Book about a Blog?

Recently, I have been approached of my research and postings about a possible book, as most of you know, we are a blog that is over 200 pages of excellent factual information mixed with opinion- While a great concept, I am taking this time to focus on the business, and eventually, do plan on printing it all out and turning it into a book one day. Autobiographies are great, inspirational- self help is sometimes better. Excellent content paired with the thoughts ( and sometimes dreams of the author).  Of course, I would need an advanced editor to review my work, and make sure that all of my writing is of true, fragment free state as well as the art of spelling the words right the first time, or so , the readers may think. Pictures interest people so much, as if you only buy a magazine for those hard to get- or, once in a lifetime shots.  Interesting concepts as well. Make sure to check out the site at – it will give you lots of refreshing insight and ideas for ehat I do, and why I am so passionate about it-


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