This week is going fast already, I can tell!!

Hello everyone!! Its been a couple days since my last post because I have been working on the new line, and writing back to people who are writing letters on ideas and ordering specialties of the wreaths… I have 2 done so far, although of course, I am not going to post them untill the line is complete, and I am still waiting on a shipment to come in through the mail this week that is going to aid in some of my more “particular” ideas that are in the midst of production. How are you all? I have still been receiving incredible, encouraging comments and ideas and I am still continually grateful!! So, tomorrow, I having surgery on my mouth to get all four of my wisdom teeth removed, and while I am scared, I cannot wait for any pain associated with these teeth is gone!!! I am hoping to moniter traffic still while the healing process is in the works, but mostly paperwork for the business for the next couple of days. Its so ironic, when your excited about something, time goes by so slow, but when your scared about something, time just flies!!! at any rate, please come visit the store site at, add me as a friend on myspace at Wreathconnection last name connection, and let me know what you think… I am going to need some things to read while I am in “Healing Mode” lol. God Bless all of you…… I hope to speak with you all soon!

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