Etsy Chat

You all have to check out Etsy chat… its a chat that is free on, where people show you what is handmade and they are selling from all over the world with excellent prices. We found it after our showcase of February third. The information notified us we would be showcased at a charge, when we soon realized that because of the charge, we weren’t being seen as much as everyone else was, so we surfed the site a bit, and found this in the community area. This is where we discovered that all the artists meet here and show their designs and frequently given the feedback needed to make their prices, shipping, and designs better, more economical, and find out tweeking ideas as well as trade. These are the nicest people as a found that their materials served as beautiful and unique… crafts, inventions, supplies of people that are showcasing their things for free. If you have a little extra time here on the internet tonight, go and check it out, as you will be pleasantly suprised to see all the nice features and wonderful people that you will be able to talk to, and gorgeous hand made items. You dont have to be a business owner, crafter, or manufacturer to have a free account to go and browse… trust me, its worth it, these people truly have outstanding talent!!!

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