You ever walk into someones house and can smell this refreshing scent of apple pie coming throught the house as if you standing over the barrel of boiling skinless cider yourself? As most of you know there are two sides of the brain, one in which is rarely ever used. Out of all of the senses, your sense of smell is the only nerve stimuli that goes directly to your brain, never having to take several detours  first. So essencially,  your sense of smell is most powerful, serving as a highway that often creating images next to make a vision of something so complete, that now, you don;t even have to see something– your nose paints a picture for you!

You’ll then notice that  the further you walk into this house, you will see the same house you always see, as a living room is there, a kitchen… maybe some stairs, but, where is the pie? The peeling in the bowl on the counter? The cinnamon spice, the nutmeg, or  glaze? Crispy, buttery crust rising??

How about waking up  a morning after a long night of work,  being sick ( or taking care of someone who is sick), tense about an interview or a test? You wake up, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, and then walk out to the the aroma of fresh coffee brewing on the counter, with every drip you think of the tired, extra hour of sleep and how good it would feel to have it. You pour the cup, listening to the sound of the fill, watching the steam rise spiratically towards your nose, adding the fixins; perfecting it to taste.  Ahhh, to sit down and enjoy the feeling of comfort in liquid form, that burst of energy that heats up the cells and makes them fit for focus for the lingering afternoon ahead.

What is it about the sense of smell that has such a deep impact on the mind?? Whatever it may be, The Wreath Connection is tapping into, and if not get to the bottom of it… we are testing these findings to their very limit. Granted, we are not scientists, but do know enough about the powers of psychology and  sight, that when powered together can promote these feelings that are simply unexplainable.  Even when you get “conditioned” to a scent you are used to smelling,  going up to one of our wreaths is all you would need to have the shower of positivity to start looking at the days ahead in a new light.  Imagine having the power of eucalyptus to send your mind on that long awaited vacation…. The smell of coffee to give you the energy and focus on that day when you don’t have the time to have a cup, and your running out the door. A Spring harvest of fresh berries and may flowers in the dead of winter, or to set the mood for a special Easter Dinner, a family visiting from out of town. Its the way you live your life that creates the moments, its our wreaths that take care of the feelings of excitement when you don’t have time, or simply just want to take that extra bite out of life. Enjoying every little aspect of the vision of your home as well as its natural aromas…. what people think of when they remember the comforts of your home. Our wreaths hold aspects of remembering special times in our lives as well. We are making everything right now from baby wreaths, to soldier wreaths with charms of wooden first footsteps, and replicas of badges and colors of a soldiers uniform and tags. These wreaths are being created with the scent of lavender for a childs favorite color or comic… a favorite scent of shoe polish to commemorate that special soldiers time out on the field. Right now, we have a wedding/ anniversary wreath done with the fresh scents of vanilla and chamomile, dashes of sweetpea and clean cotton, covered in sweet charms of love and faith.

Point being is, this is an ongoing research investigation. We are leaving no stone unturned to make these wreaths known to all as the beautiful and healthy piece of home decor with meaning, with life, with love, with character, to make each house a home for the family that resides in it and shares there memories around it.

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Research in findings of the connection from the brain to the nose and vice versa, have prompted us to include eucalyptus, homeade potpurri in colors and hues all through the spectrum of the rainbow, all of the scents of almost every fruit, dessert, coffee blend, plant… that there is.

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