Its Friday…What are you doing??

Thank God its Friday again, as 2009 flies by and Spring is approaching with every weekend that passes.  As we sit here on the laptop, surrounded in hot glue and supply, we are anxiously throwing together some more ideas as income taxes roll on in and people are stocking up on their wreaths proving that they are not just for Christmas anymore, and people everywhere are using our wreaths for Growth, Prosperity, Health, indivividualism, independency, unity, and Love… the beauty of it all is that as the clouds subside, the winds die down, and the sun shines through the trees, happier times are around the corner, and it is the generation for new and motivating changes in life in the home, the surroundings. And what better way to symbolize that you are inviting these changes by taking the first step by purchasing one of our wreaths to show that you are moving forward?? As in previous posts we have explained the history of wreaths, symbolism of their colors, texture,a nd artifacts. Their aromatheraputic qualities make them different from any other wreaths that you have seen in any other store or will ever see from our radar. Its time to celebrate weekends again. Time to broaden our outlooks and get excited about the future again come visit reserve your wreath and take advantage of our free shipping while it lasts. you’ll be happy you did, and… happy weekend to all of you out there!!!


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