our Successes

Here at The WreathConnection, We have mentioned on Several different occasions how much time we have on our hands since we have been home during the most recent tour of Western Pa. You have all trudged with us through the snow, held the umbrellas for us in the rainstorms, held us down when the wind was uprooting all the trees, and tanning with us underneath the upcomming Spring Sunshine. Well, often in the backround of the Wreathmaking, I have been on the phone with this amazing  gentlemen whom I have been dating for going on 4 years now. The distance is hard between us, but our union fights all battles!! He is highly personable, and LOVES the Company and all it continually offers everyone who utilizes the wreaths and centerpieces qualities and beautiful additions to Ambiance. Within the next 10 days I will be seeing my love again…. I am blessed! Please Visit Http://

Spring is on The Rise

Fortunatly, Here at The WreathConnection, we have been blessed with some very beautiful weather. The last 3 days here in Pa have been filled with sunshine, and tiny flower buds popping out of the ground. The site is recieving rave reviews Nationwide this week, and recently have introduced amazing, fragrant mango, and fruit punch aromas to the aromatheraputic sector.  We are taking on more branches of The Social Media and Branding Marketing Strategy with the concepts, so, Make sure to let us know if you happen to have any suggestions!!

Please Visit Http://WWW.WreathConnection.Com

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The Wreathconnection is going Spring!!

Dont forget everyone to check out the site at The articles have been getting fabulous responses!! I need your ideas for aromatheraputic creations for the new line comming before the big move to NYC. The Clearance page is still active, and Etsy has been treatin us good. Twitter as always is moving quickly with news published everyday….. Make sure to contact us…. You are the BEST!!!

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Congradulations Tiffany Miller!!!

The Wreath Connection is reaching out to congradulate Tiffany and Dave on their recent engagement!!! Tiffany has been a dear friend to me for years now, and I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments!! Godspeed to both of you!!

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Just started New Diet… Not excited

A couple of years ago, we here at the wreath connection dieted and lost a total of 134 lbs!! Here, about 4 years later, we  are about in the same boat as we once were, and have started a serious eating, sleeping, and excersize change for the better, and so far, we are doing great.. this diet is very similar to the carb diet only we are incorporating different fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, salad ect. So far it has been a lot of coffee drinking to curb the appetite, but not as hard as previous times, and we are looking forward to excersizing to feel that boost we miss so much along with better sleeping habits. All around its good for life, love, the business, and peace of mind before the big move to New York!!!

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Sleeping issues??

You have just gotta try some of our new lavender scented wreaths that are made specifically for the clients that have trouble sleeping!! We have just mixed the refresher oils with in the last couple of days so they are fresh, beautiful, and aid to rest and relaxation… perfect for the tense worry minded soul!! A dash of chamomile helps to soothe a nervous stomoch or a sleepless heart… try your aromatheraputic wreath today! HTTP://

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The Wreath Connection Adds New Myspace friends

We are so excited that our friends at have been telling their friends and referring us to others.  As you know our name is WreathConnection last name entry Connection, as we are not spam and we just love all of the people that have added us and want to thank them for becomming part of The Wreath Connection family!!!

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WreathConnection is Glowing!!

Our Wreaths now have the option upon order in special notes when purchase to have included strung lights on the wreath of your choice…. make sure to make the special note and we will arrange for you to have the wreath beautifully lit free of charge in the color of your choice.  So for limited time only, you can have lights included with your wreath, free shipping, and customized…. orders yours today!!! Http://

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20 Ways to Live your best life

  1. Live everyday as if it were your last
  2. Do for others as they do for you
  3. Never take the things you DO have for granted
  4. Appreciate the little things
  5. Sing
  6. Dance
  7. Treat yourself as your most prized possession
  8. Climb the ladder
  9. Laugh
  10. realize strenghts from weakness
  11. Take yourself out more
  12. Dream big
  13. Learn as much as u can
  14. Never take a backseat unless its your turn
  15. Live sparing, but never go without
  16. Love the one your with
  17. Resist  temptations
  18. Hug A lot
  19. Shake hands firmly
  20. Look others right in the eyes
  21. Hidden tip: Visit the Wreathconnection site often (:
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Its Friday…What are you doing??

Thank God its Friday again, as 2009 flies by and Spring is approaching with every weekend that passes.  As we sit here on the laptop, surrounded in hot glue and supply, we are anxiously throwing together some more ideas as income taxes roll on in and people are stocking up on their wreaths proving that they are not just for Christmas anymore, and people everywhere are using our wreaths for Growth, Prosperity, Health, indivividualism, independency, unity, and Love… the beauty of it all is that as the clouds subside, the winds die down, and the sun shines through the trees, happier times are around the corner, and it is the generation for new and motivating changes in life in the home, the surroundings. And what better way to symbolize that you are inviting these changes by taking the first step by purchasing one of our wreaths to show that you are moving forward?? As in previous posts we have explained the history of wreaths, symbolism of their colors, texture,a nd artifacts. Their aromatheraputic qualities make them different from any other wreaths that you have seen in any other store or will ever see from our radar. Its time to celebrate weekends again. Time to broaden our outlooks and get excited about the future again come visit reserve your wreath and take advantage of our free shipping while it lasts. you’ll be happy you did, and… happy weekend to all of you out there!!!

Daydreaming of Florida

As most of you know, our business originated in Florida. We have been living in Pennsylvania for some time know and the cold just gets to us at times. In our town down south, everything is a stonesthrow a way Wal Mart is across the street, 4 gas stations on the block, post office nearby, warm ocean on white sandy beach 5 minutes away, pool across the street open all year long, and balconies overlooking endless palm trees in continually 70 degree weather and that is at the lowest degree at any given time of the year. We miss sittin out on the porch with our coffee in the morning where as here in beautiful PA its a whole different  sort of appreciation for the great outdoors. While this is one of the smallest towns in Western PA, the beauty over the mountaintops at all times of the year our fascinating, the businesses are all about or at least a half an hour away, but its safer here… because of that. Our dog and boyfriend are watching the house down south as it is soon to be empty when we reconviene later this season to unite and move to The Big Apple, another city in which I don;t know what to wxpect, however, realize that I have to learn to appreciate this cold that I had grown up with yet forgotten about, over the last couple decades. The great thing about The NYC move is that no matter which wau you slice it, it is goig to be incredible for business, and that excites us. Come visit the site, let us know what you think… the address is— We are looking forward to being a lil bit of country in the big city-

Valentines Day Wreath– On Sale now– Half price Free shipping!!

There is one Valentines Day Wreath left, it won’t arrive by tomorrow, however, with free shipping and still looking classy through May and June and knowing that you have a scented masterpiece  for next years holiday…. you cant beat this deal!!!! Please visit and grab this one in clearance before it is too late!!!

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Etsy Chat

You all have to check out Etsy chat… its a chat that is free on, where people show you what is handmade and they are selling from all over the world with excellent prices. We found it after our showcase of February third. The information notified us we would be showcased at a charge, when we soon realized that because of the charge, we weren’t being seen as much as everyone else was, so we surfed the site a bit, and found this in the community area. This is where we discovered that all the artists meet here and show their designs and frequently given the feedback needed to make their prices, shipping, and designs better, more economical, and find out tweeking ideas as well as trade. These are the nicest people as a found that their materials served as beautiful and unique… crafts, inventions, supplies of people that are showcasing their things for free. If you have a little extra time here on the internet tonight, go and check it out, as you will be pleasantly suprised to see all the nice features and wonderful people that you will be able to talk to, and gorgeous hand made items. You dont have to be a business owner, crafter, or manufacturer to have a free account to go and browse… trust me, its worth it, these people truly have outstanding talent!!!

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Dont Eat Peanut Butter!!!

Another plant in Texas was inspected over the last couple of days… finding rodents and feathers in a crawl space, closing down the plant and everything in it, recalling  every product that it has had gone through it. My father was a federal mine inspector, and was in charge of making sure that the mines were safe for the emplyees to work for the government. He was under strict guidlines and checklists. He was often put in a position where the smallest thing couldnt be afforded to be overlooked and was wrenched by the guilt of putting others out of work, but was comforted through the thoughts of safety being distibuted in the safety of peoples lives. How is it that food inspectors missed for years these food discrepencies for years at not only one, but 2 peanut plants in which distributing to the entire United States?? I miss my peanut butter, to be honest- however, do not know if I will ever be able to enjoy it again, as I am deeply dissapointed in how these obvious health risks were overlooked.  It makes you think, what else is being overlooked?

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Strong winds here in Pennsylvania….

Crazy enough, 70 mile per hour winds swepth through western Pennsylvania over the last 2 days, blowing off roofs and downing trees… Several homeowners here are without electricity as they unite in efforts to restore electricity, and make the highways safer as fallen rock and debris cover the mountaintops here in these smaller towns. Luckily, here at high elevation, we did not lose any power, nor did we experience any severe damage, as neighbors and friends are scrambling to pick up pieces of old sheds, branches, and misc that was in their yards for the last couple of days. Pennsylvania and all of its history had never seen a  wind storm with this much force, as previously living in Florida we find only wind this fierce are developed in low category hurricanes. As the winds have subsided, many are wondering why the word and warning on these dangerious 48 hour wind gusts weren’t more publicised as the residents of these small towns would have had more time to prepare, we have lucked out, but what about those who werent so fortunate?? Our business and small home survived with very minimal damage, however there are concerns about fighting out the rest of the winter for others.

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Burning the Raffia at both ends…

Yeah, we have been working tirelessly on the custom orders that have been comming in, and incorporating some working out into the mix. One of the most pleasurable of of the experience has been flattening out the raffia. Did you know that google now has gps technology? its at Latitude feature on Google…. At any rate, during the recent wind storms we were able to get plenty of work done, and if you have a magazine or publication connection we would love to hear from you as we are now expanding to advertisements in print as well from all over the world. Your suggestions in this matter are greatly appreciated, as we are always looking out on how to spread out to avois overcrowding here at the business. Truth is, we supply some of the most beautiful wreaths that you have ever seen, as not only are they one  of a kind, but also aromatheraputic, as you will find they have enormous health benefits as wll… contact us,. We would love to hear from you!!! Http://!!

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Anyone Else?? Advice Please….

The Wreath Connection has been consistently submitting resumes for further employment with the Media in NYC, and literally about 200 resumes forwarded later…. no interviews yet. Granted, its only been about a week, but when wh have put in our resume before, in cities much smaller, we had so many calls the interviews had to be spaced over several days. is ANYONE else experiencing this frustrating overlook??? Do you think they will get to my resume eventually??/ Please comment to make us feel better, as we are starting to panic here, not that the WreathConnection isn’t fruitful enough, however, in order to see the business thrive, it requires investment, and right now with the economy the way it is, the foundation is just not there. Advice… please…..

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In Loving Memory of Flight 3407

The Wreath Connection would like to send out oour condolences to any of the friends and family of this airplane catastrophe that occurred at about 10pm last night. God bless all of you and keep you strong. You all remain in our prayers.

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American Boy…..

This song has us completely dancing around the house today as this chick who sings this is sooo laid back!!! Kanye West is a WreathConnection favorite as well!! This song, (Expecially since we are moving to NYC) has us making our patriotic wreaths with pride on this chilly Friday afternoon!!!! Please check out the existing line at   These wreaths are all a product of our hard work and Love for everyone out there following….

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The Wreath Connection Goes Surfing…

Hello everyone, we have sent out about 5 of our wreaths from the new line here for Valentines Day tomorrow…. and we have just signed up for an account with skype if any of you would like to call up and see the wreaths firsthand!! So far, all featured in the line currently posted- are still available!!! So throw us some comments, and let us know what you would like to see next!!! Or, just give us some feedback… how do you like the new line?
Please visit

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Tke a bite out of LOVE on Valentines Day

You cant go wrong on Valentines Day with one of our wreaths… trust me, they wont have anything like it, and they will see the thought put into the gift, and it cost less than a dozen roses… and lasts forever… give her something eternal… give her a WreathConnection Wreath… its worth it, and so is she…..
Free Shipping… Going Fast!!!

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You ever walk into someones house and can smell this refreshing scent of apple pie coming throught the house as if you standing over the barrel of boiling skinless cider yourself? As most of you know there are two sides of the brain, one in which is rarely ever used. Out of all of the senses, your sense of smell is the only nerve stimuli that goes directly to your brain, never having to take several detours  first. So essencially,  your sense of smell is most powerful, serving as a highway that often creating images next to make a vision of something so complete, that now, you don;t even have to see something– your nose paints a picture for you!

You’ll then notice that  the further you walk into this house, you will see the same house you always see, as a living room is there, a kitchen… maybe some stairs, but, where is the pie? The peeling in the bowl on the counter? The cinnamon spice, the nutmeg, or  glaze? Crispy, buttery crust rising??

How about waking up  a morning after a long night of work,  being sick ( or taking care of someone who is sick), tense about an interview or a test? You wake up, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, and then walk out to the the aroma of fresh coffee brewing on the counter, with every drip you think of the tired, extra hour of sleep and how good it would feel to have it. You pour the cup, listening to the sound of the fill, watching the steam rise spiratically towards your nose, adding the fixins; perfecting it to taste.  Ahhh, to sit down and enjoy the feeling of comfort in liquid form, that burst of energy that heats up the cells and makes them fit for focus for the lingering afternoon ahead.

What is it about the sense of smell that has such a deep impact on the mind?? Whatever it may be, The Wreath Connection is tapping into, and if not get to the bottom of it… we are testing these findings to their very limit. Granted, we are not scientists, but do know enough about the powers of psychology and  sight, that when powered together can promote these feelings that are simply unexplainable.  Even when you get “conditioned” to a scent you are used to smelling,  going up to one of our wreaths is all you would need to have the shower of positivity to start looking at the days ahead in a new light.  Imagine having the power of eucalyptus to send your mind on that long awaited vacation…. The smell of coffee to give you the energy and focus on that day when you don’t have the time to have a cup, and your running out the door. A Spring harvest of fresh berries and may flowers in the dead of winter, or to set the mood for a special Easter Dinner, a family visiting from out of town. Its the way you live your life that creates the moments, its our wreaths that take care of the feelings of excitement when you don’t have time, or simply just want to take that extra bite out of life. Enjoying every little aspect of the vision of your home as well as its natural aromas…. what people think of when they remember the comforts of your home. Our wreaths hold aspects of remembering special times in our lives as well. We are making everything right now from baby wreaths, to soldier wreaths with charms of wooden first footsteps, and replicas of badges and colors of a soldiers uniform and tags. These wreaths are being created with the scent of lavender for a childs favorite color or comic… a favorite scent of shoe polish to commemorate that special soldiers time out on the field. Right now, we have a wedding/ anniversary wreath done with the fresh scents of vanilla and chamomile, dashes of sweetpea and clean cotton, covered in sweet charms of love and faith.

Point being is, this is an ongoing research investigation. We are leaving no stone unturned to make these wreaths known to all as the beautiful and healthy piece of home decor with meaning, with life, with love, with character, to make each house a home for the family that resides in it and shares there memories around it.

Please Visit Http://

Research in findings of the connection from the brain to the nose and vice versa, have prompted us to include eucalyptus, homeade potpurri in colors and hues all through the spectrum of the rainbow, all of the scents of almost every fruit, dessert, coffee blend, plant… that there is.

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The Wreath Connection Takes On….

A magazine has decided to do an article on our business!! The magazine is and they are gathering information now on us to publish out of the state of Arkansas!! They have an online site that showcases as well, however, they located me through twitter and we will soon be sending them our full biography along with some craft samples for us to include. Keep your eyes peeled for the article as in a couple of months we will be posting some of it right here on our blog page!!! Visit the site at




Come check out the stylin’ aroma theraputic wreaths at!!

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The Answer to Everything…

As the winter is near its end, and the spring buds are starting to show up through the ground, The Wreath Connection is Loving the pretty weather and enjoying the laughter of people being able to complete their daily chores and run all their errands that they are used to, now the weather is wet, but it does not effect the moods of people just happy to see that the snow is melting. We had taken a few days off to spend time in the workshop,  come up with some new and exciting ideas for the furure of our ce3nterpieces and customized aromatheraputic wreaths.  As the rain and melting snow dropped on the rooftops today, we were able to take some pieces of brush from the outside and paint them some different colors to make them perfect in existance with some the wreaths that have been suggested- as well of some of the ones we have had in mind for some time now. The sketches are in… the emails have been rolling in… and the wreaths are changing people lives everyday!  Getting letters on what people think and different strategies to go on as to how their design can help people even more!  The business is smelling fantastic after the new line was debuted!! At any rate, check out the site… and leave us a comment below… how is the weather affecting your plans?  How is your life going these days? Have any ideas for the wreathconnection? Add us to your myspace… wreath connection  last name …. connection I hope you all love the site… we added frames!!!

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I share a memory with you…

Growing up, my parents loved to do things the long way when it came to vacations or recreational leisure. As a child, these were some of my fondest and closest memories that I will think back to forever. As you read on my storesite on my homepage, I go one about growing up in the country, and living in a owrld completely unaware that there was anything outside the diameters of our lil Pennsylvanian town in the mountains except for the beutiful landscapes of Maine, where my we would go to visit our family members who lived up north.

A fond memory that I often think of… and Love to re create  as often as I can, is, our fire ring in the back yard on summer nights. There is something about being a child that is so innocent, that the practice of something so much fun, is something that when gone without for too long, you grow up to miss. As a daughter born later in life in the family, most of the group gatherings around the fires in the yard ended when I got older, as family grew older, and my generation of the family started having lives of their own as well.  I think of those fires, listenig to a cross between country music and oldies- baking “Mountain pies” in the hot coals below. When it was time for bed, I would always sneek a peek of the adults from my bedroom window to see why it was always sooo important for me to go to bed ontime. As an adult, I was able to uncover all those secrets, as knowing that when “The kids go to bed” that was a time for our parents to let loose, and let “their” hair hang down. As a teenager, I remembered the parking lot being full, the ost beautiful of days, the games that adults as well as children would play such as egg battles, water balloons, and 3 legged races. The family would gather around the fireplace for as early on back as the old films on the reel were being used. We actually had to have them transferred to VHS in 80s, and eventually to DVD in the 90’s, whereas, I have a feeling in the newer era… we will soon be transferring them yet again to Blue

Please Visit My website to see my business. Its at : HTTP://

And let me know some of your favored memories. I would Love to read them.