At Home with “The Wreath Connection”

Here at home, we are making a wonderful feast this afternoon. Our Italian family loves the ritual of making our famous spaghetti, along with our homeade meat sauce and Garlic bread. Woke up today and watched the Groundhog day celebration… a favorite here in the household, as Punxsutawny is my freshman year Alma Mater and every year there is always six more weeks of winter. Funny, because in Florida, they have never even heard of Groundhog day with the exception of the Bill Murray movie, and I dont even think that was filmed in Punxsy, probably at some high tech studio in California somewhere. We are still patiently awaiting that curious package to come in the mail with the last of our supply goods for the new line. The build up is more than anything right now, there is so much that I want to do! I am checking on the progress of the showcase we are featured in today on, and trying to build a stronger friend list for myspace. Did anyone see the Etrade Commercial last night with the two babies?? OMG, we are still cracking up- those commercials are hilarious! That one was probably my favorite for the evening, and as you have heard in previous posts, my hunny’s the STEELERS won their 6th Superbowl victory last night, which was a loud, crazy and fun celebration for everyone throughout the night! Thanks for following.. Please Visit or add me as a friend to your myspace at The Wreath Connection last name… Connection!!

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