4 Months

Today is Fenruary 1, 2009 and I have officially been away from home in Florida for 4 months today. It does not seem as though it has been that long, as all the days turn into 1 big one when its snowing and icy everyday. I am so greatful that I made the decision to come home, as my trip is starting to come to an end soon and real life starts back up again in NEW York City in March. What have I done? I have set goals, really good, attainable goals in which to find success and happiness in my life. I have found my independency again, after working for so long, so hard, you start losing yourself trying to remember who everyone else is and what they like. I know what I like again… and it feels great! I have gotten my medical things taken care of for the most part, and was able to keep in touch with mostly all of my closest friends, in realization of couse, the ones I didn’t need, shy-ed behind. And of course, in the midst of the financial crisis, I sought free therapy, and found it!! Years of hard labor, and bottled up feelings enabled me to flourish doing what I love, and that is creating wreaths, centerpieces, and Wall art… the irony is… it helps people. Everyday, I get on the computer, and read these beautiful letters from people that have bought me wreaths. The way they made them feel, the way they brought people together. I had been able to educate myself through my insomnia about aromatherapies, and oils- mixing them and chemical impace, when meanwhile chemistry and anatomy were not one of my most favorite subjects in college… I had finally been able to do what I had been trained to do and love at the same time- Advertise, market, and create. Please visit my storesite at http://www.wreathconnection.com and check out my creations… the new line should be out any day now, and become my friend, hold my hand through this journey because, deep down, I believe, I have only just begun!

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  1. Great story!! Life is about being happy.. It’s pretty amazing when you’re doing something you enjoy and it helps others!! Good for you!

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