Piece of Mind… Never leave home without it!

We are watching the rant on Christian Bales Tirade on a poor, innocent crew member on the set of one of his new movies “the Terminator”. Now, I am not one to trash talk, but, if any of you out there saw this on the news today… you will understand what I am thinking! In hard times such as these, can you really chalk this mans arrogance as “He was just having a bad day”?? Unfortunately this world, money creates how much power you have which creates self worth in many instances. Some people are very humble, and take it very well, others…. not so much. I have only ever heard of Christian Bale in the news as I was a huge Heath Ledger fan, and was delighted to hear that someone was going to take over his role in an opportunity to save the movie that Heath had previously started. This actor. Christian Bale, has been so overpaid, and sucked up to, that he took the chance of thinking that speaking to someone who is a hardworking human being as the rest of are profoundly in this manner was justifiable. The incident had happened in July… it had not even leaked until now. We just recognized today that people with more money than what they can handle really do turn the cheek when it comes to their power and how to use it. I. like everyone out there would LOVE to be wealthy, however, I would never stoop as low as treat anyone as bad as this. Everyone is still human, no matter what they own materialistically. We all came from the same place as far as I am concerned.. Shame on Him!!


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