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Today was a good day. We finished the teeking of the sites new framework, and decided we would invest some time in the centerpieces that have been added to the site. The new clearance page has gone well, if you check it out make sure to hear the new acoustic guitar solo that I found this morning located at the bottom of the screen, its really a wonderful addition, as well as a “hard to find” rarity. So, aren’t the new wreaths so beautiful?? I have been telling you all about them for the last couple of weeks, and there are more I am sureto add, but in due time as they are not complete untill I add the final touches. I have been consistently doing research on different histories of, and medical practices done with aromatherapies as well. Today I mexed some more refresher oils, to add an exubrent scent when the completion of the line is in its full glory. I have been in contact with several specialty small business over the last couple of days that are sharing with me how to tweek the site to really show the wreaths true beauty, and am taking all their advice in stride. The centerpiece addition is coming a long better than expected, where as a lot of reservation questions are being asked reguarding bulk ordering for weddings and occasional events that people are planning… and the answer is YES, we are offering specialized bulk orders, however, it is useful to keep in mind that while they all may be similar in size, shape, and color, that no two look exactly alike. However, upon personalized orders you have the option to make a huge detailed piece or the opposite of more of a simpler, elegant look. Sketching has become a big part of our successes, while the days are full of hard work and establishing invoices, supply inventory, ect. We have been busy putting the web orders together as well as the orders being bought directly from our onsite store. The sketching has come in handy at the end of most work days, coming up with new ideas, colors, and arrangements to be photographed and published, and of course, Blogging has been a central detail to a mostly e – commerce business site. We are constanlt and consistently working with real estate professionals, vacation home owners, Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, retirees ect. More and more everyday, we are learning that as a business we are catering to the earthy tone being set for calming atmospheres. I have some of the viewers suggesting how air freshening a 12 inch wreath would be to have on the front/ back dashboards of their cars!! While building e mail lists and contacts, we are finding that everyone is looking for something different, aside of that typical design that you see in most homes that is simple, plain and ordinary. The Wreaths from the wreath connection are the exact opposite. They are Aromatheraputic creatice a calming, more focused mind, while their aeshetics are finely hand detailed and made with time and craft. Today we are and have been, examining the ways to get our wreaths seen and discovered, as we are feeling more and more everyday that these wreaths are going to become a new trend in a new generation of home decor. Classy Elegant refreshing elements that are changing people as much is it is changing their homes.
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