Dont Eat Peanut Butter!!!

Another plant in Texas was inspected over the last couple of days… finding rodents and feathers in a crawl space, closing down the plant and everything in it, recalling  every product that it has had gone through it. My father was a federal mine inspector, and was in charge of making sure that the mines were safe for the emplyees to work for the government. He was under strict guidlines and checklists. He was often put in a position where the smallest thing couldnt be afforded to be overlooked and was wrenched by the guilt of putting others out of work, but was comforted through the thoughts of safety being distibuted in the safety of peoples lives. How is it that food inspectors missed for years these food discrepencies for years at not only one, but 2 peanut plants in which distributing to the entire United States?? I miss my peanut butter, to be honest- however, do not know if I will ever be able to enjoy it again, as I am deeply dissapointed in how these obvious health risks were overlooked.  It makes you think, what else is being overlooked?

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  1. I have to agree! If they didn’t catch the dead rodents, what else haven’t they caught?? This world is getting crazier and crazier!

  2. With all of these surfacing, its such a shame, and it makes you wonder what all we have eaten that hasn’t been publicised!! Its scary, and make sme want to eat fresher foods from now on. Shelf foods just don’t seem to be rustworth after all of this!!

  3. […] s Blog About Club Penguin! added an interesting post on Dont Eat Peanut Butter!!!Here’s a small excerptHow is it that Bfood/B inspectors missed for years these Bfood/B discrepencies for years at not only one, but 2 peanut plants in which distributing… […]

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