Has anyone out there live or have ever lived in New York City??

Hi again… Circumstance has brought the opportunity for me to move to Brooklyn, and I have only ever been there twice… With the business and all, I am nervous about the move, and not sure if I can make it… although, I can make anything work, New York is a different life.. a different world… So, let me know what you think of NYC, and if you know, tell me what it is like to live there. Are the subways hard to learn? Is it as dangerous as it looks on TV? Is it hard to learn the way around? Is it affordable, or impossible??

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  1. Hi! I am so glad you like my blog. It definitely is one of the more enjoyable parts of my day when I can take a break and just write what is on my mind. Anyways – I checked out your website and the next time I need a wreath I am getting one…they are beautiful and unique. And I am posting on this particular entry because I love New York and have lived there for brief periods of time. It is an amazing city – full of life – and easy to naviagate once you get the hang of it. Best of luck if you move!

  2. Thank you so much for the comforting advice about the city. It had always been as aspiration for me to move there when I was younger, but… age has brought me closer to the fear of the unknown, so the move is still a crazy thought for me. I have been there twice in the last couple months, and it really is a beautiful place… I just hope that when I get there… it fits! Thanks for your reply, I Love them!

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