I am sooo relieved

I cannot express to all of you enough how relieved I am to finally be able to show you all the new line that I have been working on for days. Many long, cold nights have been involved in researching these ideas in preparation of finding what people want, what people need, what people like. I have promised the whole time to take you all with me on this journey of miraculous uplifting creations, and I am certainly following through with my promises!! Last night, after tweeking some of the products on my etsy website… I decided that it was time to post the new line. I have a lot more ideas up my sleeve and I cant wait to share them with you either, however, I was just simple biting at the bit to let you in on these beautiful items that I am soooo proud of!!! I believe that this collection is really going to go fast because as I have been describing it to the followers the last couple of days, I had followed some ideas and some exciting new ways of showing the wreaths, and I was so thankful that I turned every bit of great critisizm as an opputunity for a motivational, positive experience. The time that I spent on each and every piece of this new line is defenitely obvious in their prestine detail and tailor. If you like what you see in the new line posted today, ohhh just wait… whats ahead for The Wreath Connection just gets better and better. I have made so many great friends through the wordpress, that I have decided to drop shipping all together, and many of you mentioned differet designs that you had enjoyed, so I made extra, and they are now in clearance!!!  Although clearance items will only be available during certain times… I trust that my fans will be there every time to see whats good (:

These new wreaths are such masterful keepsakes…..uh, I am so proud!!!  And new this line are the Potpourri Centerpieces scented with aromatherapy of course as the wreaths so that they continue to be a healthy part of your environment as well as an focal point in your favorite room!! WIN WIN…. Healthy and easy on the eyes….

Dont forget to check out the new line…. I am so excited to show it to you….

Please visit http://www.wreathconnection.com

Let me know what you think!!!


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