2 days post- surgery

I have been doing great since the surgery, I was able to catch up on a lot of sleep today, and experiment with some of the refresher oils that I got in from the business. I have discovered this amazing packeted flavor that I pour into water that has been filling my tummy since recovery, and my face is still to swollen to be able to talk… but I sure can type! The doctors were very nice and gentle with me yesterday as they new how scared I was of going under… It was over before I knew it and I was awake and drinking milkshakes!! I have decided to donate a wreath to their office to thank them for their wonderful hospitality. Although my mother said that I was only in surgery for about 15 minutes, it was still a dramatic experience for me as they informed me right before I was put to sleep that my blood pressure was higher than normal, and that they were slightly concerned of the affect the anesthesia would have on me. However, when I woke up, they gave me something to drink, and I have been taking amazing care of my mouth ever since!! Thank you again to all of you whom have expressed concern for me over this crazy time with my painful teeth that I should have had removed years ago!! if any of you have to get them out, my advice to you is… you’ll be scared no matter what… but it WILL be over before you know it!! Back to work on some bows for the new line… I hope to hear from you soon!!


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