Hi Everyone!

Hey everyone, How are you today?? Here at the business its 90 degrees and sunny in Southwest Florida. We are very excited to say we got some of our promotional items in the mail, and are able to have a lil more leighway when it comes to getting our name out there. We were fortunate enough to have designed a newsletter this week in which to send it to a lot of you, so check your spam, as it may have been filtered in your emails. From time to time here, we do find ourselves homesick a lil bit for family up north. We are able to go to New York in the next couple of weeks, so the family there will be seen, but the ones in PA and GA we are still yearning to visit with. My business cards have turned out really great, as they came in today- I have been really proud of the designs and logos that we came up with. Recently, I have been doing some research on solicitation laws and what marketing is illegal as far as getting the message across. Some people are so creative. I thought I was the most, untill I read some of these suggestions for flyer placement. As the weather gets hotter here, what the Floridians call “Sticky”, I am always trying to think of cheaper ways that fit the budget to keep the office a bit cooler. In working with Hot Glue, the heat is almost inevitable. Lately, I have been catching some hidden details in my Lost episodes while creating my wreaths, and then there are times where I am just researching for hours. In todays society, it is such a blessing to have the freedom of speech through the internet as an outlet. There are so many free services out there, that alot someone, or their group to spread a message. I figure, if it is all out there for you to utilize, then everything happens for a reason. Taking all the responsibility of the business is a huge and exciting job. I do all of the internet marketing, advertising, promotional, creation, and programming for the business, as I see it as I have all the experience to do it to perfection, so why pay anyone else?? I plan on getting an assistant sometime next year once my predicted numbers hit their goal. My budget will be a lil larger hopefully after that.  Check out the newsletter. If you would like to give it a look, send me your e mail address, and I will be happy to add you up!!



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