Sleeping issues??

You have just gotta try some of our new lavender scented wreaths that are made specifically for the clients that have trouble sleeping!! We have just mixed the refresher oils with in the last couple of days so they are fresh, beautiful, and aid to rest and relaxation… perfect for the tense worry minded soul!! A dash of chamomile helps to soothe a nervous stomoch or a sleepless heart… try your aromatheraputic wreath today! HTTP://

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  1. Lavendar is so relaxing and always makes me feel rested. I bought a bottle a while ago of lavendar scented water from a National Trust shop, the idea was to spray it sparingly onto your bed clothes but I got a little carried away and soaked my bed with it and had to sleep in my guest room. It smelt wonderful though

  2. Thats so funny, thats like me, I sprayed everything when I first mixed the oils for the first time. I sprayed the curtains the walls, the ceiling fan, the wreaths, the bedding, and my room for sooo long smelled like a potpourri factory, it was soo funny, but great for my health!! When I got my wisdom teeth removed, it all made me sleep for three days strait!!!lol. Now, the smell has started to tame a lil, and it is just a sweet pleasant aroma that lingers through the house. I am so glad I got the excitement from spraying everywhere everything out of my system… so is my family!!! LOL

  3. I love lavender. It really does relax me and I was thrilled a few years ago to learn it also repels moths. So I bought a bunch of sachets for closets and storage boxes. I’ll need to look into some spray oils. By the way, thanks for leaving me a note on my blog. I didn’t see it until today because of the spam filter. I just discovered that when folks post URLs, the message goes into spam filter until I think to look for it.

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