First Day of Hurricane Season–

A Hurricane here in Florida is kind of like a trainwreck, you hate to see it, but you must look. Mother nature, and all of her mysterious ways, lends us a hearty dose of unusual winds and thunderstorms each year- mixed with flying tree branches, some stray lawn furniture, and possibly the utilization of the heavy aluminum shutters we still have installed from last years season…lol. The plus side to this season is the warm breezes that follow, the unusual clouds, sky colors, and temperatures, and above all the sleep during a tropical storm has never been better. I am looking forward to this years season, for the business, it is going to be a prosperous one- Relaxing raindrops and thunder are going to pave the way for the flourishing of new flowers that succombed to the drought, and open the passages for my creativities to shine through.  The Darkness of the shutters, will help to keep the house cool, and comfortable- this will lower the electric bill, which will in turn provide more money for supplies.  Eddie and I ( My Boyfriend) have thrown around the idea of having  somewhat of a gallery opening  this summer which we are planning, and next week I will be traveling back to the beautiful city of New York in promotion for the site.  I would like to eventually become a possible vendor for home decoration specialists preferring interior designs. A new age upon us,  the generation x is soon to become y and styles are changing. People want to be comforted in their homes at it is the place that they return to every night, it is the place the possibly raise their children, it is the place they sit around the dinner table together in their hectic, busy lives.  Some want modern, some want country- all with one common denominator… They all want class and that is what my wreaths have to offer. While the business specializes in aromatheraputic wreaths, we can also provide unscented ones as well for those who love us but have allergies that rob them of the rights to enjoy their truest beauty.  I had an amazing breakfast, a wonderful morning of news and the days events, and ideas freshly streaming from my caffienated  brain. Wedding planners are in contact recently- the centerpieces are the topics of discussion. While it is a lot of work creating 25 to 30 centerpieces, it proves to all be worth it in the end.  Yesterday in the trials of my research, I was able to learn some new diagnosis oils for different ailments in the body, and the YouTube Video is getting consistent hits, which is a nice feeling.  I will be updating everyone on Twitter today, as usual, to include everyone into the journey, as promised- I hope the start to your day is as good as mine is- and make sure to check out the site at http://www.WreathConnection.Com


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