Taking Time For you…

An important lesson that i have learned since being here in PA has been the lessons of the relaxation that I cannot remember when the last time, I stopped to listen, and think to myself about my goals and my dreams. I was able to reflect while here in PA on my heritage and my childhood and research the things in life that make me who I am today from the inside out. It has been nice to listen to different stories about the ways that we all grew up in the differences in our growth and others that we had met throughout the courses of our youth. Originally, I was not very enthused, as it is a well known metaphor that Central PA is known as the armpit of the US and that I would have to scrape a windshield for the first time in 5 years and have to face all the people I went to school in the local grocery store. Truth is, there was this amazing peace here, expecially at night, when the sun would fall, and the chill would come out. The crazy weather established whistling winds that made for the greatest nights sleep I had ever had, The mornings were filled of a sun kissed glow that peeked from around the mountains into my bedroom window, a natural alarm clock to let you know that your day was officially about to begin. Although the highway is loud, once used to it again, I would listen to the creek below make all of those sounds that echoe with birds, leaves rustling, and at the same time you often would hear the wood in the deck crack due to the cold, frigid, temperatures of the PA Winters. I realized by being here, that I love the citylife, and love the warmth of the sunshine thats closer to the equator,lol, however, It took time and age to be able to appreciate the luxury of mountain life, and I dont think that after this experience, I am ever going to take my heritage for granted ever again. The business has brought in great inspiration and business from all over the world, I have been very greatful for the time to establish such great contacts in the meantime as well. I would suggest that everyone at some point in time, take some time out of your evening for yourself. It really does go a looooong way. Listen tot he sounds around you, take in the air, life and love of those and the details that surround you. It makes a bigger difference than you will ever know!

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