The Wreath Connection’s “Lost” Obsession

Something that keeps pulling me in is that they reveal all the details in scrabled clips so that you have to be completely attentive to catch what happens- I am always wondering what twists and turns they are going to come up with next. Right now, they are trying to figure out where the island actually went after Ben moved it, fighting with themselves as the Oceanic 6 on whether to go back or not… The huge defaulting detail is… They ALL have to go back to the island to help save the rest of the survivors, and not all of them are ready to leave the country that they all faught so hard to come back to. What I Love about this island is that it is miraculous, It has healed Roses Cancer and helped John Locke to walk again… and eventually, I think it will bring John Locke back to life once they all return to the island which is supposed to happen in this weeks episode. Now, we know that Ben is going to be after Desmonds girlfriend Penny because Charles Whitmore’s people killed Bens Daughter. So will Desmond have to go back with the 6? And if he does… will Penny survive? The wrath of Ben is massive, however, we learned in last weeks episode that Charles Whitmore actually inhabitated the island as one of the “Others” back in 1954 under Richard Albert who is the “Other” that never ages, and your never really sure what part he plays in the whole “Leadership” of the tribe. Believe it or not, I hadn’t ever seen “Lost” untill I came up to Pennsylvania in the fall of last year. My best friend was completely infatuated with it for years, but I never was able to get into it. I just figured it was another one of those shows that are all alike, totally unbelievable, Written alright… but no wow factor. Turns out, my mom had found it playing on Sci Fi 4 times a week every monday, and I would sit and work on the business while she watched her DVR’d versions of this hit show. Sure enough, I was addicted, never one episode missed, I was able to watch 5 years of shows and able to catch up with the new episodes that just started airing… Now I am at the point where I am like uh, only once a week? For only one hour? LOL, spoiled by Syndication. At any rate, if your a fan of the show, let me know what you think is going to happen… if your not… oh, you need to become one…. This show is absolutely riveting!!!

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