Just finished NewMoon

Stephanie Meyers has you yearning for more in the end ofthe second book in the Twilight series. I enjoyed it just as much as the first although, I had to use my imagination bit more with this one, and it was off a slower start in the beginning. The book proves a jealous circustance for the three of the leadig characters Bella, Edward and acob. Whie in Twilight you can never imagine Jacob coming into play, he sure does in the second… at times you can really tell these books were written for tweens because the love that bella and Edward share is always so methodically calculated romantically, like you fantasize about when you are a girl in your adolesence. As an older woman reading these novels, I have a hard time completlely sinking into the romance as I know certain loves like theirs are very rare- let alone living in the non existant world of Vampires and werewolves. Lemmie tell ya tho, Stephanie Meyers Style is flawless in putting you in the scene at the moments that make the book what it is, and she defenitely captures them in New Moon by making you feel as if you are on the edge of your seat- waiting for the other shoe to fall. I am off to start Eclipse on Wednesday, which I am intending on reading on my flight to PA. I can’t wait! I was actually trying to think (while on the last page) of scandalously driving to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night to get it sooner, its driving me crazy to be left hanging!! Make sure you come to visit the wreath site at ww.wreathconnection.com, as all of our wreaths over here have just hit a hue sale! Real Low ShippingPrices too!


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