A letter to you

Apparently when active in the blogging world, consistency is the best policy for traffic purposes. And, I have noticed since making blogging a big part of my life as well as my business, that everyone is interested in the traffic aspect as well. I often times wonder if I would have been one of the first to discover the magic of wordpress, if there is such a thing as a blogging pro. I am currently trying to crack the codes of youtube and twitter, but it has been a slower process than one expected. I spend more time on my computer than I do making the wreaths themselves. A plus and I minus in the job field, as it is tedious, but tends to break up the monotony. I also have to spend time researching the solicitation laws in the area, to make sure that none of my person to person transactions for my business are illegal in any way. Blogging has required me to take more pictures than usual to let viewers and followers into my everyday livlihood. Interesting, expecially in the heart of a worldwide recession. I have so much to say, on so many different levels. I just incorporated a new commercial for you tube that turned out great, I just cant figure out how to grow my contact list for the Youtube account, which has proven to be quite frustrating. Computer work is useful, expecially here in Florida, being that it is almost the beginning of June, the sun is hot, and business onloine, and blogging helps to stay cool underneath the fans in comfort, for the most part. However, the office is in lack of one major artifact… an air conditioner. Due to the suppies and aromas, refreshers, ect. My office is conveniently located in the garage. As I am a mountain girl, trying to still get used to Florida after all these years… the unusual Floridian wildlife is somewhat threatening still. Geckos still startle me, and they are all over the place here. Expecially in the scortching heat such as what today os offering, as much as they like the sun- them, like all of us appreciate the shade, and for them, it unfortunate, but its in my office. (:. With Piping cup of coffee to my right and lilac scented candles filling the house, I am as content as ever researching today on how to make my business better. I have become somewhat addicted to twitter updates, as they are constantly keeping me informed of what is going on in the world, as importantly as what is going on with real people… which I love. In college, my professor once told me that what I was about to lear, would change the ways that I see media for the rest of my life… it sure did. I realize more and more since I got out of college, the way media makes things look for their bottom line, as opposed to what message is really out there in the real world. Fascinating to uncover all media mysteries, finding out what real people, unedited, think about the world and its tribulations during times of stress. I have been trying to post as many articles as I can throughout the most recent weeks, as I am so proud of my creations. I have been recieving shipments in the mail over the last couple of days that are going to enable me to promote my achievements, which is truly uplifting.   I have so many ideas pouring out all of the time, it is important not to be too cheesy or tacky with the themes, as they are meant to be beyond expectaion, and different than the run of the mill products. The You Tube Videos have proved an exciting experience for me, as different takes create a different vibe upon review. I have been navigating the internet more fluently to see to it that they are viewed by the right people. Some of the videos are of me- trying to update candidly on whats going on with the business, and some are illustrated mini movies (commercials) in which I created from an application here on my computer. Copyright laws have been a small speed bump in the road at times, it helps that I love to research, and am able to be more confident about my postings- while no one is perfect, I take my chances and have learned through trial and error. Im off to Facebook for awhile= I will leave the video for my readers to check out- Let me know what you think-

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