You know you wanna

Whats insane about this topic is the crazy way people will reposnd to things that they are unhsure of, kind of like an unspeakabale human instinct that makes you want to see something that deep down you would never want to see, like a trainwreck. Isn’t it wierd how people will run to watch a bull fight, but turn their heads when things start to go right? I am guilty to a certain extent of some, however, I take a lot of time to notice the beauty and the bright side of everything. I waited yet again for the shipment again, sleeping for most of the afternoon as Id wish that today would be the final day of my surgical recovery. The weather was still cold, and earlier, I created some posts about mixing the refresher oils, pretty much one of the only things I have been able to do the last couple of days without using strength! Tomorrow is a big day and the weather is to break, not only are MY STEELERS going to the superbowl, but the weather is to finally be nice enough for me to go out shopping for the business. So I have had the time to examine a lil taste of socialogy and the effects that media have on people, and the bottom line is, as much as you wouldnt think you would want to see something, at the end of the day… you know you wanna!!!!

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