Can Someone explain this to me??? Help!!!

I have been posting for about 6 months now, and in the beginning I was recieving about 250- 300 views per day, now I am lucky to have 10 or 11. Thats a huge change!! At first, I thought that it was the time of day that I had been choosing to post, then, I thought maybe the sight sounded too commercial, after all, the blog is all about the journey… not an infomercial, then I was thinking maybe I needed to change my tags… I have posted some very amazing information, and would like to share it with all of you!!  What happened that has made my numbers decrease?? I really really need help with this because, after 6 months, I am still tweeking the “Blog Deal” and I want to be just perfect at it!! Please comment below and let me know what I can do to make my traffic what it was… I will be eternally greatful!!

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  1. This happens to everyone who blogs.

    1. At first everyone is interested in the new blog.

    2. The novelty wears off.

    3. In time you gain a little following.

    4. To have a constant flow of gaining readership after all this has happened, visit lots of other blogs and twitters and facebooks and perpetually interact leaving a trail of links in your wake.

    Good Luck to you and don’t feel hurt by it, there’s a gajillion blogs out there. Blogging just takes work after a while.

  2. Gosh, Thank You so much… I am going to explore some other blogs right now… I appreciate you! My head is held up… (:

  3. you can also write your blog and share with more users at

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