How many wreaths can I make in 1 day?? (;

I have been working tirelessly on the wreaths for the up in comming new line out this fall, and am so excited in what I will have to offer that ideas are running wild like crazy through my mid here in these dog days of summer. As I have some interesting youtube information out to e released soon, I have come across some of the prettiest flowers on sale at the local craft stores here in town. These are flowers with big, silk bulbs in the bottms of their pits sprawling from an assortment of delightful colors making expressions in  my head!! A fantastic opputunity for me as the creation specialist to get involved with some of the pieces an themes for the year ahead. As our economy recovers from an outstanding financial turnaround (hopefully) I am so confident that the mood for this season will even be 10 times better than the last!

We finally have gotten our order for specialty boxes in which is fantastic, and we are putting an ad for Craigslist today!!  So the answer to the headline is…. as many as my hands will let me create!! I know it sounds like an teaser from an American Idol episode, but the ides are flowing like the great Niagara!! Stay tuned!!



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  1. Hey, thanks for your kind comment on my ‘blog.

    So, let me get this straight; you hand-make these beautiful wreaths?

    That’s so awesome!

    I checked the website out too – I might pick one up for Christmas.


    Ben (L4byr1nth – Semantic Symphonics).

  2. You are the best.. thank you so much- You have made my night!! I hope to see you round Christmas, Keep checking cause I have a new line coming out soon!!

  3. Did you get paid for working on it?

  4. I get paid on the products I sell, so, yeah in the long run- I get paid for working on them all! Its great to have a job where I can add pleasure to peoples lives!

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