The WreathConnection Chills in Southwest Florida

As most of you know, our business has been traveling a lot lately, and we have landed in beautiful, sunny, SouthWest Florida. The interviews went , eh, ok. According to the economic issues they went as good as to be expected, but I am still holding out for that business out there that will take a lifes work and make it a pleasure through technique. Naples has changed since I moved from here in October. Adjusting has been somewhat of an unusual experience.  The business has been put on hold, due to the move and all due to the excess in travel.  The wreaths are still on display over at the site at and are all currently available for anyone who interested, you all know that you can reach me by our e mail at We have been consistently updating others on our twitter as well, for you all groupie followers who love to keep up with us during this journey that takes us through our everyday. We are looking to have the store shipped over to us down here so that we can create some of the ideas that have been lighting a fire under us lately. Ideas that are so amazing matched with the aromatheraputic, tranquil scents matched with charming undeniable beauty. Of course, we love your comments ideas and feedback towards the business, and we are going to start throwing out there the articles that are often times overlooked by those whom are not looking.  Over the course of the move, I had given a couple choice replicas of the display items to some family and friends for housewarming gifts, goodbye gifts, engagement gifts and overall Thank you for being my friend gifts. I was enlightened at the responses that I had recieved from the reactions from them having their first aromatheraputic wreaths, and the affects that the scents have on their psyche and their home atmospheric areas. Our neighbor from Pennsylvania doesnt even want to take hers out of the box due to the way the aroma makes her and the family feel. Another, whom just got engaged in Philadelphia enjoyed the anniversery wreath so much, I look for it to become a keepsake in her family and eventually for her to add charms and misc to it to add to its appearance and sentiment factor. There is a graduation wreath in the works, and some other really cool summery and even some fall that are being thought up right now, with some amazing scents that will get everyone on their computers to get em till they are gone!!


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