A New Time… an Old place

Back in January, I had decided to write a “2011 Bucketlist” … it served as kind of an ongoing New Years resolution to help me to get to know myself better. It included things that were somewhat rare, somewhat normal, all the way to doing things I had been afraid to do previous and finding the confidence. Ultimately, it was about setting specific goals and reaching them– and here we are, 6 months in. Right on point, I have accomplished Half… yes, I put Blonde in my hair- i dolphin dived in the Atlantic and the Gulf in one day, I survived in the male workforce as a car salesman/woman… and finally, I find myself back at home, where my heart is, Naples, Florida.

I always knew deep down that I would end up coming back here. Atlanta although beautiful and bustling I found it  hard to leave some things in my past behind there. If I could make the trip back to the ocean, where I felt whole again I knew it would put me back in the shadow that I had been trying to chase and be a fit to move forward. So far, here, its been a lonely couple of days…. but exciting. I moved into a beautiful home- Palm trees hitting my window, waking me up every morning. I wake up, press the red button on my coffee pot, and to the drawing board I go on this spacious lanai overlooking a yard that accentuates the greenest grass I have ever seen- serving home to fruit trees of all kinds, at which point of course- I throw out a stick for my dog to fetch.  It took me (is taking me) a couple days to settle in. My car was completely full, and I have yet to reach the trunk yet.  Using my time wisely, I am designing Wreath graphs, scents, menus, color schemes and ideas for when I open a shop in the fall, and of course, lesson plans for Adgirlguru, which some of you know, is my advertising and consultation database. When those ideas die down slowly throughout the day, in between settling in, I have been writing chapters for my new book in which the title remains unknown and scripts for educational dvd release in the fall as well. When everything crumbled in my life a year and a half ago, everyone would take me to the side at different points, and they would ask me… ” What you need is to get to know yourself within”– True advice ranging from the sources of true friends all the way down to people in the restaurant business I hardly even knew. I was physically in need of some kind of advice/guidance strictly amongst my appearance alone. I would sit back often times and wonder to myself  ” How does one get to know oneself better?” I figured, I am with myself everyday… how could I ever know the answer to anything unless life put me in a situation to have to answer immediately to my own concerns?

Last week around this time, I set out on the very first vacation ever by myself, one that i knew I was never to return from- one to enlighten me and put me so much closer to accomplishing those other 50 things on that list of fears I was willing to take on. I went to Tallahassee- and spent time with the only daughter I have ever known thus far, and her beautiful son, and boyfriend, I went to Orlando from there, and was blessed enough to, after 30 years experience 4 parks that make up the most magical place on earth… Disney World- I took the Journey to Ft. Lauderdale where I swam with the dolphins, the manatees, and then- my final destination- Back home to Naples- a lush, somewhat tropical land, full of great friends and beauty- a land where my ideas run freely and wild, well beyond some of my greatest expectations!

I am anticipating what the fall is to bring for me. I am entering into this chapter of my life as a single, independent woman that is looking to find the answers to lifes untapped successes. People tell me that the thirties will be the best years of my life… I have decided that getting to know myself is in knowing exactly how to make my own luck, and to making that happen.

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