Whats in it for me??

A simple curiousity crosses a consumers mind when shopping for anything… you think, “why should I buy groceries”, “whats in it for me”? You ask ” Why should I go out tonight, again” Whats in it for me”?? Or… you EVEN ask… “why should I buy this outfit I have been staring at ALL week”? “What is in it for me”? 

The whole truth of the matter is, people get a huge mixed up feeling of what they want as opposed to what they NEED. Now, in my days of observation, it is in my personal opinion, that the rules have changed some since the rules were made as far as needing food, or a roof over my head. While that is all very much priority of importance, its always a “Give in”– So The question here is… What standards are next to apply?

Many businesses are pre- empted to tell you ANYTHING that you want to hear to make you think that what they have cannot possibly live without. The Wreath Connection knows that line, and we aren’t firing it… We have examined out craft, and have thought through its health benefits, beauty of themes, and positive effect on an atmosphere. Being of avid news and social media culture, we have also delved into the witnessing of others’ products that get “pushed aside” or simply do not last as long as one promised. We are confident in a media generation full of educated, literal, analytical minds that are trying to spend each dollar that they have as wisely as they can, that if they want to beauty, if they want the health benefits of one of these decorative breakthroughs that are changing the generations to one with a more “AWARE” consumer, then automatically, they will know that what we offer IS something that they NEED. (:

Please Visit http://www.wreathconnection.com

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