Giving them what they want

Unbelievable as it seems, people are strickly driven by what they want. While watching the news the other day, I saw a story on the New York Executives who got millions of dollars in corporate bonuses last year alone. How long has that been happening for? How is it that we were paying 5 dollars a gallon for gas at one point, and these execs who dont even have to drive were buying things like airplanes… and taking luxury vacations for weeks at a time?? I find on here at wordpress that everyone works hard, has a dream, and is willing to work every hour of everyday to make their dreams come true… I know, because I am one of them… I have decided to make my site free of shipping and handling after tonight… I just want my dreams to become a reality, a jet would be nice…. but accomplishments are the richest feelings in the world in my opinion.

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