I am so honored that Cheru had come across our site, and decided to feature it on his own interactive wordpress creation called alphainventions. probably one of the coolest developments since the discovery of blogging, and online journals, this guy has created a concept in which in real- time- people are able to see portions and snippets of each blog on a about a 5 second reel. This enables the reader to pick and choose, or fast glance evreryones blog, while at the same time, if the user decides to click at that time they will be directed to the specifics sending bloggers traffic counter through the roof!! Cheru sounds like a completely modest individual, who really did create this product to make it easer to read the web and generate traffic. I had decided to write him this big, long, letter in his comment box, in which because of the real time refresher system updating all the blogs, my reply was deleted before I was able to send a Thank You Note. However, I figured, I would do one better even, and dedicate an entire post to his outstanding services. Dozens and Dozens of people giving praise to Cheru for his unbelievable breakthrough in modern technology, and I, Myself am honored to add myself to that list! Thank You So Much Cheru and Alphainventions!!!

Evelyn Kish


A Must Read For All Bloggers!May 20, 2009 in Other | Tags: ,  

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  1. I’m at work smiling from ear to ear. This is a good and detailed article. Thanks for sharing with others the benefits of alphainventions, and I hope you continue to benefit from it. Come on over more often and notify readers about your blog. We need more people like you punching in.

  2. Absolutely your blog has proved fun to read, and a sigh of relief for covering a lot in a little bit of time… bless you!! Ill be over all the time now- and thanks again so so much! Keep up with my journey as well, Im hoping to enlighten, invigorate, and have fun in the articles to come!

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