Starting Over with My New Business

I cannot stress to everyone enough how difficult this recession has been for my family and I to plow through. it has made us stronger, and more educated about the power of knowledge and how far it can take you in a crunch. As it is all starting to unfold, I have a home in Florida, a new home waiting in New York City, and I am currently in Pa getting medical done because of the expensive healthcare in Florida and fixin to do some serious travel in promotion for The WreathConnection Business and its prospects. Needless to say, each day has been heroing, long and tedious- taking care of all things involved in a move of a home let alone a small business from thousands of miles away through phone correspondence.  You want things to be done right, and thats hard when you cant see what you are looking at. I have decided to leave the wreaths up displayed as of right now as I currently have several in stock and someone here to do their e commerce distribution for any requests that anyone may have. On the loooong drive from Florida to New York, My boyfriend and I are intending on stopping in here to PA to pick up supplies for the New Summer line comming out in June or July. Of course, I will still blog to everyone and let them know how business is, and how the move is going…. keep in touch with me- as I am sure this is to all pan out successfully (hopefully) right before all of your very eyes… Wish me luck!!!


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