Some of you may think that it stands for lounging under a palm tree, some of you may think that it is a representation of yourself climbing a mountain, or swimming  The Great Barrier Reef. Whichever your ideas of relaxation include, for some reason, the idea and feeling of it crawls into our systems and kills all those tense nerves developed over time, but so worth it in the end. As I mentioned in a previous post, I designed a new seashell wreath yesterday very similar to the first. I set it at the bottom of my steps as everytime I walk down, I am faced with this beautiful wreath, its so relaxing for me! This one however, because of the glaze is unscented. Its just beautiful to look at. I pack today for my New York trip tomorrow, and at a last try to get t-shirts made at the last minute, unfortunately failed. We wanted to create personalized t- shirts for our family members in representation of the business, but the prices were outrageous, and there are so many more promotional goods that we are looking to buy with the funds.

I am all revved up for my morning cups of coffee and figure after packing, I will make yet another wreath hopefully, I have debated going and lounging poolside since I understand that it is warmer up North right now, but not as warm as it is here, obviously, so my beautiful pool will go unnoticed by us for the next 8 days. Then on the other hand, I am thinking about not having the appropriate internet connection at the families’ house to write the articles that I will be itching to write, so I am contemplating creating fun. new, and exciting commercials for the biz, and working on its promotion, since I may be without broadband for the next couple of days.  The landscapers are here, mowing the lawn. That sound has always reminded me of the introduction to summer. You know that is around the corner, or here, when you can smell those fresh juices coming up from the freshly cut grass, as that scent that is so unique fills the outside air. When I was a child, one of my most fondest memories of my father is when he would cut the grass, as he would make his way around the house, he would always look into my bedroom window to take a break and check on me to see how I was doing, he would stop, and drink some of his Genesee, in which I though everybody drank until I was old enough to drink myself… and his pants and shoes were always covered with the sticky fresh cut grass as mowing a mountain lawn is not the easiest thing in the world to do.  A small thing  about my father that I miss often.

I know I mentioned in a previous post that there is this desk that I am absolutely crazy about. I have gone as far as daydreaming about where it will go in my house, what I will store in its drawers, the decor around it to emphasize its quality and class, and more importantly, the amount of work I will get done in the quiet area in which I am going to put it. Luckily for us, the person who designed our home left a convenient nook at the top of the stairs with extra units to make it a haven for the new desk.

Youtube has been an amazing place for us to find information about aromatherapy, and the uses, results, peoples opinions, and studies done on the essential oils. Fascinating hearing people speak within their own words about studies done and results that have derrived from them. We actually found candle at Jo Ann Fabrics yesterday that have the themes of the Diagnosis used as the names of the candles.  Excellent concept, however, the candles were expensive and didn’t offer a quarter of the potentcy that our wreaths do- on a lighter note, we did find a wreath that was 46 inches! I could imagine what I could do with this wreath as I watched its lonely skeleton hang on the bar as advertised. I imagined a beatiful Mansion- like home having this wreath displayed for everyone in the neighborhood to enjoy. Once the business reaches a new level that we have forecasted, I will defenitely incorporate this new, larger, grapevine wreath. I look forward to devoting a long period of time on a huge, thick, definition of the quality and endurance that our wreaths have to offer.  I am currently in the process of designing a portfolio for a Wedding show that we are doing in a couple of weeks. I figure, I can get the photos blown up into 8 by 10 and slip them into plastic covers for my binder with their detailed diagnosis, materials, ect. located on a printout designed for the other side of the sleeve.

So what is relaxing to me is obvious, they should make a waterproof laptop, so I can sit around the pool and write articles about the business, while I collaborate in different window all the ideas that I have for future creations and tweeking to the website, also while leading a group of followees on Twitter.  As the coffee brews, I shall start to pack for the trip, and take the day from there by the horns….


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