Economy Hit Superbowl Ads This Year….”Venting”

Seems that even the Superbowl is suffering the harsh economy this year…. Headline news had a piece yesterday about how not all the space being sold was taken, because businesses just simply do not have the funds to be spending so much money on commercials when they are already trying to avoid financial hazard. This is after they had already decreased the sale price of airtime by 2 million dollars from the 3 million that the price was last year! I am not sure how I feel about this, as I actually used to sell commercial time professionally for some time…. However, even then, when I was fresh out of college, the worlds money was a lot better than… but people were being a lot more frivolous with their spending…. Companies… Consumers… When I moved to Florida in 2004 The town that I lived in was growing so fast that it was hard to learn my way around because the landmarks were always changing… due to them always building and designing new structures all over town… Restaurants, office spaces, parking garages, shopping plazas, condominiums… I mean, there was nothing being done to conserve ANYTHING!! It is no suprise to me that the economy has taken such a beating, I must say though how bad I feel of the toll its taken to all of the communities that are being affected everyday. I see the things once enjoyed by others on a regular basis now being enjoyed seldom.. if even at all. I am watching the news about people consistently coming back with Resumes being overlooked, stamped for being determined “Overqualified”. I believe that the world needs change, and I believe that together- by cutting back- saving- we all businesses as well as individuals can make this world economically comfortable again. If not, I fear that we will soon run out of resources to fix what has been broken. Who would pay 3 million dollars for a commercial anyway, when the internet is Actually the hottest marketing venue out there? How are their people living out there that have sooo much money that they are able to live in mansions and estates, own private yahts and fly corporate company jets, while others are freezing to death because the electric company shut off their power?? Recently, I have thrown myself into my work, as I usually do, only this time around…finding mental stability and having a plan for success is key. I rarely go out to eat anymore, I cook meals at home. My clothes are good enough for me… I have dressy, casual, sleepwear..ect. all the necessities but nothing extra to enable my to pay off my bills. Crafting tools for the business are ALL used… nothing leftover or thrown away… even if I make a wreath of leftover potpourri’s it is given as a gift to my Docors office or a family friend as inturn advertisement for my business. I guess my venting message is… together, we can make this right…. finding happiness in times like these is all about personal happiness and having things surrounding you that make you feel better;complete. The trick here being that if you believe in yourself… you can make anything happen!

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