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So I have been thinking about Family and its importance a lot lately. I eventually am looking to incorporate them to the business, but I am waiting for a solid foundation to work. I read an interesting post today about those who are complaining about the economy are not bustin to move forward. I do not necessarily agree with that.  In the last couple months, my business has been recognized by people from all over the world. Basically because, I am not just the face of someone starting their own business from scratch with all of the efforts in toe, I am a person whom I hope can serve for motivation to anyone that is out there following their dreams. My family and friends have been amazingly supportive with my ideas, expecially since I feel that with all this I have tapped into a revolutionary tool that I do not think has been researched or uncovered before. Expecially when it is something that I enjoy so much as spending my time on things that create beauty and charm. Things that make a house a more comfortable place to spend nights in as opposed to spending 20 dollars to go to the movies, or having to fill your tanks with gas that is on the rise gradually. For instance, walking into a home lit with beautiful scented candles creates a feeling of warmth and comfort that I find unexplainable. I, myself found myself habitually buying refills for plug in air fresheners and cheapee sprays to fill the house with comfort for maybe a couple days or with the sprays, even just mere minutes.  This collaboration came to mind when I got sick of paying for all of those things month to month… so I decided to start making the wreaths, then, making them with a message. A Message that reaches out to everyone, who, like me was on a budget- and I imagined for me how much money it has saved… and in the long run- how much it will save them. Although its been a lot of work and dedication, the hard work is paying off. I am so proud of myself and all that I have accomplished with the business. I have lost 48 lbs since October of last year, and still been able to keep striving for my goals for the company in the meantime. This way, I have been able to incorporate all of the skills that I have learned in College- and still do something that I absolutley Love. I worked in a restaurant for a long time. Through college and even before that. You learn a lot from seeing how people react in certain situations, and you defenitely have experiences that you never forget. I remember a customer throwing a menu and silverware at me because I dropped the paper his order was on in the kitchen, in oil, and his meal was late. Screaming profanities at me in front of his family, and a room of an estimated 50+ patrons. I had never fealt more embarrassed. Catering parties of 60+ while the host following us around, shoving things into our hands, yelling at us to go faster as the sweat rolled down our poor cheeks. All for enough money to buy gas and food for the way home, to get up first thing in the morning and face it all again. I realized one day, that after all the studying I had done in school, and all of the hard work and dreaming I had put into previous projects… what about this was making me stay?? Wasnt the money, wasnt the kind patrons, wasnt the sincerity ( I said the same things, and had the same conversations with everyone) What exactly was holding me back from stepping out there and showing the world what I was capable of??

So that is exactly what I did. I enjoyed the quaint silence of putting these pieces together. I reached out to professionals to absorb some tips for a refresher course on the marketing and Advertising aspect, but I enjoy it all so much- it was in the bag.  I left my job at the restaurant and decided to go my own road. I had already been familiarized with social networking, and promotional work from some classes that I had taken for my major, so I had the right skills to make something like this work. I still ask for pointers now and then. I believe that the writers and readers on wordpress, often times are full of the right kind of information, criticism, and tips to help me build that solidity that I have been speaking of.

So I guess the questions here are…. What is your Aha Moment? What do you think? How do you feel about Blogging and Social Networking?  How many people out there are doing what they want/love?  Do you have any tips, advice, or kudos for me? How was YOUR day today? 

Working SOOO Hard to Succeed

Working SOOO Hard to Succeed


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